Who‘s To Blame For The Fires That Burn

Who‘s To Blame For The Fires That Burn

It’s easy enough to look and point out the glaring social problems that a nation faces as the waves of opinions surge back and forth, sometimes violently but always accompanied by bitterness and hate vaguely defined. But the question beggars to ask; who are the ones instigating all of this unrest?

Well, for some, the first names that come to mind would be George Soros or the Rockefeller Clan. Others would point out the Bilderberg Group or the World Socialist Party, and still, others would blame the “Dark Government” within the government, such as the NSA or CIA. And I’m quite sure that the above mentioned all have a role to play in the incendiary developments whether large or small. But the actual culprits who do the most damage are the elected officials for they are the ones who most prominently make sure that the fires of discontent on many levels remains hot and fractious.

When we open the pages of the morning paper or switch on the digital, there is always some politician who is demanding this or threatening that or some “self-appointed” speaker of the most current social injustices, whether they are justified or not. And not to forget the media talk show hosts ripping into each other as well as any public figure they deem worthy of their vitriolic rhetoric.

The old saying, “All roads lead to Rome” would be appropriate when applied to current political thought because indeed, all roads point to the group of self-serving men and women who claim to represent their constituents while making sure the fires that rage throughout the land are not being allowed to flame out. Does it matter who they are, Democrat or Republican? All we have to do is listen to their words and watch their actions and the two combined on the camera reveals the identity of the maker of trouble and division, and there are many of them.

We also understand that no one in Washington got there on their own, but each and every single one of them is beholden to their political party in their home states AND their key donors. And these donors will only help them when the aspiring are willing to do as required or expected, and if not, they are of no further use and will be replaced by another. And today, we are seeing the results of what is expected of them, disunity, finger pointing, ruthless accusations, impeding important legislation, unwilling to balance the budget, favoring wall street and the big banks, unending wars and conflicts and fomenting social unrest. These are the works of those you have elected to represent you, and by now, you are acutely aware of the fact that they do not represent the majority of you in any way. These men and women, you know their names, are doing the works of those who put them into office because it is from them, their principal donors and political party that they take their service orders while giving lip service to you, the voter.

It is seen and heard from the state where intelligence has been downgraded to “dumb” onto the state where the Mohawks once roamed, which now prides itself on working hard to implement the ideas of a self-appointed guru of health and wealth while living “godlike” in his downtown tower. And from the windy city rocking in debt to border clashes with cartels eager to feed the populace with more candy drugs and illegal migrants.

Throughout the entire land, politicians of every sort are literally demanding that the country must be reformed or realigned to be able to meet the demands of the new world and those demands are shaking the foundations upon which the nation was built. Wave after wave of progressive demands are being issued and when not forthcoming, then calls for acts of violence are issued by groups that seemingly hate the land. And the media wagon train spins into action and the politicians quickly spring on board, all too ready to defend their actions in the name of social justice in a world of moral ambiguity.

One needs to look at the source of the fire instead of the flames in order to quench them and the source as you should already know are the politicians that you elected. It is time to replace them with men and women of character and hopefully of sound mind and with a keen eye for moral aptitude and a firm hand of responsibility. The major obstacle to achieving those goals are the dinosaurs who have been far too long in the Senate and House. Like Smaug, the dragon, they have become utterly corrupted by their wealth, power, bribes, and greed and because they faithfully fulfill their donors’ expectations, they are easily reelected, time after time. And I say that their time has come to go.

But they will kick and scream defiance even as you demand that they retire from public office because they love the power over the people and they love the praises of men, and they love their ill-gotten wealth. In short, they are utterly corrupted in their ways.

The land, under their rulership, is fracturing daily and bleeding from thousands of gaping wounds and they are spending your life’s earnings on useless pork projects, military adventures, corrupt state officials, forced indoctrinations, forced vaccinations, terrible taxes which are crushing the people out of their homes and driving them off of their lands. Yes, those men and women that you elected to represent you are in truth, devouring and dividing you through their words and actions and lack of action. And the purpose is to divide the nation to make it easier to transform into the image of the new world order.

There is no need to speak of this new world order for you all surely have heard of it from the days of the first Bush to the master of the social breakdown, Obama. Therefore it is unnecessary to illustrate their designs at this moment. However, what they desire, if not acquired peacefully, will be sought with violence and internal divisions within the land supported and led by members of the political establishment, corporations, media moguls, members of the military, the very wealthy, judges within the judicial branch and so on. If you have never seen the James Bond film “Spectre;” then perhaps you should because it will give you an inkling of their workings.

Look to your political class as the source of the land’s calamities for it is there that the seeds of ruin have been sown, and what has been sowed must eventually be reaped.

Edward L Ordway Jr.