The Fifth Book of Moses Called Deuteronomy

The Fifth Book of Moses Called Deuteronomy


Chapter Eight



All the commandments which I command you this day shall you be diligent to observe and to do that you may live and multiply and go in and possess the land which the Lord swore to your fathers. And you shall remember all the way which the Lord your God led you these forty years in the wilderness in order to humble you, to prove you, to know what is in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not.

And He humbled you and allowed you to hunger, and then He fed you with manna (an actual type of bread that the people collected early every morning to eat from the ground.) which you did not know, neither did your fathers know it, so that He might make you know that man does not live by bread alone; but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord does man live.

(The words that God speaks keep the earth and all other planets and stars in place, so they do not plunge down. His words also give us life, literally, for without them, we would not breath. His words keep the earth in a smooth rotation which permits the sun to rise and set and allows life to flourish. But if you have no faith in the Living God, then you must turn to the minds of men to explain what they cannot fathom, and these men and women have replaced faith in God with a new religion called science.) Your clothing did not wear out on you, nor did your foot swell these forty years.

And you shall consider in your heart that as a man chastens his son, so the Lord your God chastens you.

And you shall keep the commandments of the Lord your God to walk in His ways and to fear Him. For the Lord your God brings you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills, a land of wheat and barley and vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive oil and honey, a land in which you shall eat bread without scarceness. You shall not lack anything in it. It is a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills you may dig copper-

When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you. Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, and His judgments, and His statutes, which I command you this day. Lest when you have eaten and are full and have built goodly houses and lived in them, and when your herds and your flocks multiply, and your silver and your gold is multiplied, and all that you have is multiplied, then you become haughty of heart, and you forget the Lord your God (like so many professing Christians have and are doing today) Who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage.

Who led you through the great and terrible wilderness with fiery serpents and scorpions and thirsty ground where there was no water, Who brought forth water for you out of the rock of flint.

Who fed you in the wilderness with manna which your fathers did not know, so that He might humble you and that He might prove you to do you good in your latter end. Beware lest you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hands has gotten me this wealth.’ But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth, so that He may confirm His covenant which He has sworn to your fathers as it is this very day.

And it shall be that if you do at all forget the Lord your God and walk after other gods serving them and worshiping them, I testify against you this day that you shall surely perish―yes, perish. As the nations whom the Lord destroys before your face, you shall perish because you would not obey the voice of the Lord your God.”

(And today, we are witnesses of those words being fulfilled before our very eyes as those nations who call themselves Christian, fall into decay and ruin and decadence as acts of continued violence and bloodshed and perversion have made their peoples drunk on debauched lifestyles. They have become as fattened calves and wayward sheep because the Shepherds have forsaken the law and commandments, statutes, and judgments of the Lord our God and have taught the people lawlessness. They will not escape the hand of judgment from a holy God whom they have provoked to wrath while carelessly calling upon His Son, Jesus, and at the same time breaking every commandment He gave.)

All Scripture is taken from The Holy Bible In Its Original Order – York Publishing. Hollister, CA. USA