This Morning

A small package was delivered to me this morning from an order that I had made through e-bay. I was glad for it supposedly contained the macro lens that I needed for my work, but upon opening it, I discovered it to be an old porst lens from the 70’s and a manual slide bar. A far cry from macro filters! Of course, I sat down and filed a complaint through e-bay to the seller and in no uncertain terms made my position quite clear and expected either a refund or the ordered items or charges would be pressed! And then I hit the enter button and off it went. Now, am I happy with what I had to do or do I feel justified in my actions or is it just another day in the world in which we live? I would say that two out of three would probably be the right answers. I don’t believe that my world is going to come apart because of forty dollars or that I’ll fall into a state of depression either because our world is made up of many colors, some are bright and cheerful while others are shady and glum and I just happened to “meet” one who prefers to work within the shadows of easy money through deceit. It’s just another day. Will I get the money back or the ordered items? Probably not and it’s no reason to stew in anger or indignation because that will ruin a perfectly beautiful day, and so I’ll let it go and move on with my work because he is the one who has to carry the burden of guilt, not I. We all know what guilt feels like and we all know that the weight it carries is real and often painful because remorse is like a bull whip that we repeatedly strike ourselves with, intentionally or not and you can imagine what kind of weight such people carry as they connive others out of house and goods, so to speak. So I say, let it go, let it be as water flowing under the bridge, and I will continue on my journey, wherever it may take me, but crying over $40.00 isn’t going to break my back nor my account.

So how do you feel when wronged? Anger? Fury? Pity? Fear? Complacency? Revenge? It all depends on the amount involved or the damage done to either you or to the other and the reaction given, is it appropriate in measure or too ineffectual or perhaps too harsh? Most of you have heard of the Hatfields and McCoys generational feud, but over what? Nobody could seem to remember; only that blood was their favorite color until there was hardly anyone left standing before it stopped. On a bigger scale, we have genocide such as what Turkey did to the Armenians or the Nazis to the Jewish people or Mao in China or the Khmer Rouge with Pol Pot or Ida Amin in Uganda and so on. And everything began because of someone, somewhere, felt wronged and eventually took it to the most extreme limits, if such exists. Look at our world and all the claims made on it by nations, states, and individuals! Each one claims this or that and is ready to shed blood to keep their claim on something that they can’t own! Do you own a home and some land? No, it belongs to the town in which you live by a purpose of the tax. If you don’t pay your taxes, you lose it all, right? So, in effect, you are just renting from the town what you think you own. If you don’t pay vehicle taxes, you lose the “right” to drive “your” vehicle, and you all know what I’m talking about. Sure, you can find dozens of reasons to justify taxes, but the bottom line is this, you own nothing, and the taxes are the rent due.

So if you own nothing, then what are you fighting for? The right of the state to tax you and to steal your property through imminent domain or the right to lay pipelines through the property you lease from the government? So what do a nation’s boundaries define? The limit of their taxable real estate! The bigger they are, the more revenue and it is the same in every town that seeks growth, or a city. Economics in it’s simplest form. So on the larger scale, nations compete for natural resources such as China laying claim to practically the entire South China Sea and who will oppose her? She carries the biggest stick over there, not the United States and sooner or later all Asian countries will bow down to her including Japan, the Koreas, and even Australia will have to realign and accommodate her sooner or later. National boundaries are no longer being applied to physical landmarks but are now being redrawn under the waters and extending their national claims on weaker sovereign territories. Rusia has lay claim to massive areas under the Artic as well as Norway, Canada and America and it is only a matter of time before the snow and ice take on a reddish hue.

Just as one drop of oil can contaminate several gallons of fresh water, so can one drop of blood start a world-wide conflagaration. One mans’ offended pride can wipe out an entire village, and one maddened dictator can plunge the world into a nuclear inferno, and three powerful kingdoms can subdue a multitude before turning on each other. And it all begins because someone did somebody wrong and the offended party couldn’t let it go. And should I go to war over $40.00?  Think about it.