The Warlords

And the game continues as the pawns are moved about, and the Kings hide behind their redoubts of political walls and military structures. Can anyone say when it was otherwise? We hear it and see it every day and night until we are so benumbed that rational thinking is waving us goodbye as it flees out the window! The entire world is burning even as it spins on its axis and there isn’t enough water to cool the hot heads that cry out for more blood and anarchy from every continent and every presidential palace.  The hearts of men and women everywhere are hardened beyond belief as they watch helplessly as loved ones are slaughtered without number, as drones, piloted half a world away, destroy their homes and villages, leaving only rubble and smoking ruins behind and lifeless corpses that just a few moments ago were filled with life. And we view it on our 4K screens and see it on the Internet and gaze with indifference on our tablets and DO WE CARE?

In the West, the answer is no because that is where a large portion of weapons to further the killing are coming from! America, England, France, Germany, just to name a few and you had better believe that all nations whether weak or strong, are involved in the business of war! Collateral damage means nothing to the warlords of murder and mayhem and their friends in the political circles. Does it pain us to see the dead and dying on the streets over there? But when it strikes closer to home then we must put on brave faces even as we weep for the few who died and yet, we call for MORE killing! Are we insane? I believe that we are becoming insane through hardened hearts and indifference to the atrocities committed upon our fellow man by the hand of a man or a woman. Can you point out a righteous leader anywhere upon this planet we call home? Anyone? No, you can not. We have become utterly corrupt even as we point the finger at another. They, you and I have been reduced in our mental facilities to comprehend the long-distance damage that we’re inflicting upon ourselves and those around us by our actions and by the words of our mouths guided by unbridled tongues and raging emotions! When will we stop before the final bomb is dropped? What were the last gasping words of the child as the gas choked the air out of her lungs and her father bent over her and wept uncontrollably, the tears bathing his five-year-old daughter’s face as she with wide opened eyes and stretched out hand, whispering, “Papa, Papa, help me:” And she died as he did a minute later. Helpless against the war machine that shows no mercy to none.

This is our future in the hands of the warlords who sanction murder and mayhem and sell death and destruction to those seeking vengeance for whatever purpose they can use to justify their appetite for blood! This is our future in the hands of those who promote peace while selling billions of dollars of weapons to those they know are going to kill many innocent lives and richly profit the salesmen and women who with cold and greedy hearts, sign the contracts of death. These men and women dress in fine suits and attend lavish dinners among the social elite and cruise without remorse among the greedy politicians whom they know will do anything for personal gain. And yet, on the other hand, speak endearingly of the need for peace and global cooperation, down the barrel of a loaded gun, on their terms. China, Russia, and America are the big three, but so are all that have a vested interest in human rights, strengthed with a show of force, preferably shiny new ones laden with high-tech capabilities!

The smiling faces we often see are only masks to hide behind as they check their offshore accounts before passing legislation to sell weapons to some foreign country. Saudi Arabia and Qatar for examples, but they are by far NOT the only ones! Any land that sells weapons to another is guilty of genocide, guilty of murder, guilty of promoting death and destruction upon another human being. Which country on this planet does not have weapons of any kind? None and so that makes the entire world guilty of mass murder with no exceptions! Every single man, woman, and child are guilty by association and that, my dear readers, is a solid fact that no person of reason is able to refute. Just as abortion is a national crime and excused under the guise of women’s rights, nonetheless, it makes every individual living in that nation guilty of the blood of the murdered unborn,  so it is rapidly becoming a “human right” to now kill unborn children, worldwide! And that makes every human on this planet guilty of genocide against their own off-spring!

The truth is there for all to see but hardened hearts will always search for excuses to approve of their crimes.  War is just another word for global genocide if you will, and it sits at the very top of the pyramid, and the blood that flows down its sides has covered us all, making all guilty of murder by association if not by active participation. From the gunshot in the street to the knife on the bridge, from the missile of the submarine to the pilot of an AC 130, we are all in this bath of blood together, and if we don’t stop, then we shall surely drown in this together.

We all call this planet, Earth. It’s our home in the Solar System, and as far as we know, it’s the only planet within reach that sustains life as we know it, so why are we busily destroying ourselves and it? Because of the madness of men and women who are so taken with themselves, that they have become blind as to who they are, mere mortals and not gods. They have become snared in their wealth and power and have forgotten that they were once helpless and weak and had to be nurtured and carried about until they learned to look after themselves. Now, they believe that they are above all known laws and can buy and sell death as they see fit, only that death is their companion, not their friend and soon, they will go the way of all flesh and bitterly learn that their way has brought them nothing in the end.

So, in closing remember this, blood clings to everything it touches, and it always leaves its presence known and it will be a witness against you in the end. For dust we are, and to dust, we shall return, and even the warlords should know that. Think about it.