Increasing evil in the world

The evil continues to flaunt itself in ever expanding ways, from before the birth of the child to the execution of a one-day old baby. From legalizing child prostitution to rampant violence and disrespect in the schools. From the insidious spreading of pornography into the family to the widespread acts of violent crime supported by your local television, it’s all there. Now we have North Korea making it clear to the United States that they intend to fire nuclear missiles at us and I ask you this; Has this world gone insane? Are we being led by masters of madness, fed plates upon plates piled high with the most decadent delicacies and offered goblets of the sweetest and most potent alcoholic drinks??
This world is plunging into the dark waters that have no bottom and only the imagination with which to measure our descent! At some point, we will feel the pressure and then the crushing implosion as all collapses in and around us because we have lost ourselves in wild abandon, both master and servant, mistress and maid, both rich and poor, and the highs and lows on the social strata!
The world is like a spinning top that is increasing in rotation, and at the same time, wobbling on its axis, and it is destabilizing the very ground we stand upon! Earthquakes, tidal waves, heat waves, flooding, new diseases or eradicated ones reappearing, loss of all semblance of moral values, bowing down to pagan deities, serving the sexual lusts with fervor and animalistic savagery and it goes on!
Loving the works of evil and decrying the works of righteous behavior, electing leaders who are so deranged in their minds that no truth can be found in them and the need for more corruption and money haunt the minds of the poor while avoiding the labor force!
Is there no end to this movement that I call the “powder milk” generation? Why are the men acting like women and why are the women replacing the men? This new generation has no scruples about tearing down the old and trusted ways and thrusting up citadels built up in their twisted mindset and forcing others to follow suit or be punished!
So is this evil that we are witnessing today the hallmark of the new world order? If it is, then we are on the road to hell, not paradise and certainly no utopia! And the more centered the power becomes, the more abusive it will be and I am telling you this, if things don’t take a turn for the better, then you will need to prepare for the worst that you can imagine.
Perhaps this sounds all a bit hard and possibly fantastic, but the facts will bear me out if you care to inform yourselves a little more than what your local television station feeds you.
In the meantime, rest tonight, knowing that regardless of what may happen, the sun will still rise tomorrow and you will have some time left to consider your ways.