The true state of the world behind the curtain

There was a film called “The Flight of The Phoenix” produced in 1965 starring Jimmy Stewart. Today, that movie is a classic and remains a vivid reminder of man’s determination to survive against all the odds. But today, that determination is being replaced by a compliant acceptance of a weakened character fostered by a growing indifference to godless lifestyles. Not all are like this, only the majorities where mass acceptance is encouraged by herd mentality and sweetened with tidbits of all sorts.

Do you remember the song by the Kinks, “Give The People What They Want?” Well, we can see what that kind of fruit that is producing, can’t we? Spare the rod, spoil the child, in other words, without discipline, there is no fortitude, no inclination to think outside of self, no interest in self-control. Or as Queen would sing, “I want it all, and I want it now!” This is the generation that we call the millennials, the snowflakes, the gender benders, the worshippers of those who are beyond wealthy, the progressives, the arrogant, the lovers of self and further descriptions would fill two pages of more vivid phrases, of the which I’ll decline to represent!

These are the days of which Biblical prophets of old warned us about, and we are living them at this very moment in time whether you choose to believe it or not as Ripley would have said. Do you think that the world is doing well as it turns on its axis, hanging on nothing? Can you name one political man or woman who is are not stained with the corruption that taints us all? The cries for a perfect world fall upon deaf ears because the imperfect cannot attain to perfection even with the help of technology and spirituality merging into one. Transhumanism is humanity’s attempts at being a god. It will, however, be doomed to failure due to the corrupting nature that resides in the heart of man and as evidence may I present to you the evening news?

Stephen Hawkings, despite all of his brilliance, taps like a blind man in thick fog at 2 am wearing sun glasses, when he purports to warn man of his ways and instead of trusting in God, has turned his back on wisdom and embraced foolishness to his folly. Does he really believe that “Kilroy” is the future of humankind? Do you think that the technology presented today will not be used against us tomorrow? Most people know the obvious answer to the question, and if you don’t, then it is time to wake up! But the slumber is good when the desires are fulfilled, for the moment. And so the consumption of technology continues as the invisible net closes in and the majority don’t care, though Big Brother most certainly does!

I mentioned earlier that the Earth hangs on nothing though scientists call it gravity, the Bible tells us that it is the Word of God that keeps all things upheld in their place, including the planets and stars and if He were to release them, just how far do you think we’d fall? Would we be falling on our heads or our feet? Would we fall to the left or the right? And how long would we fall? One light year or thirteen billion or even more? Would everything around us be whipped out of place, forests, mountains, streams, and oceans?  Use your imagination, and you would very quickly realize your limits as a human being in the face of such withering power! Remember this, films are actors who have been paid to lie and deceive you through all means necessary to keep their jobs, and it is a job they do very well! In practically every film, the will conquers the odds, such as in “The Flight Of The Phoenix,” but in real life, flesh and blood have physical limits, and supermen or superwomen such as in the “Avengers” are only myths of the imagination as invented by the film makers and played by the actors and actresses.

Do the militaries of the world have the technology to make super soldiers? Yes, they are working on them at a feverish rate using medicines, psychology, weapons, body suiting, cloaking devices, and other varieties of fast moving technological breakthroughs. The race to become the supreme victor on the battlefield, whether cyber or open, is an ongoing arms war that requires a steady flow of sacrifices, or better known as collateral damage. The hospital or school “accidentally” bombed, the wedding “mistakenly” taken for a group of terrorists, the horrific gas attack by the “other” and so on. Were you aware that man is the only one on the planet that seeks to exterminate his own kind? Of course, you are aware of it! It’s called abortion, genocide, man-made diseases, vaccinations, chemtrails or geoengineering, chemically laced food and drink products and above all, war! I’m sure that you can offer even more, but for the present, it’s sufficient.

So how is it possible to stop this maddened plunge into the abyss of no return, the one way trip to Dante’s Inferno or reserving a room at Stonehearst Asylum if all the worlds leaders are being infected with the poison of corruption and violence? Are we in danger of becoming like those portrayed in the film “Underworld” where mutants roam the streets in search of the next victims or perhaps building massive ships to ride out the waves while the rest perish on land, only to begin all over again with the same attitudes and character? Do we need to slaughter each other over the barrel of a gun because we don’t like anything about “You?”

There will be no peace among mankind until the peacemaker arrives and every tribe and nation are looking for that world leader, and he will come bearing gifts in the one hand and a sword in the other while speaking with a golden tongue. None will be able to refute him nor deny him, and all must recognize him or perish. The Bible calls him the Anti-Christ. Any man or woman who denies that Jesus is the Christ is known as an antichrist, but this man who is coming will be the pinnacle of that phrase. In him will be found all that is ungodly, vile, wicked, hateful, and his appetite for destruction will be without measure and mercy will not be found in his heart for any. In the beginning, all will go very well, and peace will be established worldwide, and the whole world will run after him, including all Presidents, Ministers, Kings and Queens, Chairmen, and dictators. But soon enough, his true character will be revealed, and the slaughtering of mankind will begin.

Doesn’t sound good, does it? This is not the kind of news that a sensible person wants to hear, but a man or woman who has read the Bible and believed will be aware of these upcoming events and also know that they will have end. Therefore, they bear the hope through the faith they have been given in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Satan, who is also described as the “god” of this system, that is, the worldly system that we all know, is the one behind the scenes, much like in the film “The Wizard Of Oz” starring Judy Garland. But unlike the “wizard” in the film, Satan hates all of the mankind with a passion unquenched and his desire is to be a god, though as a created angelic being, that will never come to be and you may see his works under and through the hands of men and women. His works are manifested in his bloody deeds and lying ways, and his servants are many, both in the physical as well as the spiritual world. (I will be writing more of this in the future.)

But through faith in the Son of God, you will have power and authority to overcome him although you are not to challenge him for you will most certainly lose if you attempt such a thing without the grace and strength of God. Do not underestimate him and neither should you fear him for he is a cunning adversary, but stay close to the side of the Lord Jesus and follow Him, and His light will show the way.

In a nutshell, I have shown you the state of worldly affairs, who is influencing them and the great tribulation that is to come upon the world and more importantly, the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. It would do you well to sit up and take notice before the flood of evil sweeps you away into the nether world, and the Ferryman won’t bring you back.  Think on these things.