Jerusalem, the capital of Israel

In the International world of politics, having the backbone and courage to defy the highly corrupt and high handed United Nations is the mark of a noble character. May more men and women like President Trump take a stand and declare Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

Isn’t it odd that that almost all the members of the United Nations voted against President Trump’s decision, claiming that it would hurt the what, peace talks? What peace talks are they talking about? The ones meant to prolong and fence and parry while ignoring every attempt by Israel to offer a settlement to end the stalemate. There is no truthful solution because the Palestinians are not desiring one, but instead, are seeking a permanent conflict in which to continue their “defense” of their “homeland” whilst encouraging violence! Israel is the home of the Israelites and it cannot become a two-state entity in which the land would be impossible to defend from her numerous enemies and this the Palestinians know all too well. So the fencing continues as the political dice plays against the odds of a solution for there can be no reasonable answer to the demands of the UN under the guiding hand of the enemies of Israel. Therefore, President Trump played the ace card and the corrupt UN is crying foul!

Well, I say, let them kick and scream and cry and threaten even as the United States withholds funds that are greedily desired by the whining members who voted against the United States! Let them turn to China or North Korea or to Turkey or even Russia and beg for money from them and see how far they’ll come! Every country is prone to mistakes and racial issues and territorial claims and so on, but why the savage onslaught against Israel and now the United States? Because unlike Burger King, they can’t have it their way, and so as a result, we are seeing and hearing them act out their tantrums while pretending to act as statesmen or stateswomen. What a crying shame to be so pretentious and righteous when there is more than enough criminal greed and corruption in their own lands!

The crowning jewel in the African’s crown is their love of greed for they will sell out their own peoples and lands to enrich themselves as history clearly points out and yet, of all nations, point the accusing finger?

In South America, the wealthy elite look with disdain upon the general populace while they themselves live in opulence and play the haughty ones and will they be judges of Israel and the United States?

In Asia, the lands of unbridled wealth and greed emanating from the corporate towers as their laborers toil for the Western nations insatiable consumer lusts and service their sexual vices, will Asia play advocate judge over Jerusalem?

And why does the Russian bear hold back from declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel if not for the prize that she eyes as she hungrily casts her gaze upon the riches of that tiny land?

And the Europeans who are very busy dismantling their own borders, destroying their Christian heritage and bowing down to the Islamic demands of cultural respect and forced acceptance, will they presume to play the acting role of judges also?

And the world through that notorious Mafia called the United Nations plays the deciding jury as well as the condemning judge against President Donald Trump and the city named Jerusalem.  But rightfully considered, it belongs to the people of Israel and not to the citizens of Jordan who call themselves the nation of Palestine, which in fact has never been because they were under the rule of the Jordanian kingdom, hence its citizens!

This is the game that liars and provokers love to play on the stage of international theatrics and the bright color to be seen is the blood that continually flows, ensured by the hatred and propaganda that never ends from the mouths of those sworn to eradicate Israel from the face of the planet. And yet, how sweet sounding are the “peace talks” that flow so passionately from tongues trained for warfare and bloodshed.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and it will not be divided and given to her bitter enemies who have taken oaths to slay her children in the streets and cut the throats of her sons and daughters and to bludgeon the helpless in their beds while giving praises to the demon of destruction whom they so blindly serve in their ignorance and slavish obedience!

May Israel rise high above those who seek her destruction and may the ax of retribution fall upon those hoary heads of hate and may Jerusalem be the capital of Israel for all the members of the most corrupt organization in the entire world to see and may confusion and dismay be the lot of those who would fight against Israel.