Something Is Pounding At The Doors Of The Christian Church

Something is pounding at the doors of the Christian churches, demanding to be let in: it is an evil that has corrupted the flesh and seared the minds of those to whom they have given themselves over to it. It is the sin of sexual vices of all kinds, in particular to those who love the same sex as themselves. And as they pounded at the door of righteous Lot’s home so many years ago, trying to break in and rape Lot and his two male guests and his two daughters, the guests, who were actually angels in disguise, struck the men with blindness so that they could not find the door and they went away.

But the Christian church of today has opened the doors willingly to these evil men and women of strange flesh and has allowed them to infect the believers with their perverted ways and has seduced the righteous into moral complacency instead of holding firm to the truths commanded by God. These ungodly creatures have not only crept in but have been wholeheartedly welcomed in by men and women more wicked than themselves in denying the commandments and statutes of the living God and have abandoned the godly ways for the ways of corruption and vice, and they are your unfaithful shepherds.

God is love, but He does not love sin and wickedness, nor will He ever tolerate it in His body for it is a deadly and seducing cancer that consumes all who give themselves over to it.

Sin is death no matter how beautiful and seducing, and the sexual weaknesses of men and women are all too apparent in those who have given themselves over to its embracing lies. Fornication is the sexual vices in all its seductive forms and imagery and when the flaming arrows penetrate the hearts and minds of the victims, then the body slips into the euphoria of its intoxicating drug and the addiction is complete. For what man or woman can resist the beautiful and seductive when the first tendrils of lust dance teasingly before the eyes and the games begin?

Don’t you realize that what you love will become your master and you its servant? And in the end, as death crushes the life out of you, will you say to yourselves that it was worth it? The sodomite who spent his entire life seeking pleasure now groans in bitter pain as he realizes his fatal mistake and wasted years on a drug called lust. A lust that permitted no respite and demanded violent passions and unending pleasures which have now reduced him to a physical and emotional wreck.

Or perhaps so deeply burned in perversion that the man or woman absolutely refuses to repent, even on their deathbed and clings to the hand of their last partner as the light of life fades from their eyes and death takes them away, forever lost because they refused to repent and turn to the living God who created them and offered them a way out of their vile passions through His Son, Jesus.

What of those whose consuming desire is for children? You will find them everywhere. From the king’s house to the elite in their towers of steel, from the banker’s office to the schoolroom, and from the workers’ place to the home, pedophilia is as common as your daily newspaper and why? Look at how children are being sexualized in the media, on films, in pictures, on the radio and then you’ll know why and you will also know why it is so prevalent in society.

Sex is a drug that consumes all when injected with lust and supported by chemicals and drinks, just ask anyone who works in the porn industry and they will tell you about the things behind the glamor and passion. The dark and ugly things that take place, the beatings, the rapes, the pain and the humiliation, but still they continue because lust is a drug, just like cocaine, angel dust or any other powerful addictive.

But it’s not consigned to the sex industry; it’s also rampant in millions of homes through the Internet. It’s active among the young in their bedrooms, the adults in theirs and often the two are mixed, especially when there are no moral strengths to be found in the home. Neighborhood orgies are all too common, and the wife is seduced by her son’s friend and the father by the colleague’s wife and the students by the teachers. The entire land has become one giant whorehouse without end!

And the shepherds? Day after day they fall because they abuse the pulpit to prey on flesh while preaching holiness and after they have repented, are once again allowed to teach! Such worthless hypocrites, creatures of vile passions roaming within the body of Christ seeking whom they can seduce, and of course they will let their brothers and sisters of like mind enter! In the name of love? No, but rather in the name of lust!

As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it is today. Sexual perversion in all its forms is parading in every city, demanding open acceptance of their evil and vile ways and the people love it because it has overcome them!  And the body of Christ, that is, the professing body, the body that has accepted sin into their midst, welcomes them with open arms and tearful words of love, but those open church doors are open doors to the flames to hell and death.

People need to be freed from their lusts and chains of perversion and not to be encouraged to remain servants of sin, but that is exactly what the churches are doing today! Jesus loves you the way you are is a lie or was His agonizing death on the cross just a mere thing for the Son of God? There is absolutely no such thing as a “Christian” sodomite or lesbian or bi-sexual or trans-gender or queer. Nor men who act effeminate nor women who act and dress as men for such people have been seared in their minds, and they can only be freed by the power of the gospel, in which most cases, they have chosen to deny. And the church, by accepting them, has also denied their Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ and His law, commandments, statutes, and judgments and are even now perishing in their rebellious ways.

But, things will only become much worse because it is too late to turn back the tide of filth. If you find yourself in a compromising body of believers, then you need to leave immediately for you are in the company of evildoers who prefer the shadow of death over the light of life. For it is far better to worship God in spirit and truth with one or two than to perish with the wicked in their ways. Think of Dathan and his companions who did not want to do as Moses taught and rebelled against the Lord and His commandments and was thrown down into the pit alive along with those who believed them or the two sons of Levi who perished by fire before the Lord because they wanted to do it their way.

And those churches who have rebelled against God and His law, commandments, statutes, and judgments are going to suffer the same fate along with those who believed them. The church has been commanded to remove sexual offenders from their midst if they do not repent, but not only has the church opened the doors to them, but also gives them honor as such, and this is an evil thing in the sight of our God and His Son, the Lord Jesus.

The Lord stands willing to forgive all based on true repentance and turning aside from sin, but these creatures demand that the church accept their sins and wickedness and that, the Lord our God will not do, and neither should those who profess Him do either.

The hour is already at hand, and those who love the Lord Jesus must decide to either follow the truth or follow the lie. The one which leads to eternal death or the other to eternal life, there is no compromise, no matter how you try. You have to choose to either remain a friend of the world or become the servant of Christ, and a divided heart is always unstable and useless for our Lord. Salt without its flavor is thrown away, the tree that bears no fruit will be hewn down, the branch that produces no grapes will be cast into the fire, and the Christian who compromises with the world will be told that our Lord never knew him on that great and terrible day.

Today, make your choice known and let your paths be straight.

Edward L Ordway