At the end of the day

And so the world turns another day, and nothing has changed, and nothing will change because mankind will not change his ways. This is a well-known fact and is irrefutable. Weariness sets heavy upon the shoulders, and the thoughts in mind are troublesome for most of the humanity and the struggle to literally stay alive is very real in large areas on the globe, and we in the western side? Well, a few minutes on Facebook says it all. Almost two billion users and the message is clear, it’s pretty much all about me, myself, and I.

What can be said or done to awaken the people from the stupor of living for one’s self? The driving need for constant cravings to gratify the hourly desires for attention and self-seeking pleasures? If this is the purpose of life, then it has no purpose at all except to sustain self and exploit others for the sake of gain and eventual corruption, and then we die! And that’s it? We are born and live a couple of decades and then die? And what have we to show for it other than unending wars and conflicts and misery unbounded and pleasures untold? Like a paper airplane, just fold it together and send it off on a short trip and then watch it crash to the ground, over.

How will the foolish ones ever learn about life and the living when they are too busy living for self? Have brains become paperweights for the most and thinking a thing of the past? Even as we destroy our environment and poison our food and drink supply, crush the morals and institutionalize evil and promote wars of attrition and cause global misery, how dare we make the claim of being civilized when the works of our hands and the words of our mouths stand as a witness against us? We have indeed become a race hell bent on self-destruction! A global family of suicidal maniacs who are too blind and intent on self-interest to see that we are on the highway to hell, literally!

I have looked through thousands of videos and pages on the Internet and have listened to many speakers from all walks of life and have come to the conclusion that all is vanity because no one is really listening anymore, they are just parroting someone else who in their turn are only repeating what they’ve been told, in their own words of course! There is nothing new under the sun as King Solomon once remarked. What is has already been done and what is to come has already taken place. So, you see, all we are doing is running in circles because mankind is incapable of learning from his past mistakes and failures and he has doomed himself to repetitive history, generation after generation, an ongoing curse.

And because you won’t believe me, I won’t waste any time trying to show you because the heart is very stubborn, and the habits are firmly entrenched and the ears are finely tuned in to the lies that you’ve learned since childhood, so my words are not going to dissuade you from your present course of action. But I will tell you this, that the day of accountability is approaching, and you will have to stand and give an account of your actions, you and I both. And when that day comes, all the bombastic words and arrogant attitudes will crumble like a sand castle on the beach hit by a typhoon and your nakedness and shame will be complete for all to see, pagans and Christians alike and everything in between.

I wish that you would think about your lives and how you should be living them instead of living for self.