Yesterday’s witnesses to tomorrow’s ruins

Yesterday’s witnesses to tomorrow’s ruins

As the world turns, the children play and the adults look away. If our ancestors could awaken and see what has become of us, what would their reactions be? Cries of dismay or a joyous cause for celebrations?

If you could turn back the clock, how far would you dare to go? To the point of your birth? For beyond that, time will not recognize your existence nor your attempts at changing the past beyond your measure. Time for you only began at the millisecond, the moment of inception when the sperm penetrated the egg and before that there was nothing. So conceivably, the only possibilities that may be presented are the ones within your timeline and none other. However, you could and would more than likely affect others as you interacted with them as you sought to change some elements of your past until the known present. And therein lies the great unknown for when you change the past you would invariably change the future. And IF you could return whence started, it would not be the same or even worse, the return would abruptly end in darkness with no memories of past, present nor future, only death,

Are you willing to take that gamble? Does your present life mean so little that if you were presented with the opportunity, would you take it? A no-win situation is guaranteed.

So what would our ancestors say if they could awaken for just a brief interlude in their sleep and see the works of our hands and hear the words of our mouths? Would they rejoice at our callous and cruel behavior? Could they endure the vanity and profane words uttered from our open mouths? Would they admire the acts of lusts perpetrated upon our sons and daughters? Would they glorify the false demons alongside us as we stand in front of crumbling altars and bow down to liberal teachings? Would they heartily approve of the sexual conversions thrust upon tender hearts just entering school? What would they say about killing for sport instead of hunting to feed a family?

Ask yourself these questions and many more and I believe that you would know the answers as they pierce your hearts. Laziness and self-indulgence are the hallmarks of our societies today. Blame it on the other while banging the drum for more!

Do you want our ancestors to be witnesses of our nation in decline? Then don’t let the POTUS carry the burden alone, learn to carry your portion and stop this national decline before it runs off the tracks into ruin. For what indeed would our forefathers say if they could see us today?

Think about it.