As the house crumbles, the children will play

A Terrible State of Affairs


As the house crumbles, the children will play

So what do you see when you turn on the news? Much the same as when you turn off the lights. Nothing. Best case example would be the kneeling hype. While the world is literally in flames, the Americans are heavily preoccupied with media outbursts designed to keep them distracted, and it works! Puerto Rico and the hurricane aftermath would be another as the governor demands more from Washington while standing within the midst of pallets sent to help. And, of course, little is heard about their inability to budget their finances as it is with other states around the country, Washington being the best example.

Washington is a very corrupt and highly inefficient body of aging Senators and Representatives whose sole purpose in life seems to be self-entitlement at the cost of the lower classes whom they claim to serve, but we all know they don’t. But still, we find them being re-elected over a lifetime of “service” with the occasional upset such as Judge Roy against Strange in Alabama. Planned or not, the games will continue even as the nation buckles under the weight of unending internal divisions, non-payable debts both public ($20 trillion) and private ($1 trillion) and international commitments.

Despite calls for order and unity, the flames of anarchy are spreading across the land, fueled by those who despise and hate the country for what it supposedly stands for and only a person of willful blindness or an uncaring nature could deny the facts, that America is breaking apart. It is sad to see it taking place, but it is happening before the very eyes of the entire world because the United States of America are certainly not united anymore, but are breaking into warring camps. Ready to promote their agenda with the barrel of a gun or the edge of a knife and violent rhetoric intended to destabilize the foundations further and encouraged by the media hosts. And of course, the one burning question that most would like to know is this: Who is running Washington?

The United States has fallen into the same trap as all other empires before her and just as they did, will suffer the devastating results as she slides down the slippery slope to moral abandonment, assumed military superiority, arrogance and religious hypocrisy. And above all, a lust for unbridled power that leads directly to widespread corruption that infiltrates the very heart of the country and spreads to every state and city and town like cancer unimpeded to devour its host. And just what do you think, that God, the Father, would bless the land that sheds blood without end while claiming moral superiority? Think again.

It is time to face the reality of your actions for the hour of judgment is approaching, notwithstanding your religious blindness and open hypocrisy while claiming to be a Godly people, for surely you are not. Your doings are open before the eyes of Him whom you love with your mouths, but indeed, the works of your hands prove otherwise as witnessed by your lawless ways and open acceptance of corruption.

You love to lift sin-stained hands and sing praises to the One you despise through your disobedience and adherence to the pagan traditions that cover you like a blanket, and you refuse the hear the truth from the One who speaks the truth. Clinging instead to worthless lies and useless preachings from those that the Lord never sent! And why? Because your desire is to have your ears tickled and your sins covered in a sheet of acceptance from the brethren, and you love to have it so!

The Lord has made it so abundantly clear what He expects from those who follow Him, but you have turned aside from His words and have gone after vanity and lies and have promoted evil. The evil of your rebellious hearts entrenched in self-righteousness and sin and have forsaken the ways of the Lord to pursue the ways of Balaam and Korah and have desired the works of Ananias and his wife Sapphira as they sought holiness through greed and deceit while masking themselves as followers of the Christ. And such things you continually do today in your rebellious ways.

And yet, you say with proud hearts masked in humility, “God, bless us.” And you will indeed be blessed, blessed with the cursings of God because you have forsaken Him and have turned to the vain imaginations of your evil hearts and have sought out for yourselves teachers of the rebellion which will give you what you lust for, lies and comfort and acceptance of your sins.

You will indeed be and even now are being “blessed” with unending debts, God-given “natural” calamities upon your land, sexually transmitted diseases that have no cure, cancer without mercy, political leadership made into fools without number, violence and sexual perversion spreading out upon the land like a filthy shadow filled with excrement and shame. A weakened military, false gods and demon worship and practicing the teachings of sin from the east, murdering your offspring and slaughtering animals without number to gorge yourselves from grill parties and feasts, adding gluttony to gluttony.

Have you seen how the land is being overrun with foreigners without number and how foreign individuals are buying your homes and properties inside of your country? How laws are being enacted to crush all freedoms that remain to you and how thick are your tax burdens and still you do not take it to heart. Still, you remain, stubbornly insisting that God blesses you, and He is, and you cannot see the difference between a blessing and a curse.

