Lukewarm Christianity: Give all or give nothing at all!



The race in the world of technology has increased the pace, and more nations want the nuclear bomb to “protect” themselves and social upheavals rock the civilized world of the unstable. The abuse and mistreatment of animals take on a gruesome and grisly manner, and the mammals of the sea perish by the works of man. The environment is being raped and destroyed for greed and profit, and the giants of the social media search machines are proving themselves to be preying on your privacy and reaping handsome dividends while supporting the new social agendas. And everything and everybody is being turned upside down and spun around so fast that no one knows anything anymore for certain.

Who do you Trust? Who can you believe in? Can you trust yourself and is your word good?  Betrayal lurks on every corner, and the members of your home become your enemies, and the stranger seduces your sons and daughters and does anyone even care anymore? All you need to do is to look around you, in your house, town, and country and then let your eyes see the world as it twists and turns and buckles under the weight of ever increasing corruption and violence! No one believes no one, but still, the elections take place because the people are hoping against hope that someone, somewhere will have the desperately needed answers to bring calm and peace to a world being torn to pieces. Even despots are going mad in their failing attempts at dictatorship as they realize that they are just as corrupt and senseless as the other, having no answers and giving no hope and gorging themselves full, attempting to satisfy the emptiness that they see in themselves.

The hopelessness a person feels when the mind is void of understanding, the anger when dreams turn to nightmares and the loss of control over events that one sets up only to lose.


Yes, this our world today after 7,000 years of recorded history and we haven’t learned anything because we repeat the same mistakes in every generation. The same lies, hopes, fears, wars, crimes and so on. Nothing changes, and it’s not going to start now, but it will have a terrible end before the dawn breaks. The man is not ruler over anything because the heart is thoroughly corrupted and infused with selfish behavior. Can you point out one good man or woman in this entire world who does good continually? Don’t bother because you won’t.

We are a mixture of good and evil and just as iron and clay cannot stand the pressures placed upon them so is the man. A mind that is capable of great things and yet at the same time capable of unfathomable horrors. Today he stands on the peak of praise and tomorrow he stands before a judge. A mother praises her young daughter in one breath and curses the other daughter with the same. And so is the world as it now lives and breathes. Full of cursings and bitterness, praise and adoration, peace and war, arrogance and pity, love and compassion, hatred and revenge. Offending others while defending another, life and death and so the cycles continue, generation after generation and everyone learns to repeat the errors of the previous ones, and the way of peace is never learned because it has never been taught. War is very profitable while peace paves the road for the next conqueror.

To try to understand the world would be a wasting your life with unending speculations and never ending twists and turns through a maze so large that it would defy your imaginations! But the Bible will give you all the answers you are looking for if it is the truth you want and if not, then feel free to analyze your life away or try to pick another wayward soul to represent you in the next election. But I will tell you that there is no other way other than the way of the Lord God for all of the problems of mankind.

Let me put aside all the ills of the world and speak clearly to you. I do not want your money or praises nor do I wish to build up followers or to awe someone with my person, for who or what am I but a mere man? For I also was steeped in sin and filled with all unrighteous, and it took the grace of God to set me free and open my eyes to the true nature of my estate! It does not matter if you read one or two or all of my writings around the Christian faith and agree or disagree, for what do opinions matter to me? I have nothing to gain with God by lying to please the people by writing softly and gently and compromising the truth and it I will not begin now.  So lest anyone should think otherwise, don’t.Today is not yesterday and tomorrow has not yet come and though past grievances have been forgiven, tomorrow’s are surely on the way. Therefore, by remaining firm in the faith and true to His word, the world can be overcome, and sin conquered, day by day until the work is finished. And this goes for all believers and for those who want to come to Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are so many voices leading in so many directions espousing so many points of view that confusion is guaranteed and I believe that the Christians have become the most gullible of them all. And that is my conclusion after reading the Bible over 45 years and speaking to many and attending a wide variety of churches and fellowships and home meetings. Everybody is either chasing after the best circuit speakers or reading the newest spiritual bestsellers or others acting as though they were filled with the Holy Ghost and so-called “prophets” abound like fleas on the back of a dog! The Bible is taken out of context time over by many who do not know how to apply Scripture or by those who twist it or by those who abuse it or by those who hold tightly to theological traditions. Also by those who keep their adherents under the control of an iron fist of a self-appointed leader or through the pleasures of entertainment or the current social games being played out and so forth! The newest Bibles are corrupt, and many translations are free wheeling in their interpretations, and the vast majority of the Shepherds are leading millions astray. And the sheep are running happily behind them!

