Keep The Faith

Keep The Faith

The Christian faith was, or rather, is built upon one man who is known as Jesus, the Messiah. He is also known as the Son of God or God the Son, of God the Father. And here is where almost all have gone lost by misinterpreting Scripture because they simply cannot understand the words that Jesus spoke so clearly as he described the relationship between His Father and Himself.

Scripture speaks for itself as well as interprets itself, but it is the man who seeks the control and seeds the confusion because he cannot accept nor understand the words of Jesus. Therefore, he imagines a greater mystery that does not exist in order to create a system of theological entrapments to justify his lack of understanding. And what he has sown continues to be reaped, a religious prison behind bars of man-made traditions and paganistic rituals that keeps the people enslaved in lies mixed with truths, knowingly or not. Compromises without end and spiritual antics that pretend to be works of the Holy Spirit, but those works are most certainly not holy by any measure of the meaning.

The commandments of Jesus they do not keep, for the love of the Father is not in them for if it were, then they would keep His commandments. In the disciple John’s letter, he very clearly reveals who the Son of Man is and why he came and His relationship to the Father and how we are to respond. But we choose instead to follow the theological explanations given to us by our religious leaders who in turn received theirs from their predecessors and so on until it all bumps up against the church fathers who gave their interpretations several hundred years later instead of listening to the disciples of Jesus. And from that time on, the voice of man has dominated the debates, and the pagan practices of the past have become a solid part of the established religion known as Christianity today.

However, the Lord has his body, known as His church, whether they be of two or of fifty, in many places throughout the world and it thrives because it lives for Him and the truth. And not for the lies and vanity that the worldly church shows and practices as it leads millions into deceit and spiritual confusion.

It does not seek the world’s attention, nor it’s praises. It does not sell items for gain and books and CDs for personal affluence. It does not practice sin and compromises not the truth. It does not have agendas nor social protests and does not glorify the flesh and its pursuits. It shuns evil and does not share the table with fornicators and witches and those who lust after strange flesh.

Wealth is scorned while love and mercy are extolled, and forgiveness is given. His body of the faithful keep His law and commandments, His Holy Days and His Sabbaths and they scorn the world’s holidays as they seek to do the will of the Father.

This church is His body, and it is not a particular denomination nor creed of man. The Shepherds, the prophets, and the teachers serve with willing and humble hearts, not for gain, but for love and all serve each other and minister to each other’s needs. No man is above the other, but all serve the Lord with joy and gladness, and each man earns his own bread, not stealing from the others. The Words of the Lord are truth and as such are taught from the Scriptures. And the pride of the eyes and the lusts of the flesh are rebuked because love rules supreme and in Christ, that love will be found for the brethren.

And they shall know the truth, and the truth shall set them free.

But as for the worldly church who profess the name of Jesus? Where is the truth to be found among the many lies and traditions it espouses?

  • The trinity?
  • Born again?
  • The Lord’s Supper profaned?
  • Children baptisms?
  • Babbling incoherently?
  • Slain in the “spirit”?
  • Rolling around on the floor, laughing insanely in the “spirit.”
  • Allowing the sexually profane to “minister”?
  • The “virgin” Mary doctrine?
  • Not allowed to marry, thereby encouraging child molesters and sodomites?
  • The Pope’s infallibility?
  • Halloween?
  • Christmass?  Christmas?
  • New Years?
  • Easter?
  • The law and commandments of God done away with on the cross?
  • Gossip meetings instead of prayer?
  • Fasting aside and gluttony encouraged?
  • Worship” the music but not the Lord?
  • The Lord accepts me as I am?
  • God wants you to be rich?
  • Feel good about yourself?
  • You are little gods?
  • Jesus suffered in hell?
  • Entertainment without end?

These and much more are what the worldly body offers and many are those who have followed their pretentious ways, being deceived and deceiving others while claiming to be followers of the very Lord they deny through their compromising ways!

He has warned us in very strong terms that He will not accept those who practice lawlessness nor teachers of lawless ways and traditions. He will neither accept liars, fornicators, defilers of the flesh, murderers, thieves of any sort or fashion. He will also not accept anyone who has not been washed and cleansed and who has not put on the robe of righteousness either. He has made it clear that the flesh will not enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who have received their new spiritual bodies at the resurrection and not before!

All these things are clearly taught in the Scriptures, and the warnings against practicing lawlessness are without number, but the servants of darkness prefer the dark and refuse to come to the light because their works shall be revealed as being evil! The lies are far more palatable than the truth, especially when one has been immersed in them since childhood and when the truth is spoken, to them, it is a lie.

  • Do not seek wealth
  • Do not mix the truth with the lie
  • Reject all traditions
  • Do not commit adultery nor practice any form of fornication
  • Do not accept evil
  • Do not compromise with evil
  • Repay evil with love
  • Remember that your hope is in the resurrection

Hold firm to the truths taught in the Scriptures and do not depart from them, regardless of what a man or a woman shows. Always make the Scriptures your measurement with which to measure yourself and withdraw from those who would teach you otherwise.

  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Love
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding

If any man is lacking, let him ask of God who gives freely, but let him ask in faith.

The body of Christ has many parts, but all are joined together in love and faith. It doesn’t matter if there are two of you meeting in a dorm room on campus or a small house on a quiet street somewhere in Texas or Arizona or in a church that is meeting underground in China, North Korea or Saudi Arabia because it has never been about how many but how faithful. Be faithful until the end, enduring all things for the truth, scorning the shame of the world for the glory to be revealed at the resurrection when the Lord returns to gather up His faithful! Remember, the flesh is passing away quickly, even as I write this, as well as all its passions and desires, but we have the hope in Christ that can never be defiled, nor decayed, nor stolen If we endure until the end. So I say to the faithful in Christ, remain firm and resist the devil and his never-ending allurements and attacks and you shall be richly rewarded by the One Who has called you unto Himself.

Turn away from false brethren and lying teachers and vain traditions and evil companions and let the true light that shines enter into your hearts and receive with meekness the true word that can set you free and keep you pure from sin. Again, I say to you, do not practice lawlessness nor follow those who teach it for their day of judgment is almost upon them. Fear the Lord, love the brethren and keep the faith. Amen.