And would you read it for yourselves if you were shown it in His Word? No, because you have plugged your ears and have covered your eyes and have thrust from you those who would warn you and you do not allow them to speak out the warnings that might have saved the nation and its people from the wrath that is surely coming upon your land.

You deny the law and the commandments as you mistakenly say that the laws were nailed to the cross, which of course, they never were! You bask in the fantasy that you are “born again” despite the fact that only the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead, becoming born again with His spiritual body. And you claim that the old testament is “only” a book of historical notations and your blindness has driven you into the realm of spiritual deceit! And the spirit that you so desire to serve is the spirit of the flesh that masquerades as the Spirit of Holiness. Even as it leads you from one sin to another, from one false teaching to another, from one lying pastor to the next, from one preying minister to another, from one sexual sin to another, from one “love” feast to another until your bellies burst from gorging! And still, you go on, consumed by your blindness and self-righteous hypocrisy, still crying out for worldly wealth and prosperity, still desiring to compromise the truth with the lies and still conforming to the ways of the world instead of the way of holiness! And you want God to bless you for these offensive things?

Look at your country! Open your eyes! Listen to the cries of the aborted babies! Hear the groans of the dead and dying as they lay in your streets and on your fields! Can you hear the orgiastic cries of the adulterers and adulteresses? Do you know that the teachers are raping your children? That the sodomites are destroying your young men?That the feminists hate God because He is the image from whence man came? Thus they hate and despise men? And will you tell yourselves, “We are a blessed land”?

Indeed you are, you are “blessed” with cursings because you have forsaken the truths and the cistern of living waters. You have cast aside His law and commandments because you cannot bear them for you love the fruits of sin and you have become intoxicated and have become senseless and depraved in your thinking, thereby your works!

The United States of America is Babylon the Great and is a leading member of the Babylonian System that Jesus will destroy upon His return, but before He returns, Babylon the Great shall fall, and all those who partook of her sins will also perish! But will you believe me? Of course not! 

Then drink the cup of wrath because you choose not to listen and you have chosen disobedience to be your companion. Drink the strong drink, inhale the pleasure of apathy, disgorge the seed of your neighing lusts upon the neighbor’s wife, daughters, and sons! Train yourselves to be mighty in strength for when the day of destruction comes; your strength will have fled as you come face to face with terror with no place to hide, no one to seduce, no amount of money to find a way out!

America, why will you die! Are you the only nation that has embraced evil, the only one that rejects the truth for the lies? No, for all have sinned and will reap that which they have sown, but you were chosen to be the one to bring the gospel into a dark world, but have instead, become the messenger of sin. Of bloodshed, of violence, of corruption, of murder, of moral ambiguity, of filth and sexual perversion, of love for wealth untold while trampling down the poorest of the land, denying them food and shelter. Of having the knowledge of salvation but denying its power through acceptance of sin, of compromising with evil, of placing traditions and lies of man over the truths of God and acting as though you were a chosen nation, which indeed you were until sin found its home in your hearts. And today, your wounds are not healed nor bound, and the blood runs down your thighs from the innocent that you have sacrificed to demons.

Your leaders are drunk on power and corruption and are staggering like drunkards in the dark of night, unsure of where they go. And they are falling into pits without light, holes in the mind that provide no illumination and they fall from one error to another, making fools of themselves as they lead the nation deeper into wickedness.

How much time is left? Look around and know by the signs that are there. Perhaps some will have understanding, maybe even a few shepherds might blow the horn, and the watchmen will awaken. Maybe some will attempt to fill in the breaches and who knows? Perhaps God will delay His judgment if He can find even a few who have not forsaken the old ways and know how to pray, and fast and repent for a people who are surely going mad as they play among the ruins. If not, then look back and read what He had done to others so that you might know your fate.

So stop acting as though you are children of God when your acts are those of rebellion and lying ways and love of traditions. For on that day, He will say to you; “Depart from me, you workers of lawlessness. I NEVER KNEW YOU.”