Don’t let your dreams die


The sun comes up and the sun goes down and another day slips into the past as we cling to the present and plan for the future. Such is the fate of mankind, yesterday’s regrets are tomorrow’s fears and the worries of today can be concealed by the activities planned for today. So where do we go if that is the present state of our condition? Or what of the plans being made if there is no certainty of fruitation beyond what we see in the mind?

That is why we dream. The dreams are there to urge us along, to inspire us to reach for something better, to pull us out of the doldrums, to remind us that life is worth the living and that we are a part of it! Dreams are not only given while we sleep, but also while we stand and go about the tasks that need taking care of. Have you ever thought about your childhood ideas and dreams or do they now appear to be childish and silly, unrecognizable and impossible to fulfill? When you look into the mirror, do you see the same eyes that you were born with or have they become dulled by time and burdened by too many responsibilities? The lines that you see, are they there to forbid you from pursuing your dreams because of the unavoidable fact of oncoming mortality? How many times a year does the hair need to be dyed in the vain attempt to retain youth even as the body speaks of aches and pains felt and seen? And as the body ages, the mind settles, and the comforts of the familiar beckon the weary soul to the place of rest and away from troubling thoughts such as dreams. Is this the future of what was once the dreamers? The visionaries? The passion that once filled the hearts and minds has now become the anchor that keeps the now idle sailboat from riding the waves and feeling the winds and exploring new regions hitherto unexplored by you!

This is not an inspiring future, but it is a hinderness that subdues and forces concessions and places heavy burdens upon the soul, mind, and body and is this what you were born for? To labor for another person’s dreams your entire life and disregard your own? To work your entire life for a handful of benefits and pay taxes on practically everything you own, including your home, which in effect belongs to the town or city in which you live! Of course, I am not deriding anybody here and certainly not against anyone who feels comfortable with where they’re at!

I am writing to those who know that feeling of restlessness when they look out of the window or gaze at the clouds or study the stars at night with questions unanswered. Hearts that understand the world in a different light, minds that inquire of the beginnings and the outcomes of many things. It reminds me of a short poem by Rudyard Kipling of Jungle Book fame when he wrote; “There is a race of men who don’t fit in, a race that can’t sit still. So they break the hearts of kith and kin, and roam the earth at will.”

There are many who feel like that, and you won’t find them doing it for fame or fortune, they do it because the heart within them has called them to explore the world in which they live and to live the life that has been given to them. They don’t care about book deals or television interviews or being on the front cover of the National Geographic! Fame and adoration are cast aside and left to decay among the piles of self and eggshell egos! Such men and women work among you for a period, share their dreams, perhaps to inspire you or for you to ridicule them as “dreamers,” but they live to pursue the passions that call them and with a wave of the hand, they slip away into the next adventure. Often such people are misunderstood and given extreme labels such as “crazy” or “unstable,” or even dangerous to those around them, but they are, for the most part, the most interesting people that you might ever meet! They will speak of things, especially of the human nature because the experiences that they’ve lived will have given them a deeper understanding of the passages of time and the theories that keep man propped up in place.

If you know of such a person, may I suggest that you take the time to make his or her acquaintance? Your life just may become richer or cause you to draw back into the relative security of your known surroundings, but whichever way you choose, you will not remain untouched. Try to avoid the parrot group, you know, birds of a feather flock together in going about judging them or scorning them as wayward fools. Remember, they are still pursuing their dreams whereas you, maybe, have all but let yours go for an easier and more comfortable life, which I am not condemning, merely contrasting the differences.

As a final note; one of my childhood dreams is to sail from Europe to America, and that is in the planning stages as I work to put the funds aside to buy my sailboat. Am I an experienced sailor? Of course not, though I do have the basics and the simple line, I have two options, sail or sink, and I learn fast! Lol! But seriously, it is a challenge and fraught with danger and excitement, but the call grows stronger with each passing week as I work in construction and write. Will it be the final adventure? This book is still being written! How about yours?

Don’t let your dreams fade just because you are a little older, reignite them and feel the passion burning once again in your hearts and begin to live the life you were called to and I don’t mean retirement either! Think on these things.

Edward L Ordway