A much needed rest

How do we feel when we read or watch the news? Enlightened or repulsed? Perhaps neither, but preferring to stay on safer ground by a shaking of the head or a shrugging of the shoulders and changing the station, but to what, something “better?” Thirty minutes of brainless sitcoms or one hour of commentaries spoken by the prophets of the news circuits? Maybe one of the many series that are nothing more than staged performances enhanced with computer simulations or how about a highly rated film starring one of Hollywood’s best liars in action? Or how about a decent book or a magazine of choice? Maybe some nonstop talk from the many radios and performers or maybe some classical music without the verbal assaults! Whichever choice you make to unwind after a day at work, the purpose is to relax your mind and rest your body, but how many of us actually do that?

Let’s say that we spend an average of 10-12 hours per day at work to include traveling time plus the breaks. That leaves 12-13 hours to rest but what do we do? We find something to fill in an additional 4-5 hours with hobbies or whatever draws our attention for the duration. So we end up going to bed and getting between 7-8 hours of not so restful sleep, tossing and turning and dreaming and the worries manifest themselves in restless visions. Then the alarm goes off, and we start it all over again. Sounds somewhat familiar? It should because we all do it in some shape or form.

Relaxation is something we tend to put off until the weekend or vacation, but if you have been paying attention to what you do, you should know that relaxation is just another word in the dictionary, you know, the one standing discarded on a bookshelf somewhere! And when the hour comes for you to relax, you can’t because plans have already been made before the hour(s) or the day you have off and if you are honest with yourself, you like it that way. For some strange reason, people need to have every minute of their active day accounted for, not understanding that the body needs, no, demands adequate rest from all of its labors, including mental, physical, mental, and spiritual! The body will wear down much faster when it is denied the basic necessities of survival such as food, water, and rest!

The brain needs to know the hour it may have to cleanse itself, yes, you heard right, cleanse itself, and that takes place while you are sleeping, restfully! It utilizes jelly like liquid to clean the brain every single time you sleep, riding it of toxic elements that had found themselves carried into the brain by the arteries. Blood is not pure but tainted which is why you have the filtration systems throughout your bodies to strain the blood as it races onward. When your body is quiet and restful, the heart slows down and so does the flow of blood, and the entire network can rest when you are laying in your bed or on the couch. Your breathing will also become slower, as of course, your pulse too. (I like to read medical books among others)

When you habitually smoke or drink, it takes a toll on your skin and teeth and eyes as well as all of your internal organs and stamina. When you are young, the body can handle it for a time, but as you become older, the body will find it harder to recuperate efficiently and quickly. Without going into the details, we all know what cancer, among other diseases, can do if you want to persist in committing long-term suicide!

But I don’t want to walk over the same haunting grounds that we all know, but I am merely pointing out to you the much-needed rest that your mind and body require to act at near peak performance for a set length of time per day. When you come home from work, the word that we all use is unwind, but that doesn’t necessarily mean relaxing now does it? For the most of us, it could be the television or the Internet, for others it could mean hobbies, and for others, it could be public meetings or social collaboration of particular committees. So when do the mind and body find their rest? When you are too tired to pay any attention to the details! Then you know that you have shortened your time to the minimum and now the body doesn’t have the required time needed to “run a diagnoses” and to do the necessary repairs and you will feel it when the alarm goes off.

Do you like to drink alcohol before you go to bed, perhaps thinking that it will help you to sleep? It will make you drowsy and cause your sleep to be too light and restless. Coffee? Too much and you know the deal! Chain smoking? If you don’t mind the permanent ashtray in your mouth and gray skin that is a sure sign of sick skin cells weakened by the lack of oxygen. Too many fine lines on your forehead? Drink more water instead of makeup, and when your urine smells strong that is also a warning sign from your body crying out for water! Grossly overweight? Is gluttony a factor that you are trying to find an excuse for?

In other words, apply common sense and listen to your body and know the signs that will point out the danger zones so that you may take action and save your life in the short term or long run and stop charging the bodily account because one day, payment will be due! You don’t stay young forever so stop trying to keep the youthful complexion through the use of chemical products that most certainly will affect your health and reap the benefits of maturing grace and healthy living. Listen to your body when it tells you that it needs to rest and learn to discipline yourselves in mind and body and you will find yourselves starting to enjoy life again, instead of fighting to stay alive by the wilfull destruction of your body.

Learn to rest from your labors instead of trying to fill every minute with trivia that could very well cost you the most precious thing you have, your life. Think about it.