When I first started this blog, I wanted to show how world events play out in the local realm and to also show you what the Bible has to say about them, but to my astonishment, it is the Christians who show the greatest ignorance and prefer to stick their heads in the sand just as the people did in the days of the ancient prophets! Their excuses? The same as today! The price? Spiritual decay and rampant lawlessness which resulted in catastrophic events culminating in utter defeat, the same as it is going to happen to the nation that claims God but despises His law and runs after wickedness, such as the Western nations are doing, especially America.

There is very little you can do if someone is determined to commit suicide and a nation of fools is hard to reach with the Bible and its truths, but the Christians who make the claim of being “born again” have become the epitome of spiritual blindness! Millions lay claim to the faith, but the evidence against them is overwhelming for if so many were loyal followers of the risen Christ then wouldn’t the state of the nation be completely different than as seen today? But the nations are very sick and are falling headlong into the open pit of destruction and where, may I ask, are the Shepherds? They too have gone after gain and fleshly pursuits and have discarded the laws of God while claiming to serve Him! Such blindness and what do you think the sheep are doing? Following them of course!


Many will point to the sayings of Jesus concerning the last days that these things will take place and they most assuredly are here and still more to come as an excuse, but He has already shown them the reason why in the Book of Revelation, it’s called a lukewarm spirit that seeks it pleasures and compromises and has fallen away from the first love. And He is speaking to none other than the Christians! Throughout the entire New Testament, the believers have been warned that perilous times will come, not only because the days of wickedness are increasing but also because the believers are falling away! In short, they cannot use the excuse of perilous times when they are running away into sin! That is the truth as to why your nation is falling! It is because of the Christians leaving their first love to pursue the flesh and not holding the ground against sin and rebellion! In the Day of Judgment, their excuses will not stand!

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, wrote difficult things that many misinterpret and therefore have brought a great amount of confusion and lawlessness into the body of Christ, meaning the Church, from the beginning of the first century until now. The other Apostles whose words have also been widely abused to fit in current doctrines have suffered the same. Today, the mainstream Church is overrun with theological dogmas and misinterpreted Scriptures so much that spiritual deceit has blinded the most and sown confusion and inspired fleshly pursuits while forfeiting the truths that could save their souls.

Many church bodies claim to be “Apostolic” in nature, meaning they are like the New Testament Churches, but they’re not, not even remotely in spirit or teachings. I could bring some of them into view, the Baptists, Congregationalists, Methodists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Unitarians, Catholics, Seven Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Free Christian Fellowships such as the Vineyard or any of the megachurches that claim to be the spiritual descendants of the early believers with all of the attached traditions and pagan rites. Pagan as in Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Lent, Good Friday, or the Saints Day and so on and so forth. The Lord Jesus did not build His Church on any of mans’ foundations, but that is exactly what the Churches have done and have called them “Christian.”

When you are fed lies as a child, then you tend to believe them as an adult, and you hold tight to them in advanced age until you die in them. I have learned that it is very hard to show a Christian the truth when the lie is all they want to see. And the churches are being fed massive lies, so much in fact that the nation is decaying while the Christians praise God instead of spending time on their knees and they truly believe that God will bless them with material goods and wealth as the people around them are perishing! Such blindness always comes from lukewarm hearts fixed on selfish wants who have indeed lost their first love!


