3 times it is said that a drowning man rises to the surface, there is no fourth. How many times can a nation rise above its chaos only to be dragged back down into the infernal fires of divisions and hate before it rises no more?

Endless books have been and are written by those purporting to have the answers, but in the end they must also admit that their writings have had little effect on the outcome. America is a nation in deep distress and agony as forces foreign to her founders are tearing the very fabric of what had made her what she was, into shreds. Men and women who have no respect, no scruples, no morals and no conscience, have ascended to the halls of power and have corrupted the very glory of those regal rooms and having turned them into dens made fit for thieves, plunder and steal without end! Plunderers in the guise of sanctimonious lawmakers holding themselves accountable to none other than themselves and their greed!

The bane of every nation is the greedy arm outstretched with mouths enlarged to swallow whole the innocent and tongues swollen to condemn the weak as they steal from the poor and yet, they find themselves over and again reelected without fail! And why do we allow this to continue unchecked? Because we have become complacement and lazy as we strive to satisy our selfish lusts. And whichever person is best able to help us to acquire those lusts will be the one to plunder the room! And that plundering mentality finds its way into every city and town hall across this nation as lawless ambitions are allowed to flourish unchecked. Every good deed receives the praises of men and every bad deed lines the pockets of the corruptible and the saying is true. We only need to watch them as they speak so glowingly out of the sides of their mouths while the money flows to innumerable offshore accounts. But it is the same in all places where power is centralized, where men and women “stack” the decks in their favor to further their agendas at the cost of those whom they care not for and yet they become reelected year after year and hold their chairs for very long lengths of time until they are firmly entrenched and run the show with ease. And the easiest way to convince the voters that nothing will change is exactly that, nothing will change so why should I vote! Boom, victory is automatically secured when the people are convinced that nothing will change and the show goes on!

But I am here to tell you that everything can change, but you have to make it happen and it won’t if you are convinced that nothing will change! Get up and go out on voting day and use the weapon that you have been given, your vote! Move away from the eternal lie that condemns you to a life of indifference and political apathy and help to restore confidence by taking part in local elections and choosing men and women who care for you and not for their photo shoots or plaques on the wall or degrees or wallets or standing in their selective groups of addicted supporters! The changes that are needed to secure a promising future are in your hands, but will remain in theirs if you do not exercise your right and vote!

Just as America’s foundations are shaky at best because of a massive debt that cannot be repaid, so it is the same when a town continually spends and borrows beyond its means and places the burden of debt upon the backs of its inhabitants! Sustained debt financed by continued borrowing results in an over taxed populace which will affect the citizens trust in their elected officials and reduce committee meetings into shouting matches and grade school antics! And this is taking place in most towns and rural cities across this country and the trend is expanding as the frustrations mount and as a result the people tend to retreat into the safety of their homes and grumble about how things ain’t ever gonna change! And they are right because they retreated, backed down, became intimidated and threw down their right to affect change because they would not vote!

When I was a little boy watching the TV, I had to get up and walk over to it and actually turn the channel when I wanted to see another program, but today its push button heaven! Same thing on voting day, you have to actually physically get out to the town hall and check that little box on that piece of paper if you want to make a change! But if you come up with the usual excuses than why on earth do you moan and grumble if you decline to become involved? Lip-service is condemning this country to the bins of history and just as surely your lack of commitment to guide your town into a new era will condemn it to the same declining routine of perpetual debt and bondage to the lenders. If you sincerely want a promising future than you must take an active approach to bringing it in by participating in its committees and elections along with large amounts of common sense and Yankee ingenuity and courage! If John Paul Jones in his epic sea battle with the HMS Serapis had had the same attitude as most of you have today, he would have turned and fled the scene because of the mere appearance of the foe, but no! He sailed into battle against the odds and believe it or not, he defeated the enemy and took her as a prize! It was one of the longest sea battles of the time, ending only in the early hours of a star swept night with victory secured by the light of the moon! He stood his ground and won the day. Do we have the same courage and boldness to affect the needed changes for our towns and communities? Only you know.

I am a descendent of those who crossed the waters so many generations ago and I, for one, have not forgotten their sacrifice and neither their commitments to secure for us this day that which we so carelessly take for granted, our liberties and rights which are even now being stripped away from us by lawmakers who hold no loyalty to those men and women of days gone by. So if you want to keep the future that they gave you then you must fight for it and at the present, the best way is your vote.

If you remember the past than perhaps you may not be doomed to repeat it, slavery to the powers that be. The changes needed are in your hands, so take your singular right and become a united majority to bring in a prosperous future and honoring those of the past who gave you this day.

Edward L Ordway Jr

Warner, New Hampshire