The Truth or the Lie

The Truth


To choose between God and man


What is truth?” asked Pilate Jesus and then turned away without waiting for an answer, and so it continues unto this very day. The question about truth is based on a worldview and therefore requires an explanation from a worldview and not from the source of all truth, God Himself. Jesus told us that Satan is the father of lies and that is all that he speaks is lies because that is his nature. And because man will not listen to God and the truth, he must listen to and accept the lies that he has been taught by the adversary of God, Satan.

And the views that we hold pertaining to the things that we have been taught will reveal our worldview, and by nature, our lifestyles. Our lives are based upon many decisions that we make every day and night, consciously and unconsciously and these impact our perception of how we interact with the world around us.

If we were raised in a violent family, then we will learn that violence is a way of life and will use it to intimidate or subdue others around us and to take what we cannot peacefully acquire. If we are raised in wealth, than we expect that to be our lifestyle and thereby tend to perceive others less fortunate as “under” us and this attitude creates the “elitist” view. On the other hand, if we are born in poverty and accept it as our “lot” then it becomes a generational plague that pulls one down into the well of “poverty pride,” making it very difficult to break out. So the point that I’m making is this; it is this worldview that we all have that guides our thoughts and directs our movements and influences our lifestyles. We might like to believe that we are open-minded, but only as far as our worldview allows, whether liberal or conservative, atheist or believer, heterosexual or otherwise, our lives are defined by what we choose to believe in or on.

Today, many ask “What is truth?” but like Pilate, they don’t care to hear it from the Son of God, but instead seek it from worldly sources because they reject the truth, they have chosen to believe the lies that they have been taught since birth. This is the view that the world carries, but it is not the truth. Sadly, most will continue to reject the Son of God because they have chosen not to believe Him or the Words that He spoke. Jesus told us that He always does what pleases the Father, and the Father has given Him the words that He spoke, but who is the Father?

Let us make man in our image:” So the man was created in the image of the Father and His Son. God is a spiritual being while His Son took on the physical form of a man whom would later be known as Jesus. So the man had a beginning, and it was not in a bed of primeval mud hundreds of millions of years ago as evolutionists so adamantly proclaim. The man had a purpose in the beginning but surrendered that purpose when he, through the woman, chose another way, the way of the lie, and since then, that has been his preferred path for the last roughly 7,000 years.

So what are the lies that influence our lives and keep us from coming to the truth as so aptly declared in the Bible? Probably the most productive one would be that there is a higher power and that leaves it up to each individual to define that higher power according to his or her own needs and desires and beliefs. In effect, all religions lead to God which in fact they don’t. The next would be, of course, the theory of evolution which has until this very day failed to provide any concrete evidence that evolution has ever taken place at any time other than in the minds of those who have chosen to reject the truth and have accepted the lie.

What about a willingness to believe in politics and those who proclaim to serve us when we all know that they serve only themselves and the prescribed agendas, and yet we vote them in again and again? Are we not voting for lies and liars? And what of going to a foreign nation to protect our freedoms here when the truth is that it has more to do with wealth and resources than the helpless in a bombed out hospital? And what about the LGBT agenda that is starting to transform the mindset of humanity into a kaleidoscope of sexual perversions and decadence and corrupting morals long held since the beginning of mans’ existence? These are the lies that we are feeding upon, and if you would take the time and read the Bible, then you would quickly note that they are attacks upon the very law, statutes, judgments, and commands of the God Who created us for we are His creation.

There is a war between the truth and the lies, and by all appearances, it would seem that the lies are conquering the hearts and minds of humanity were it not for one entirely overlooked fact. That man’s days are numbered as are Satan’s. For man has been influenced by the evil hand of Satan since the day he fell in the Garden of Eden and was driven out, and it continues unto this day. He does not work alone for when he fought and lost to God in heaven, he took one-third of the hosts of heaven with him, and today they work tirelessly to deceive and slay the human race. And mankind, because he chooses the lies over the truth, is a willing participator in the ongoing rebellion against God and His Son. As Ripley would have said, “Believe It Or Not.”

