Lip Service

We need a new generation of leaders who will stand for this country and against the immoral rot and progressive influences that are derailing her. No matter where we look, the flood of filth and corruption and bribes and lawless judges and police officers and sexually pliable men and women who are easily controlled by their lust and greed are running rampant! The rise of militant feminism has men cowered into fear and repetitive apologies although the women themselves are by no means innocent! The cries of the “oppressed” are loud and demanding, but please note just how little they are inclined to contribute to the truth or their communities as they clamor for financial handouts.

All media plays both sides of the fence with improved accuracy which is seen as the people divide themselves obediently into dozens upon dozens of opposing groups and the voices of the opposition, depending of course upon who is fighting who becomes more violent and radical and much less inclined to act with reason or respect.

When posts are made on the social networks, commentaries can be reduced to savage howls of intent to harm, and the slew of name-calling goes beyond “down under!” The respect has been replaced by an attitude of minimum intellectual discretion and crudeness now defines the persons’ mental abilities. The land that gave us birth is sinking under the weight of self-induced corruption and financial greed which in turn reveals itself in broad terms today as is to be seen with eyes wide shut.

Welcome to the USS America in the hands of those who are determined to sink her.

May I politely point out that the Democratic Party exists in name only? That they have been thoroughly taken over by a party called the Progressives and any and all means are to be considered as they strive to transform America into their image. An image that would be foreign to our grandparents who fought in the second world war and who would be shocked at just how rapidly America fell from being a light to the world to becoming a candlestick in the gutter! And why? Because of the disgraceful actions and behavior and greed and vice of this decadent generation! Politicians without a backbone, ministers who love the lie, businesspeople who love greed, Americans who love porn, the flood of drugs and the spirit of laziness and the blame game to avoid responsibility for their actions. Or what about blaming Columbus for all the perceived wrongdoings done, easy enough to do when they were not there, misconstruing history to rewrite it, thereby destroying the evidence only to replace it with twisted interpretations.

And today, many people pay lip service to change but? The only changes that seem to be happening are becoming steadily worse, and why? LIP SERVICE! As long as the people are entertained and distracted, they are easy to herd in the desired direction! Or have you ever seen how the sheep react as they are led to the slaughterhouse? They bleat or converse with each other until the doors close behind them, and then the panic ensues as they smell the blood and hear the cries of the dying, but by then it is too late. And the same is going to happen to you if you don’t wake up and take a stand, NOW!

We, who care, need to become involved today. We need to run in local elections regardless of education because we are running on principal and not degrees! We need to get involved in state elections and push out those anchors of political corruption who are seated far too long. The party leadership needs to be removed and replaced by men and women of backbone who WILL HOLD THE LINE against the malignant progression of the reborn Tories! And when the party leadership is replaced, then, and only then, can we get those worthless scoundrels out of Washington and replace them with men and women of honesty and uprightness of heart and who love this country and not the lure of wealth and power and sexual exploitation!

The time is now because we are at the crossroads and the winds of change are nearing hurricane force, and if we refuse to act, then we shall be swept away into a whirlwind of our own making because we refused to do anything more than pay lip service!

This is still our country, and if we want to keep it then we must fight for her, and that means GET INVOLVED NOW! Don’t be cowed or frightened away, neither intimidated nor weakened by a lack of donors. They will be there when they witness your determination on the school boards, in the town meetings, on the planning boards, in the county and state elections. Don’t stoop to nefarious schemes and dirty tricks, but rise above it and present yourself with pride and dignity because that is what’s missing in our leaders today, though not all.

End the lip service and change the world. It is up to you.

Edward L Ordway Jr