So what can be done for a nation that calls itself Christian but cannot hear the Word of the Lord anymore? The children will continue to sing and dance and lift hands in praise and worship and speak out prophecies to each other and impart spiritual gifts and seek wealth and honor and sell their books and cd’s and teach lies and follow error. They will run after the prosperity teachers who will feed them what their craving ears desire and they will turn to strange flesh because the lie has caught them.They will buy the newest study Bibles and become apostles to the best selling author and promote the spirit of the flesh who masquerades as the Spirit of Holiness and truth.  The feminists will be exalted as the men fall at their feet and the roles are switched. A women’s “right” to murder the fruit of her womb is defended as is sexual deviancy and the love for entertainment supersedes the Gospel and law. The flesh will be fed to the fullest while the spirit languishes by the side, fed with only a few scrapes, and prayer meetings and fasting belong to a bygone era because the Shepherds are too busy with Church affairs or television or other worldly pursuits. And I am speaking directly to the Christians here!


So what happens to a nation when the Shepherds go astray? Lawlessness increases at a phenomenal rate and the moral laws are crushed underfoot with wild abandon as the populace is given a free hand to indulge themselves in all sorts of wicked behavior. Corruption reaches all high levels as everyone seeks to exploit the other. Sexual perversion runs rampant throughout the land and children are sacrificed on the altars of lust. Evil is promoted as good and the good, is called evil and woe to them through whom it comes! Knowledge increase, that is the knowledge to do evil, and the poor are crushed while the wealthy care not. Foreigners overrun the land and debt to strangers increases. The land itself suffers as it groans under the weight of the oppressing evil placed upon it and nature reacts with unbridled fury against the inhabitants. The beasts of the field rise up against those who slaughter them, and the sun scorches the crops, and the wells run dry and the earth cracks and breaks before the eyes of those who abuse it. The leaders will give themselves over to evil thoughts and deeds while the people applaud them vigorously and her enemies will gather around her as the vultures gather around the weakened beast.

And all these things are taking place before your eyes and will you listen and learn to fear God? Will you obey the Son? Will you heed the Spirit of Holiness? No, because a delusional spirit has been poured out upon the land and its people. The blood of the innocent cries out for justice, the poor cry out for justice but the wickedness grows and prospers under the hand of its leaders, and the sheep listen to the voices of the worthless shepherds!

The Lord will show mercy to those who love Him and keep His commandments. And to those who prefer to sleep in the light? There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Wouldn’t it be better to be faithful to the Lord than to frolick in the fields of sin for a season? It would be akin to playing Russian Roulette. As the barrel is spun, you don’t know in which chamber the bullet will be until you pull the trigger, hit or miss, death or life. With God, it’s different because He has set a time for every man and woman to live and when the time is over, it’s over. No reincarnations, no heavenly bliss, no second chances. Only death and then the Day of Judgment followed by eternity with God and His Son and the saints or death in the eternal flames of hell made for the Devil and the fallen angels and the wicked who refused God’s offer of salvation in Jesus but instead trusted either in themselves or in someone else.

It is very hard to convince one to turn back when they are set to go on and the ears will not hear though they claim to and the eyes are blind though they profess sight and the tongue is moot despite the words which flow from it, so how is it possible to wake up the dead when they are intent on sleeping? Because sin is blinding unless repentance is forthcoming.

Let me use an example;  There was a 34-year-old woman. She was married and very attractive and had no children and professed Jesus as her Savior. Her husband worked as a lawyer in a prestigious firm with international clients such as a certain Sheik from a wealthy Middle Eastern country. They were attending a dinner in his honor when the Sheik’s eyes fell upon her, and soon after that, she began to receive gifts and warm praises. Her husband, although he was aware of the Sheik’s intentions, encouraged her to show interest because it would be good for them and the law firm. Somewhat reluctantly she did, but over time the gifts were replaced by personal invitations and private dinner engagements, and for the next four years, she became the Sheik’s consort. Her marriage was only a show to keep up the image while their private wealth increased. Although in her heart she knew that this was wrong, she enjoyed it until she turned thirty-eight and it was at that point she knew that her marriage was empty, the bed was soiled with harlotry and the Sheik had never intended to make her his wife and she was a long way from the God that she once loved. And so she turned away from her whoredoms and repented and asked God for forgiveness and restoration, and you know what? God did. Today, she is remarried and has two children and lives in Jesus who forgave her and set her back on the path of life.

