Well, here goes another demonstration on how to destroy the peoples confidence in their elected government’s ability to govern.

By now it should be obvious that that Congress is perhaps the most useless tool in the government’s-handbag. After all, which Representative or Senator in their right mind would effectively shut down a country based on an inability to come to an agreement? None except perhaps Germany and America!

The big questions that need to be asked are these: Why were these men and women elected and by whom were they elected and who are they supposedly representing? What madness has taken over their senses and condemned them to become the laughing stock of the world and a deep shame and reproach to those who elected them? And why are they still receiving pay and benefits for a job that they cannot possibly do?

In my opinion they should be fired on the spot and sent back home with their tails tucked between their wobbly legs and a dunce cap set upon their foolish heads declaring them to be babbling idiots of the first degree! Are there no men or women of character to be found among the whole brood of evil doers with few exceptions? Are we witnessing the final death throes of a once proud nation in rapid decline as our elected leaders refuse to act for the good of the nation, instead allowing time and obstruction tactics to block and or hinder any forward movement?

The time has come to disband Congress and call for new elections within six months and that should be by Presidential Executive authority.