Indifference, the preferred method?

What are we looking for when the elections come around? Someone who makes the most promising lies or the best patriotic speeches? Perhaps someone who is able to stir up the religious zealots and take a temporary stand to defend the rights of the unborn with unbridled passion? Maybe someone who raises the trumpet against the liberal crowds or waves the judicial sword at the diehard conservatives? Or are we seeking a stately, impressive figure with a series of degrees and doctorates and titles with a large financial account? Or even a person with the ability to charm a rattlesnake through the use their intellectual facilities?
I say that none of these will be of any use in today’s overfilled market of political carpetbaggers because they are all lacking that one very important attribute, honesty. They are all seeking material wealth and political gain to further their personal ambitions through the use of stage driven theatrics and heroic stances and crowd-pleasing rhetoric even as the pleas go forth for more donations. Just as do the prosperity preachers and I personally can see no difference in the methods employed by either! What is needed more than ever in the political arena are men and women of a character whose goal is not self-service, but rather self-sacrifice for the good of the whole and not for a handpicked minority as all too often the case is.
We need people who are willing to stand against the establishment and their preferred candidates, running as independent Republicans or hopefully independent Democrats, but not as standalone independents just for the sake of being seen as one! We need men and women who do not have wealth, titles, degrees nor doctorates, but those who want to serve their fellow man or woman from the heart and not their friends in “high places”! For when that happens then the swamp quickly becomes full of writhing, backbiting creatures of all insincere kinds! We need men and women of humble origins and strong minds to take up the challenge to renew a nation wearied by lifelong politicians who mistakenly believe that it is their right to rule decades-long over the lower class of indentured servants! But I say that the time has come to retake those freedoms and Constitutional guarantees back from their corrupt hands and restore them once again unto the people! But it will never happen if no one stands up to challenge them and the preferred method of resistance is only lip service!
Oh people of timid spirits and weakened minds, will you not open your eyes to the great dangers of complacency and inattentiveness? Can you not take notice of your dire plight in which you currently find yourselves in? Are you not aware of the attitudes that have caused the ball and chain to hold you back? Have all the idiotic sitcoms washed the common sense out of your minds and the ever-evolving methods of entertainment blindsided you into a deliberate nonchalant method of indifference?
It must be good because it feels good? If that were the case then we would all be dead today by virtue of being completely stupid! But we are not, or have we? Unprotected sex with a stranger? The price? STD’s that resist all treatments! We love our children? Tell that to the 60 million murdered on the cold altars at the abortion clinics! Marriage as known between a man and a woman can now be between anything the sick mind is able to conjure! What about the legal age of consent? Ask some of our leading politicians, bankers, business leaders, civic leaders, school teachers, policemen, media personalities, Hollywood porn stars and directors, newscasters and much more and you’ll see that what was once off limits is now accessible to all with the right connections. And I would suppose that if a coffee shop selling sweet tasting slurries of liquid manure with lots of sweeteners and cream and caramel coloring, the addicted would tell themselves that it’s also good for them and drink it down with the accompanying bagel!
And in the same way, just imagine how stupid the people have become to re-elect the same corrupt individuals every time the elections roll around! And a lot of those re-elected men and women have been in the swamp for over thirty years! And you really believe that they are working for you? Well, you might as well go and have another mucked up slurry!
We need less lip service and more of the “roll up the sleeves” type! But where are they? The time has come to defend this nation from the Tories who are determined to enslave her children and what will you do, stay home and let Robby Williams entertain you? Or perhaps Jenna Jameson with her sexual vices and nonstop porno films? Or how about the homosexuals who love to play out their female fantasies by altering their bodies and calling themselves “Trannies”?
In other words, the time has come to take a stand against the sicknesses that are ravaging this land and to put a stop to the mental madness of depraved minds that are corrupting our children forever and a day! But will you stand or will you turn away and slink off mumbling half-hearted excuses? If this nation is falling it will be because you didn’t fight when the call to battle came forth! For the enemies of this land are not in some country beyond the known horizon, but are sitting in the seats that you gave them! But you can take them back out if not all of your courage has fled to affect the needed changes. It’s up to you to either fight for your country or to flee in indifference, but one way or another, you will reap that which you have sown.
Think about it.