The same thing can happen to you as an individual or as a nation if repentance is found and a desire to turn from all sin.

Permit me to use another example;  There was a man who claimed to be a Christian but he loved to flirt with the women and was always looking for an opportunity to seduce them and this was his lifestyle. He would act as if he was a pious man and he knew the Scriptures well enough to fool many and he knew how to play the game. This went on for many years and because God never seemingly punished him, his acts of repentance were just that, acts. He would sleep with this woman or that woman and mind you, he was married, and afterward, he would feel remorse for a certain amount of time and ask for forgiveness, but then, he would do it again. He would also attend parties and smoke and drink and engage in foolish conversation. He would use the faith as a hook to snare foolish women and to impress others with his knowledge. Today, that man who was seared in his conscience and died for his sins because he mocked God, thinking that he had time to repent, is sharing the eternal flames with the rich man who mocked Lazarus so long ago in Hell.

The same thing will happen to the useless servant who calls Jesus, Lord but refuses to obey Him.

Now think about the life you live as a Christian. Does it line up with what the Bible teaches or are you living as you choose to see it? Do you hold its truths to be self-evident or do you pick and choose to accommodate your life style? Is your cross real or made of styrofoam? Do you obey Him or deny Him through the words of your mouth and the works of your hands? If you pray, is it all about you or do you pray to do His will?



The Bible is your textbook for life, not your opinions! It is the light shining upon a dark path winding its way through the forest, and if you don’t heed the light, you will wander off, guaranteed! God presents to you the beginning of all things and shows you the end of what you now know and then reveals to you the future under His Son!

The vast majority of Christians in the Western Nations have fallen asleep in the light while their brothers and sisters are perishing in other places around the globe! The sleeping Christians are so enamored with social justice and sensitivity issues and compromises that it seems impossible to break through to them! There is more entertainment instead of prayer! More gluttony instead of fasting! More excuses instead of studying the Word! More feminists behind the pulpit than men! Open sexual perversion instead of holding firm to the Word of God! Worship music that leads you into the arena of flesh because it’s hard to discern the difference between the clean and unclean rhythms! Lazy Shepherds who keep an eye on the time, one-hour, entertainment, 20 minutes of bulletins, 5 minutes from the Bible followed by a 40-minute nap!

Wake up! Wake up and wipe your eyes O churches in the Western nations!  The Lord is angry with His compromising children who just want to be cuddled and cooed and told how much they are loved! Awake before the chastisement of the Lord falls upon a disobedient body of lazy and lukewarm believers whose ears have been lulled into compromises and whose eyes have been blinded by the distractions of the world! Turn away from the lies that you have been taught! Cast out those worthless Shepherds who steal and rob you blind while drinking your blood and eating the fat off of you! Throw away those cheap watered down “Bibles” and so-called “Christian” writings that do not bring the power of God with its clear truths into your hearts, and are nothing more than pacifiers for the weak in mind!

A Christian is called to war, yes war! It is a spiritual war being fought in heavenly places, and the sooner you understand that, the sooner you can throw off your blankets and toss aside your bottles of dietary milk! When Christ called you to follow Him, He didn’t mean into the playpen! You are to take up your cross and follow Him! And if you are unwilling to do that then you have no part in Him because the cowardly will not inherit the Kingdom of God!


