A time to realize

Sometimes in life, we can be hit pretty hard, but it really becomes difficult when it seems to come in waves, relentlessly battering and tossing us around like a small child struggling in the surf! No matter how many times we get back on our feet, the next one knocks us down again. After a period, we may just want to throw in the towel and just go with the flow and ebb of the tide but don’t!

We were not born to give up! We were not born to dream only to let them fade into the distance! We were not born to be compliant and weak willed, but life was given to us for a reason, and until we know our purpose, we are to fight on! Our struggle is another man’s inspiration, and our determination only strengthens the resolve to succeed!

The tide often turns at the height of the battle, and the stone laid builds the wall to support the house, and you should never retire in despair knowing that victory was within your grasp! If your health has been damaged to the point that you can no longer do the work that you enjoy, it simply means looking at your life through a different set of lens and explore the new possibilities, but falling not to rise is not an option and you will always have options until you take your last breath!

So, instead of offering excuses for not trying, place one foot before the other and with a steady gaze forward and not down or behind, get going! Self-pity is a long chain with an iron ball, but you have the key to unlock the padlock and set yourself free! It all begins in the heart if you stop to ponder it and as long as your heart is beating, then it is providing you with the strength needed to begin anew! So what are you waiting for, an invitation to start living again?

Don’t waste time thinking over the course of your life or how far could a canoe travel upstream if you don’t use the paddle? Your life is in your hands so make something out of it! When one door closes another will open, but how will you be able to recognize the new opportunity if you are sitting in the mud flats staring at the horizon?

As my father said to me; “Ed, you have to make a major life change because you can’t go back and do what you thought you could do, it’s time for a new course.” He was right, and I made that course correction at 10:45 this morning when I let go of the job that I enjoyed. The future has another plan for me, and I can read the writing on the wall and knew that it had to be done though I must confess that it was a hard decision to make.

So, for you, the question is this, Can you read the writing on the wall and are you ready for a new adventure, new challenges or will you attempt to drive your head through the concrete wall just to prove something to someone?

Think about today and plan for tomorrow with foresight knowing that you have only one life and that it is your decision on how you want to live it, healthy or broken.