How Local Elections Mirror The National State of Affairs

There comes a time when a nation truly stands at the precipice of moral ambiguity and loss of principal and all that it would take to push it off is for the towns and villages and cities of that nation to fully implement the immoral and lawless activities of those voted in by the people to represent that nation into action. Such a time is upon the United States of America.

A massive debt is a major sign of a people’s disinterest and lack of accountability by her leaders and a willingness to accrue more debt simply put means that instantaneous greed sits at the wheel of governance. Another major sign of a nation in distress is the open corruption easily seen and not being punished, especially by her leaders who appear to walk away with impunity after governing with questionable decrees and lawless activities condoned by their supporters.

Again, another major sign is the declining interest at the voting booths as the citizens prefer the comforts of self-indulgence as opposed to actively participating to restore the Republic to its former glory as a shining light for all the world to see. But sadly, she has become a candle in the gutter because of the accepted gluttony encouraged by her leaders, greedily followed by her people and religiously ignored by her shepherds for they have all become followers of gain and self-preservation.

Another major sign would be the declining infrastructure as much needed works are placed on perpetual hold while pork projects are advanced to please certain groups and individuals at the price of raising taxes to support the costs of constant borrowing.

Again, another major sign of stagnation is the act of regurgitating the same people through the system year after year who have proven themselves ineffectual for the changes necessary to reverse direction. At this point, it needs to be clearly defined as to what is ineffectual as opposed to what is effective. An effective person knows how to serve the people well because that person knows their job description and has a proven and consistent track record that has stood the tests in office and holds the people’s confidence and still stands firm. An ineffectual person is just the opposite and will do their utmost to advance their personal agendas or the ones set by their masters at the cost of the nation and will grovel at the feet of those who feed them crumbs.

To be seen are the hands of manipulation as the mindset of central authority takes the reigns of power and induces those of weaker substance to humble themselves before their teachers and quietly take their assigned chairs at the table. The acts of the devious are hidden behind walls covered with party slogans and patriotic themes and liberal agendas while the offices for the public to see are now rooms of concealment for underhanded works that only whispers in the halls reveal.

The mouths that speak from the sides are clearly known for both sides move at the same time and the words heard are akin to the sounds of a serpent slithering through the dry grass. Dishonesty is apparent as numbers are being constantly juggled to hide from the keen eye what the perverted mind wishes to conceal and the hands that support dishonest persons quickly fall away when the light of day reveals their source.

Can America be restored? Probably not to her former glory for she is now just a shadow of that once proud past and the cogwheels of corruption speed her along the rails of complacent and vain living, greedy for gain and her end is sadly foreseeable. Can the tide of Generic Mentality and Common Core sub-standards and sexual corruption be halted? Again, sadly the answer must be assigned a no. The people have become as corrupted as are her leaders and they too are enjoying the seductive fruits of indulgence and have learned to literally live on borrowed time as the cards of credit are tossed out to the masses consumed with greed for gain.

So is the state of national affairs and it is to be seen in the small towns and villages across the land as well as in all cities throughout. If this description fits your town or city, then don’t be surprised, it’s just mirroring the national average. Do the people have the will or even the desire for discipline? Ask the gluttons whose god is their belly if changes are desired. Ask the leaders of the town if they are willing to exercise financial restraint. Ask the organizations if they are willing to place pet projects on hold for the good of the community. Ask if there is anyone willing to stand against the open corruption seen and recognized. Look around for men and women of principal who won’t act as though they were the town’s mascot busily wagging its tail or hanging limply in the afternoon sun or taking up whichever wind seems favorable. Look around for men and women who have boldly taken their positions instead of those who with soft spines and weak consciences are peeking timidly around trying to gauge the winds of change dependent upon their neighbors and friends.

My name is Edward L Ordway Jr and I am running for the Selectmen’s chair in the Town of Warner, New Hampshire and I have taken my stand, for the good of the Townspeople. I also strongly support Judy Neuman-Rogers to remain as the Town’s best choice for Clerk based upon her 25+ years of faithful service and experience and will support Mike Ayotte’s bid to remain Town Treasurer for I personally see a major conflict of interest in his opponent. This is where I boldly stand and if you agree then stand with us on Election Day, the 13th of March 2018 and say no to the way things are!  For I am determined to initiate a new change of course and that can only be done through united teamwork. And also adding new faces determined to give this Town a viable option to the unending discussions, debts, taxes, and murky dealings within the administration, transparency being a top priority and having the Office of Selectmen to do the job they are called to do, lead the Town by example and not to be followers for lack of understanding!

If you find yourself in agreement with me then you need to put those thoughts into action and vote for me and for Judy Neuman-Rogers and for Mike Ayotte on Election Day and if not, then remain in a bed of soiled sheets. Your future is your vote and your vote determines your future.

Edward L Ordway Jr

Warner, New Hampshire