Do we care about our country anymore?

The hatred from the left against a duly elected president has now drifted into deadly acts of violence and what does the Democratic leadership have to say? Blame it on everybody else but not us! This country is being violently divided into several pieces even as world “leaders” circle like hungry sharks with their snide comments and open hostility to our President while aligning themselves with the globalist agenda and traitors within our government. Here in Europe, for example, no leader openly supports President Trump, but they adore ex-president Obama as so brazenly declares Senator McCain that Obama was a better leader than Trump! Obama sold America out as are McCain, Grahm, Pelosi doing even at this very hour and yet, they refuse to condemn the violence and open hostility towards the President and his Administration!

And this “witch hunt” that is taking place are acts of insanity and personal hatred that is not based on any facts, none whatsoever! By keeping any kind of light on President Trump and the people who work closely with him, they are hoping to eventually force him to step down and to replace him with what, an openly corrupt member of the Washington elite who is committed to destroying American independence and subservience to the new world order?

By keeping the people in a state of unsettled emotions and fueled by lies and twisted “facts,” they are effectively moving the citizens in the desired direction, resentment and open hostility to any who are opposed to post-modern thinking. If this is not brought under control soon, then we will see multitudes with weapons on the streets battling each other and the police. We will see the martial law implemented and curfews established. We will see nationwide arrests and imprisonments. Is this what we are living for? Is this to be the future we want for our children? For our grand-children?

We all are represented by those who we voted into office, but it seems that the only thing being represented are the agendas being thrust upon us and financed by lobbyists with deep pockets and international connections. We all have voices, and we need to use them now to stop the open warfare that our elected officials are waging against each other and us. They can be recalled and fired from office. We can force Congress to establish term limits because that is without a doubt, the most corrosive tool in their work chest that enables them to ply their trade of corruption, deceit, robbery, unlimited warfare, lies, and amass wealth, at our costs!

If we are citizens of this country, then we have a duty and a right to protect this country from all invaders and traitors, both from without and within. It is our home, and we are being betrayed by those who supposedly represent us, but in fact, do not. It is time to stop them in Washington by removing them through all LEGAL MEANS but not through a bullet!

We, the people, have had our Constitutional Rights taken from us and the Bill of Rights beaten down by those who are sworn enemies of our hard won freedoms that for the most part, exist only on paper now. We are burden down with innumerable taxes, caught up in conflicts around the globe, torn apart on the social level, divided by the color of our skin, dumbed down by our education system, raped by the teachers who are there to teach, stirred into acts of violence by witless entertainers, arrogantly ruled by wealthy men and women who line the deep pockets of those who care not about those they represent and now we see how they promote violent acts against those they cannot legally overthrow, not yet at least and insult in the most disgusting words and ways those they can’t tolerate.

So now, the question might be asked, is it too late to save the Republic? I might answer in this fashion; Is it too late for England? Is it too late for Sweden? Is it too late for Russia or China? Is it too late for the Koreas? The Fiji Islands? South America? It’s only too late when the people stop caring and live only for the benefits that they receive from the iron glove of the system they live under. For if today’s toys are tomorrow’s pastimes, then we’ve lost already. If what is taking place outside of our  “safe spaces” doesn’t interest us, then the will to fight has been replaced by apathetic indifference and intolerance to subjective opinions. If you find yourself there, then you have lost yourself here.

Think about it.