Everything you need to know has already been written down for you, and all that stands between you and understanding is the delay in opening the Bible! Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, paid the price for your rebellion or sins, on the cross so that you would not have to die! So, if you call yourself a Christian, then follow your Lord wherever He leads, and that includes into battle against the heavenly powers that seek your death and destruction! And the Spirit of Holiness will not lead you into sin or unclean practices or anything that stands against the Word of God, never! It will call you to daily repentance of sin and to your Bibles, and it will never, again, never lead you to practice sin!

Do not listen to those who teach you otherwise for the Christ did not call you to remain in sin, but to be freed from the chains!  Or why should He speak so often of forgiveness when you are wronged? We all sin every day, even the mature in Christ and our consciences bear witness which is why we need to repent daily because perfection, although striven for, is not attainable in the flesh as the Apostle Paul taught. But don’t let that hinder you from the race that is set before you! Run! Run for the crown that has been set before you! Run to win! The prize is everlasting life and isn’t that a goal to be worthy of? What has this world to offer in comparison? Nothing!

The lukewarm church needs to stand up and turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ and stop its compromising ways lest it perishes in the flames of iniquity! It needs to return to its first love, Jesus the Christ! It needs to believe the words as laid out in Scriptures and receive the Son of God as Savior and the Spirit of Holiness and stop compromising with a dead world! Stop compromising with lies and decaying social norms! Stop accepting sexual perversions regardless of how hard they knock at the doors because they are the walking dead! If the love of Christ can’t change them because they refuse to repent, then you must remove them from your presence because the Lord has commanded it! And Jesus has said, “If you love Me then you will obey Me.” And the Apostle John also said that you will know them if they obey His commandments, that they are those who love Him. And those who do not obey Him are liars and as such have nothing to do with them!

But it is not only the sexually perverted, but it is also the fornicators, the liars, the thieves, and murderers. It is also those who practice witchcraft, divinations or contact the dead. The drunkards, the blasphemers and those who twist the Scriptures and much more. And many of us were like that at one time, and sadly, many are those who continue to do so, but we are not to anymore! The hour is now to turn from evil living and compromising and unending debates over opinions, for they mean nothing whereas the Christ is everything! If you find yourself in a church that does not teach the truths, then you need to leave it today! The Lord will heavily punish his church because of lawlessness and laziness and the many false doctrines and false  Shepherds that are sitting firmly in control. You need to leave the church when a Shepherd acts as the commander-in-chief and punishes those who would question his “authority!” They were also in the early church at the close of the first century AD as the writings of the Apostles clearly show. And today their descendants are with us still plying their trade and treachery within the flocks.

In these times of luke warm hearts and betrayal of the faith, hard decisions must be made as the followers of Jesus separate themselves from the teachings of Baal and his followers. But the bigger question remains, who is on the Lord’s side because, on the battlefield, the victory goes to the one who gave all they had and more because they believed in the one leading. Do you believe in the Son of God and are you prepared to lay down your life for Him if necessary?

Count the cost of discipleship before you join the ranks.

Many are called, but only a few are chosen.

Only those who do the will of My Father will enter heaven.

If you love Me, then do My commandments.

Many will say unto Me, Lord, Lord and I will say unto them, “I know you not! Depart from Me workers of iniquity! (lawlessness)

Satan disguises himself as an angel of light as do his workers.

You will know them by their fruits.

A tree that produces no fruit shall be hewn down and cast into the fire.

I am the Vine, and you are the branches, remain in Me.

Whosoever does not remain in Me, and My words has no part with Me.

Take up your cross and follow Me.


And many more words did He speak, but today, the Church is not listening anymore because they are caught up in the world and have compromised their first love. Repent and come back before it’s too late and the gate is closed, and the light goes out!

Turn aside from lying teachers and their teachings and hold firm to the words as revealed in the Scriptures so that you may attain to life. Do not lean to your own understanding, meaning opinions and thereby miss the opportunity for salvation because of unbelief!

If you have ears to hear then listen and if not, the falls are just up ahead and around the bend and your destruction is all but certain despite your opinions founded on lies.

The choice as always is yours, make the right one.