America, is it too late?

Is the future so glum looking as we all might say it is or is it just the news that defines our view of the world? There are without a doubt, many evil things taking place, but the light of goodness still shines in the hearts of those unwilling to bow down to the darkness that threatens to overwhelm us all, and I say, let it shine!

Yes, we are living in a type of Orwellian society written about so many years ago, and it’s also true that the government is restricting many things that we once took for granted based on control and submission. It’s also true that the politicians we “elect” are often more than not “picked” by the leaders and heavily underwritten so as to assure victory in 90% of the race for office, the remaining 10% being the “wild card.” And we can all clearly see where that has brought us so far, stagnation, endless terms in office, corruption on a scale that goes off the scales, wars that always seem to create new ones, trillions of dollars of unbridled debt, massive payoffs from lobbyists to ensure legislation favorable to huge corporations and the military-industrial complex and and news that is more than willing to promote policies unfavorable to the most of us.

Is this what we had envisioned for our future as we grew from childhood into adulthood? From the age of innocence to the age of corruption? From dreams and hopes to nightmares and fears of what tomorrow could present? I think not! I refuse to bow down to policies that are detrimental to a stable form of government and to politically correct application of my thought process, and I also refuse to bow down to the new kind of religious terror called Islam! This man is not and will not become a silent witness to the destruction and suppression of a country that fought so hard to gain its freedom only to see it being torn away by the hands of those who bear to it no allegiance while masquerading as representatives of said country!

Does America have a future under the hands of those who despise her and what she was to represent to the rest of the world? The answer is a clear cut and resounding NO! She will have no promising future as long as policies that run contrary to moral responsibility are allowed to run rampant throughout her system and spread like a destructive wildfire! As long as money and pleasure sit on the throne of greed and judicial laws are pronounced from the bench, and sexual vices know no bounds and teachers and students enjoy the fantasy games provided by the porn industry, what in the world are we going to expect, blessings from heaven?

When entertainers or as I would put it, professional liars, take the spotlight and open their mouths to parade their ignorance and seduce their millions of worshipping followers or when Christian leaders play whores and studs and chase the money and lead millions into poverty while promising them everything but wealth, when the military is used as private mercenaries and when babies are slaughtered for profit, do you really believe that blessings will rain down upon this land? If you do, then the light in you is darkness!

America is slipping into the cesspool of moral ambiguity, a cesspool where a love for evil supersedes the desire for good and where progressive choking policies exterminate the torch that once made America, for a brief time, a beacon of hope for the world. But what do we see today? How do we feel about her today? Have we all forgotten about her great victories as we decry her past and deny historical events as her enemies rewrite the books and tear down the monuments? What is an American and are we supposed to be ashamed of it as a former President was wont to do as he made global apologies on his world tourneys? Are the Indians the real Americans even as they came from afar to settle this vast land thousands of years ago? You would know if you knew the facts and stepped away from the cookie box teachings of modern day curriculums!

An American is one who was born here or who came and took an oath to defend her and not some politically correct and inflammatory rhetoric intended to create new divisions and tar pits of contention! Either we stand united as Americans, or we die divided by our lack of intelligence and gullibility!

A man is a man, and a woman is a woman, and there are no other terms to define the two no matter the utter lack of competent intelligence from those who claim otherwise! This wicked and obscene game called gender identity is only a perverted walk of pandering to the twisted fantasies of those who are complete fools and who are supported by witless and stupid political poodles! There is no other way to describe this wanton display of moral corruption! And it also reveals the mindset of those in public office, hence, the poodle display of wagging tails!

And what say you to the invasive pagan religion called Islam? A god that is not one and a long dead false prophet whose bones have long since turned to dust and America has allowed this demonic being to be placed alongside the Living Son of God and yet you say, “God bless America?” In what world do you think you live in, Paradise Lost? Even today, many “Christian leaders” are calling for Chrislam, a merging of the two faiths just as gender merging and how far do you think it’s going to go? Try spitting in the wind!

People, America is under attack from all sides, and if you don’t wake up and fight back, you will lose everything you think you have! America, your homeland needs you to stand for her because if you don’t, the land shall inevitably fall into ruin and you with her! Stop acting so stupid and illiterate and going with the flow of modern progressive thinking because it is a very corrosive acid that is blinding you and causing you to take hold of the person next to you who also is blind. How can the blind lead the blind except they fall into the pit?

Stop the repetitive nonsense of God Bless America when she is in a state of massive decline because of a lack of knowledge and begin to learn the art of repentant prayer and holding firm against the evil that is drowning her! Tell your church leaders that they need to partake in daily prayer meetings instead of boardroom gloatings and to hold to the Scriptures instead of the social jelly bowl! Teach yourselves to put aside the constant distractions and take walks with a Bible in your hand and find a place under the shady tree to acquire wisdom, knowledge, and understanding!

There has to be a change of heart to effect a change of mind before the nation can be saved from destruction and if you see the danger, then hesitate no longer. However, if blindness has taken ahold of you and complacency is your lot, and a love for the new world is your pleasure, then the fate which sealed the Titanic’s doom will surely become yours.

He who has ears to hear,,,