The Era of Evil or the open acceptance of it

Welcome to the world you really don’t want to be a part of because when evil is accepted and promoted just what do you think is going to happen to you and your home? Does it take a long stretch of the imagination or are you able to see its effects on society today? Let’s face it, by you rejecting the Word of God in both its written and living form, then you have rejected the truth and have embraced the lie, and that lie is what you are now reaping today, and it’s only just begun!

Many Christians have already fallen aside and have joined themselves to what can be called “progressive Christianity” which is nothing more than a call to compromise and a relaxing of moral responsibility. In fact, how many of you can honestly say that you have read the Bible completely through at least once in your life? And if you have, does it strengthen your faith or do you end up picking and choosing what appeals to you while rejecting the things that you won’t accept? If you reject the Bible then what do you intend to replace it with, your brand of beliefs based upon what you approve or disapprove of? I may term that carnal disposition because you are predisposed to live your life under the presupposition that you have the right to usurp a higher authority given your own. Today, on the global scene that is called human rights.

So, what have those human rights brought us today,  peace and harmony? Love and welfare? Genuine concern for another? End of war and violence? Sicknesses and diseases? Universal healing and higher living standards? Equitable sharing of wealth among all levels of the social strata among all nations? A healthy environment and controlled pollution? Peter Pan and Wendy truly exist if you believe in such optical and imaginary fantasies because the evil that is here will never allow such things to take place!

If you have never read the Bible, then you could never understand how this world works, and you could only see it through the eyes and mind of limited sensory interaction. The works of darkness are becoming more and more open and accepted by the people as their minds become used to it on an hourly basis, thanks in large part to the media and entertainment sector. And amazingly, the people want more of the same because it tantalizes the flesh and tickles the mind and invites one to dabble in things once forbidden and O how they love it!

Let me just run a few of those things before your eyes and remember, they are only a few!

  • Human cannibalism, either as a weapon of murder or a tool of lust.
  • Pedophilia is widely in practice from the bottom of the streets to the very pinnacles of power.
  • Pornography is in every house and enjoyed in all schools among all indoctrinated in the lusts.
  • LGBT and queer behavior is endorsed and promoted and taught and read in public.
  • Horrendous crimes are committed daily and increasing in savagery.
  • Transsexuality is fostered upon men to destroy masculinity and endorse feminism.
  • Sex with animals is allowed as well as polygamy and robotic sensuality.
  • Evolution is taught daily even though the evidence is sorely lacking.
  • Traditional marriage is being condemned to the ash pile in favor of anyone or thing relation.
  • Open lies among the leadership are never questioned.
  • Corruption is clearly seen and rarely punished.
  • Greed is rewarded by extravagant lifestyles and poverty fostered upon the helpless.
  • Satan worship is encouraged, even among the kindergartens.
  • The Ten Commandments are torn down and trampled underfoot.
  • Human and animal sacrifices are practiced among the faithful in Satan as a necessary to terrorize the weak into compliance.
  • Practitioners in witchcraft accompanied by sexual orgies to chain the lustful by vain promises of power.
  • Promoting of all things dark and forbidding by the promise of fleshly gain.
  • The increasing wars and diseases that seem to have no end.
  • Apocalyptic films of the end of humanity to include epidemics, zombies, and other mutant horrors.
  • Music and films that are heavily laced through with Satanism and sex.
  • The falling away of the Christians into the abyss of distractions and vanities of the flesh.
  • Increasing UFO sightings and other paranormal events.
  • A growing contempt for the Bible.
  • Increasing interest in other religions, mysticism, and other new age propaganda.


Need I add more? You know as well as I do that these things are taking place before your eyes and yet, what say you? Just the way things are? How do you feel when your sons and daughters are seduced by their teachers for sexual abuse, excited and aroused or furious and shocked? What takes place inside the homes is often repeated on the streets or in the clubs or the schools. Do you allow permissive behavior with the underage within your four walls? If so, then you have yourself to blame for a compliant attitude that leads your sons and daughters into sexual abandon and evil tendencies! Is open rebellion and screaming a part of the family life? Ask yourself what you didn’t do that you should have!

Love and discipline go hand in hand, and if not, then generational chaos ensues with rebellion on all sides and demands backed by irrational lawmakers who make sure that the state has a say in family affairs! Look at the drugs and alcohol in abundance and tell yourselves it doesn’t have a role to play in the weakening of the character and morals and authority of the parents alongside the national harlotries being committed by many in the majority! The films that you allow into your homes, the music, the magazines, the Internet, the smartphones, the questionable characters and so on, all play a major role in the downward spiral of a nation in mortal distress! Being wrapped in chains of evil and absorbed in self, and yet you do nothing but feebly protest or even worse, shut the doors of your heart to God by opening the doors of your house to immorality and rebellion!

Sin means rebellion, and that is what is taking place today on a scale never before seen except in the days of Noah and those days are fast approaching even as I write this. But yet, the party continues as the scoffer’s ridicule and the foolish thrust their lives deeper into the darkness by consenting to the evil that is spreading out under many different banners.

Is my life sin free? Of course not for I was among the worst in open hypocrisy even as I attempted to disentangle myself from the snares and various seductions that I was wont to stumble into. It was only much later did I realize that only through a dedicated commitment to the Son of God and His laws and commandments could I be free. So today, I’m not the same although I have the same temptations and trials as any other man, the same weaknesses, and strengths, the same ups and downs though nowhere as troublesome as earlier because of the grace provided by the Son of God, Jesus.

There is no hope in Allah, Buddha or any other manmade relic of the imagination because any “religion” that denies Jesus embraces Satan and his works, no matter how good they may appear to be. The Bible tells us that Satan and his workers cloth themselves in light to deceive those who deny Jesus into darkness and death, that the hands of Satan are dripping with blood, the blood of the billions who were deceived and died in their rebellion or sin. I’m telling you the truth because of your insistence in believing the lie in the hope that some of you might be listening although the Bible has made it clear that most of the world won’t because of hardened hearts and blinded eyesight and love of the world and the things in it.

So, in short, evil is flooding the world in filth and open rebellion, and it will continually worsen even as the man strives to climb upwards, but the heart of the man keeps him in the bondage of sin, and those sins drag him down and keep him under the flood waters that the evil one has unleashed. The only hope is to be found in Jesus Christ, the Living Son of God and if you refuse, sorrow and death will be your harvest because what the flesh sows is what the flesh will inherit, corruption to corruption or life to life in Jesus.

As always the choice is yours, but the future holds only pain and darkness as your eyes can testify to and the only way out is by turning to the Great Shepherd of your souls, Jesus the Messiah. Your good works will become a witness against you if you are relying on them and your integrity, if not founded upon Jesus, will raise it’s hand against you. The very words of your mouth will bear witness of your life as well as your actions, whether you choose to believe or not, it will make no difference to the Creator of all things on that great and final day of your life. You will be judged by the words of your mouth, and your works weighed with the scales of a righteous faith in his Son and if found worthy, be given entrance into eternal life and if found guilty of rejecting His Son, sentenced to doom because of a rebellious life that you chose to live by rejecting Jesus for earthly pleasures that produced ruin and rot.

Think about these things.