The drunkard called America

What is happening in the United States today are major signs of a nation that is in a rapid state of decay. Despite the election of Donald Trump and his intended policies to rebuild, the rot that lies at the heart of the nation is too far advanced and terminal for healing. America has scorned her moral compass in favor of a sick and demoralizing culture of self-worship and perverse actions that defile the body and mind with the “blessings” of the most corrupt and self-serving politicians that have ever found their way into Congress!

When they speak, the only words that you can believe are the ones that cruelly attack another person with an unfeigned hatred and disgusting accusations and calls for a radical change. i.e., violence. The whole country is rotten from within, and the best surgeons in the world are not able to bring healing for her wounds are incurable, and yet the people live for their pleasures and passions and prefer to follow the winds of change instead of standing firm as once did their ancestors.

If they could rise today, they would cover their heads in shame with tears streaming down their cheeks! They would strike themselves in agony and cry out to God for mercy because this generation has thrown their sacrifices to the winds of hell for the tyrants of today! America has sold itself to the highest bidder; she has prostituted herself for strange flesh, she has cast aside the true faith for pagan gods that are not, and has honored those of great wealth and has stolen from the poor while feasting in decadence and luxury.

Sex sells, even in the schools as the students become willing prey for those who seek to abuse them because it’s fun! And why not?  It all begins at home and the internet while the parents or whatever they call themselves go whoring after the next door neighbor! Like the mother so will be the daughter and like the father so will be the son, both in word and deed. And so why act surprised when the teachers act out their fantasies upon your sons and daughters? You prepared them for it through your inaction or active participation and your negligence at the dinner table!

America has become so confused that she can no longer divide the truth from the lie and so turns to compromise and ultimately to defeat. Marriage has always been seen as a man and a woman, but because of hardened and selfish hearts, has now embraced the eons old perverted ways of the perverted and calls it “same-sex marriage.”  In fact, she has cast aside her moral compass in favor of a sickening and demoralizing culture of self-worship and perversion as horribly disgusting in its physical approach as in it’s mental torture and leads only to an “event horizon” from which there is no return.

Americans wag the proverbial tail at the rich and mighty, but which of you have been invited to their table to eat and drink? The wealthy have many loopholes to secure their money while the banks rob you of yours and the IRS takes what’s left, and you struggle to stay afloat on low wages and overpriced living costs! How many of you can plant a garden to take care of your families? Or has your state or town passed ordinances that prohibit you from feeding yourselves? The water that is on your property is it yours or does the government own it, such as the wind that blows or the rain that falls?

Why is every mans’ hand against the other? The blows come faster than the words, and the brain can’t keep up when the mouth opens! This generation is without a doubt the pinnacle of a dumbed down society when mothers and fathers leave their children locked up in hot cars and forget about them! When states pass laws allowing babies to be murdered up to 24 hours after being born! When abortion, murder, is acceptable and encouraged! When men act effeminate, and women take on the men’s role, and gender identity is fluid! When pornography is freely and widely available and when children can legally prostitute themselves such as in California, that bastion of filth and perversion and from maggot infested halls where the liberal elite act out the vilest fantasies!

The clock will soon strike high noon, and the sun will wither the green grass, and all throats will become parched, including those who should have known better but had stopped watching and waiting while feasting and playing. America is stumbling now, she is drunk on vanity and arrogance, and her crown sits haphazardly on her head while in the one hand she clutches the money and in the other, a bottle of wine half empty. Her breasts are bare, and her skirt is pulled up to reveal the stains of her fornications, but will she listen?

The land is deeply divided, and there is no longer any political unity among those who advocate violence from the corridors of power and the grease that lubricates is colored green. And what will you do, America, as the bells mournfully toll for the lustful children who will soon lose all that they thought belonged to them by demanded rights obtained through unfair means? And those who have struggled will learn to fight even more and is anyone even listening or have they all gone the way of Balaam and Baal?