The Biblical Reality

I was fatigued when I came home from work this afternoon, so after having a sandwich and coffee, I took a warm shower and fell into bed. I was out like a light for the space of two hours, and when I awoke, the sun was going down, and the next wave of dark billowing thunder clouds was moving in, and I saw the last of the gleaming white clouds retreat before their ominous approach. The birds were still chattering and swooping low to capture the last meal of insects before seeking shelter, and even my two cats were staying close to the open patio door. Now, it is becoming hushed outside and soon, I expect to hear the first rumble of thunder followed by a torrential downpour, and yes, I confess that I like it! I throw the patio door wide open and watch as the rain comes down in buckets and how fierce the winds are as it bends the trees, and the limbs are whipped around in a frenzy! It reminds me of the song by Eddie Rabbit called “I Love A Rainy Night,” and it takes me back to a time so long ago when I didn’t know what I now know. The times of increasing conflicts and moral breakdown and open corruption and a love of self as not seen in the history of western societies and the complete decadence of the Asian countries as they cater to the greedy pigeons who flew in from the west.

Welcome to the world of me, myself, and I. You hear it on the radio as they croon out their “hits” with the same repetitive styles and finger pointing. The same sex that propels them into the light of adoration and estacy keeps their benumbed followers hanging on every jiggle of the breasts or curve of the hips! The Hollywood of America or Bollywood of India mass producing films to keep you locked forever into your Netflix accounts and seducing you with the newest crime sprees with ever increasing violence being generated from minds unfettered and well versed in evil! The sheer number of pornographic films, whether soft core or hard, there is something for everyone and all interests, just keeps rolling day and night out of the studios and into your homes and you wonder why sex in schools is so prevalent among teachers and students?

Or how about the massive wave of pagan religions swamping the West? First it was the gurus out of India with a little help from their friends, the Beatles and now it is Islam, the religion of bloody peace where resistance is met with the sword of the devil and demanded compliance to a set of laws that have no place in an educated society but belong to the ignorant and those who refuse knowledge. The wholesale of Christianity by those marketers of the faith for profit have made those men and women your masters while you throw your money at their feet, thereby making you another fool in the wall! Or how about the systematic destruction of the foundations upon which a country was built, in this case, the Western ones, to replace them with what, twisted fantasies of an Orwellian world? A Star Trek utopia? A Star Wars fantasy? These film legacies came forth from the imaginations of men, but you act as they came from the real world and you are building your future on their visions! Talk about building a house on the sand!

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Have you ever heard of those words? This generation of the walking dead has probably not heard and could care even less as they go about their vain pursuits of self-seeking pleasures and godless lifestyles! Is your business successful? How about another toast to your brilliance! You’ve had 20 or 30 sex partners? How do the STD’s feel by now? Do you have a lot of money in your account, but not enough to feed the hungry ones? Are you so self-absorbed in your newest smartphone that you don’t care if every word and movement you make is being recorded and followed?

You lift your hands to worship God while treading His laws into the dirt because you can’t accept them and nobody is going to tell you different!What good does repentance bring when nothing changes aside from a few habbits? What will happen to a nation that rejects the Living God and pretends that He doesn’t exist just because you say that He doesn’t exist? You say that living together is the same as marrying, but is not what He says. In other words, you refuse to believe, so you turn to the lies and create your little universe of good and evil, right and wrong and human rights as opposed to God’s laws! It’s called building your house on the sand. And the winds blew, and the rain fell, and the destruction of that house was COMPLETE! And so it will be to every man and women who have turned away from the Living God to pursue vain living and have chosen instead to follow the lies of this world.

The Bible has been cast aside for religious books based on love and kindness written by so many seers of falsehoods and twisted contextual reasoning and have heaped to themselves slaves and riches of the foolish who indeed claim to be followers of the risen one, but sadly enough, walk in silver chains and dragging the proverbial iron ball behind them. Or they have completely rejected the Word of God, both written and living and have instead turned to dead religions with dead works which result in death! From dust you are, and to dust, you shall return, and there is no bright light at the end of the tunnel for you!

I could include the atheists and the agnostics, the intellectuals and the professionals, the rich and the poor, the mighty and the weak, the Pope and the Imam, the Taoists and the Hindus, the sincere and the wavering, the liberals and the conservatives, the snowflakes and the hillbillies, caucasian and negroid, Asian and European and the list could go on, but I believe that the point is made. We are all in a situation that requires deliverance, and that can only come from the God who created us. And He did provide the way, but most of the mankind has rejected it in favor of a created fantasy, but He will not recognize your fanciful posturing and wicked lawlessness. His Son, Jesus, is His answer to you and no other name has been given to man other than that name, none whatsoever!

So, go ahead and twist and turn like a worm on the hook, but to no avail. It makes absolutely no difference what you believe because sooner or later, you will be confronted with that fact and if you continue to live your life as you see fit, then be prepared for the deadly consequences, despite the dreamers who would dream otherwise!

The storm has quieted now, but soon it will start again, and so it will be in your life. You may think highly of yourself or live as a good person while denying God’s sovereign right over you, but soon enough, the storm will hit you with its numbing fury and then you will realize just how frail this life is and just how wrong you were to have lived it according to your fantasy and not the Biblical reality.