The news we’re fed is the fire that burns

The weekend has come to an end, and the world is still standing believe it or not despite all the alarming news that we’re daily fed from the media mill! Is it any wonder that no one knows what’s happening outside of the firelight that draws us in? We are fed such widely varying reports that none of us can say with certainty whether they are true or not, but at least one thing is clear, they keep us off balanced and confused behind the smoke that surrounds them. What can we say if we neither have any facts, such as the rumors about alleged Russian connections to the Trump Administration which has turned out to be nonsense or the proven facts about Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior which is conveniently covered up by her powerful and very corrupt friends in the Democratic Party? Inside of the great cloud of smoke that hides and distorts, we can only dimly see things that we are permitted to see and therefore believe without being able to clearly define any facts that are there,

This is a world-wide game of hide and seek that never ends, and unknown is the body count of those who tried and were executed for the little knowledge they were able to glean before they could let us know. So, for the most part, we are only viewers or better yet, little sailboats that bob up and down on the surface of the mighty deep, content with the swells that pass beneath our keels or the small fry that our tiny hooks catch when casting into the waters. And no matter what we may think of ourselves, we are far less than our egos imagine us to be as evident how little weight our opinions carry beyond the range of our hulls.

When we read of North Korea’s new missile tests, what are we supposed to do, wail and beat our chests or cower beneath the blankets at night? If the United Nations were serious about stopping them, then it would have been done long ago, but they’re not. If the United Nations were serious about China taking control of the South China Sea, then they would have been stopped, but they’re not. If President Trump meant to attack and eliminate the danger posed by North Korea, then he would do so if it were not for the Chinese sitting on their doorstep. Do you understand what I’m saying here? The global powers can not do anything without the tacit approval of the other global powers and America is not the only big gun on the block, there are others, and repercussions can take any form at any time. And meanwhile, the media, in all it’s forms are busy keeping all of us off balance with diversions and conflicting stories that have us running from one commentator to the next, from one foul-mouthed politician to the next Hollywood trumpet or teeny boppers who loves to sing about things that fire up emotions based on sex and self-righteous antics!

So where do we find the time or make an effort to assemble the facts? We don’t. Instead, we act as Parrots or swim like Sardines or follow the crowd who follows the “voice.” We would be much better to go to a library and do a little research and assemble some facts before we run behind someone who sounds like they know what’s going on only to find ourselves going with the crowd, again. When you go with the flow, you’ll go over the falls. Learn to paddle your own canoe. There is a lot of truth in those few words, but unfortunately far too many don’t care and are content with the direction they’re traveling, but beware, the Rapids are coming, and the rocks are under the falls!

There are countless news sources and most just keep pouring the gasoline on to keep you fired up with anger and frustration, so much in fact that the thinking process is curtailed and tailored to make you react based on emotions, not facts. And as far as I can see, it’s highly effective! Am I immune? Of course not! But I am aware, and that is the key that you need to see beyond the distractions and to turn your eyes away from the flames that burn deep into the night. As any person knows, staring into the campfire is hypnotic, and the eye has difficulty adjusting to the darkness and can only see a handful of stars when looking up whereas by turning the back to the fire, you can be warm and alert at the same time. Ask any hunter in Grizzly country or the African Savannah, they’ll tell you about the dangers of not paying attention to what’s taking place around them!

Use the same analogy when thinking about news sources and how they can distract us so easily from the real threats that surround us and don’t be playing with the stick, poking the fire and scattering the embers while the unnoticed stealthily slips up behind you. Be alert to what you’re being told or “fed” and make sure you have the facts at hand to present when confronted with ignorance and unproven accusations. A person of reason and temperance can accomplish much in the face of wild rhetoric and abandoned emotions just as the hunter who with one shot takes his prey while the one who shoots wildly about scares off all and goes home hungry. Think about it.