The Blame Game

When the winds blow in the desert, the sand dunes change their shapes and positions and the Chameleon changes its color to conceal itself. Do we see any difference among the politicians in Washington as they accuse one another and hurl angry insults and keep the fires of inflammatory rhetoric blazing at a furious rate? Personally speaking, I see none. When one party cannot force its demands through the House or Senate, the wars of attrition begin anew and this is on a continuing basis. Is this what we are paying them for?

The country is deep in debt and deeply divided and we only need look at Washington as a whole to understand why, but this begets the question as to why did the voters place those inept men and women there in the first place? Why were they elected by the majority to take a seat in the body that governs the United States when in fact they are incapable of doing everything but that! And why are they ignoring the condition of the nation as all parties involved now find themselves locked together in a no-win situation with none ready nor willing to come to an LAWFUL AGREEMENT?

This nation has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that it stands upon and perhaps someone should remind those clowns of chaos of that fact! Congress needs to be forced into a full session and then have that very same Constitution and Bill of Rights with their Amendments read in full with no breaks until each and every single one of them has been schooled and pointed out that that is the very reason that they are there. The current situation has nothing to do with illegals, but more so with the law of the land! And this extremely important fact is being pushed aside as party agendas are locked and or locked up by the opposition.

We can listen to the media stars or starlets as they woo the audience with words that sound imposing enough and draw in dozens of “experts” who with their expertise, attempt to enlighten us, but the fact that they themselves cannot offer any working solutions is evidence enough of the depth of confusion within the entire spectrum. Finger pointing and violent accusations and unnecessary and low handed insults reveal the ruthlessness and callousness of all who are involved either directly or indirectly as the blame game continues unabated.

Are there any solutions? Yes, and it it quite simple. Obey the Laws of the land and enforce them, politics and agendas aside. How difficult is that to understand?