But the truth came in the name of Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of God Who declared Himself to be the way, the truth, and the life and that no one comes to the Father, Who is Spirit, except through Him. And here is where so many people turn aside and seek their own version of the truth because they will not accept God’s way, but they want it their way. But their approach leads to darkness and blindness and eventual corruption of the flesh and then to death and all because they rejected the truth that God, Who loves mankind, offered them and held to the lies of Satan who hates them. So what more could God have done than to accept the sacrifice of His Son for the sins of mankind as He was crucified upon a rough cross? It was love for His creation, not hatred and murderous rage as some fools would claim for God is not a bloodthirsty entity as vain men claim in their ignorance and nor is He One to “wink” the eye at willful sin and evil works. But to each man according to his actions will he be judged.

Therein lies another problem for who wants to be judged, for judgment implies law which implies lawbreaking which in turn demands justice which reveals a judge. And who has the right to judge mankind if not his creator? And judgment is always based upon law, the law of the lawgiver and that would be none other than God Himself. Therefore God, as Creator, has the absolute right to judge His creation based upon His law and that is what man refuses to believe or accept! And that is also the underlying reason for clinging to evolution or the vain attempt to adhere to atheism, but they will collapse before the judgment seat because they based their hopes and beliefs on lies, and lies like shadows, must flee before the light.

You might point to human rights, but I ask you this; Which law carries the weight of judgment, God’s or man? Human rights are nothing more than mans’ attempts at replacing the righteous law of God with his own worthless interpretations. And will themselves fail to stand before the presence of the lawmaker Himself for man, as I’ve already said, is a created being and is subject to the law, commands, statues, and testimonies of God and there is absolutely no way to get around them. But God has provided a way to be forgiven and thus pardoned, and that way is through Jesus Christ, His only beloved Son whom He gave for the sins of the world, and Who also gave Himself freely, that is, Jesus, for the sins of the world, and why? Because they love mankind and they desire to save them from the wrath that is about to fall upon the earth because evil works demand that justice is applied and that judgment will soon be upon us! But Satan does not want that you live godly lives. Therefore he will do all that he can to keep you in the lies. And when you reject the truths of God then you have no other recourse than to follow Satan, who, by the way, is himself a created being and not a god as his followers claim and neither is he the brother of Jesus as the Masons teach that he is.

The end of Satan will be in the eternal lake of fire and brimstone as well as those who have chosen to follow him for God will not allow this rebellion to continue much longer. He has appointed a day in which His Son shall destroy all His enemies and take His throne in Jerusalem, and from there He will rule over the entire earth and establish the law of His Father over all mankind. So it would do you well to know what pleases and displeases the Father while you still can.

In the end, you will be held accountable for your decisions and lifestyles lived, and you will be sentenced based on your words and works, and if you rejected Jesus, then you will suffer eternal death in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone alongside the evil one and his fallen ones. From such a place there is no escape, forever. But the Father offers you a way out of that terrible fate if you accept His Son Jesus Who speaks the truth and turn from the lies of the world. Jesus is the truth, He is the way and He is the life, and these three words can save the most valuable thing you possess, your soul.

As always, the decision is entirely up to you, the truth or the lie, heaven or hell, life or death and the longer you linger in the fields of sin, the more slothful you’ll become until the only thing that matters to you is your careless indifference and selfish lifestyle. Don’t trust in anything or anyone because if you don’t place your trust in Jesus, then you have nothing to believe in and no one to trust. And do you know when the lightning will strike? For every man and woman and child has a set time when their days are finished, and they will die, after that the judgment.

So choose before your hour strikes and the light of life fades from your eyes, and all hope goes with it. The truth or the lie, which shall it be?

Edward L Ordway