Open your eyes to a future under the warmongers

Today, I have shown you the threads that unite a world caught up in the throes of self-destruction. Look at the real world and their players and ask yourselves if there is any sanity left among the leaders or their followers? Mankind is not capable of ending violence and these brief posts are a condemnation to the ineffectual abilities of those who would say otherwise!

The world is spiraling out of control and plunging into the black hole of death and further destruction and instead of stopping, mankind is increasing the speed of his demise! No one in politics can stop it which is why the world leaders are searching for the one who can and when he does appear, he will unite the world for a very brief period until he reveals his true intentions. So what you are witnessing today is only the furtherance of his cause and as he is allowed to continue, mankind will be standing at last on the very precipice of extinction.