North Korea at the hands of her masters

As the International community hovers breathlessly over the daily news reports about North Korea and it’s pompous despotic dictator, and the USA does more than talk, and the other neighbors in the region are visibly upset, what is China up to?

The game is called geopolitics, and it is truly a game of regional chess of epic proportions. All this talk of China using its influence to stop North Korea is just dancing around the bush because China has no intention of curbing her neighbor. Instead, she is using the situation to advance her position and expand her prowess in the region, especially in the South China Sea and it is being done through the masterful use of talk and deceit by those within the Chinese government. Most people see only the military posturing because that is something that we all can understand, but the real work is within the cloud of words and diplomacy, and it shows itself through the foot dragging even as China is touted as a “partner” in the Korean crisis. For example, When China sent 150,000 soldiers to the border of North Korea, many saw that as a sign of Beijing’s growing impatience with her neighbor, but that is quite far from the truth. In fact, it was a warning to the United States and to her allies in the region that China will not sit idly by if North Korea was attacked, and as an added sign, Russia did some upstaging herself by placing some of her military closer to the border with North Korea.

Where do you think North Korea is getting all of her technical know-how, from Amazon? China is her number one trading partner, and that is in all areas of commerce, to include weapons development and testing. You are surely aware of how poor the country is and yet armed to the teeth with the newest and most advanced weapons that are currently available on the market and where is she receiving those funds from or credit if you will? From none other than China! And why are Russia, Chian, and North Korea demanding that the South Koreans remove the THADD system from their country? Because the system is highly accurate in seeing a movement of any kind over water and land and sea and is capable of instant response to almost any point up to and including the South China Sea.

The despotic little emperor in North Korea remains secure in the knowledge that he has China’s backing which is why he acts with such exaggerated arrogance and weekly threats to attack the United States. And the news media falls for it every time with the exception of some think-tanks that clearly see what is being played out behind the curtains of deceit. And practically all of the blogs play along with the hype and concentrate themselves on the saber rattling. ( I posted an example the other day)

However you receive the news, you must look beyond the pale riders with flashing swords and snorting steeds and pay very close attention to the movement of words and the chess pieces being sent to probe the will and intentions of the Chinese and the Americans because obviously, these two are what it is all about. North Korea is a pawn for the Chinese, and if they so desired, Kim Jung would have been taken out long ago and the regime replaced, but that is not their intention. He is being used and fed with corruptible dainties and lots of toys and entertainment and weapons to satisfy his greedy desires at the cost of his people.  And if given the opportunity, would rise in a fury and cast him aside and trample his memory into the swines muck! You need to stop and think of how the people feel, knowing that their neighbors to the south have a far better life than they and that is like a hunger gnawing at the innermost parts day and night. Poverty and destitution are their lot at the hands of their master while he and his cohorts wine and dine in luxury and demand total submission from the peasants, and all the while supported by the Chinese government! Or why do the Chinese return captured people who were trying to escape from their prison, knowing that death and torture await them upon their return to North Korea?

I am bringing it down to the simplest denominator possible so that you may have a basic understanding of the game being played out on the penninsula. It is a regional game of chess, and it’s one that America can’t win over time, but will have to concede as her allies bow to the inevitable, the growing Chinese power, militarily, economically and industrial. Just a quick look at a global map should make it clear that it would be impossible by today’s standards to maintain a fleet of warships and aircraft and soldiers who are vastly outnumbered and soon, outgunned by the sheer weight of their opponnet and the visibly shaken commitments by the worried “allies” who are no longer certain of America’s regional dominace. The Phillipenes being called to mind are a good example. What about Australia? Who is closer to her and New Zealand? China, of course, and neither of those two is of any threat to the Chinese, and they will also, over time, be forced to recognize her dominant position in the region.

And what about the South China Sea? The fact is, it is already in the hands of the Chinese despite what the UN has said or what decision the world court has given, and even though the United States does flyby’s and sends a demonstrative warship through the lanes, it is only that, a demonstration, a protest after the fact. And the military exercises that America acts out with regional players ruffles no feathers other than to raise a few eyebrows here and there. The battle for hegemony is being fought and slowly won by the Chinese, and it is a fact that should not be denied which is also why the North Korean government act as they do. They know who has the power in the region and it is not the United States despite her military and very expensive presence.

I am very certain that there are many who would disagree with me and perhaps lay proof to the contrary, but I assure you that the Chinese will be the dominant player and America will concede, though grudgingly and will have to redraw new sea boundries and accept new spheres of influence. But to avoid any misconceptions that China will have a free hand, there is India, who in her own right is a powerful adversary and who still has ongoing border conflicts and disputes with the Chinese and does not consider them to be “close” friends any more than does Pakistan, both having nuclear arsenals.

So, in wrapping up this brief report, I wish only to add that you exercise a common sense approach when  listening to the news about North Korea and try to see behind the bellicose antics of a pompous and cruel dictator who is only a dancing puppet at the hands of his Chinese masters.