Hobbit Town

Today is a beautiful day with bright blue skies and birds that chirp and chatter in the garden at my home in southern Germany. I feel like I’m sitting in Hobbit Town amid pleasant scenery and surrounded by hills and mountains, protected from the outside world. An illusion of course for this is no protection from those within the “walls” that supposedly defend us from the very real threats of death and destruction that hover daily around us.

Is there any country in the world, in any state, city, town, hamlet, or home that is not susceptible to some form of criminal acts? Do we not promote it through the works of our hands, the words of our mouths and the seeing of our eyes? Are we not collectively guilty of trespasses against our fellow man that takes its form in all shapes and sizes and descriptions? Which one of us can say with a clear conscience, “I’ve done no wrong to anyone” and walk away?

We can’t, whether we choose to admit it or not. We can live more or less as we like but we cannot live in Hobbit Town and pretend that the events outside have no bearing upon us. Wars are being waged across the globe and newer weapons to effectively kill as many as possible with just one strike are already in place with yet more to come. Social issues are created to justify particular agendas, and grievances and global threats have been designed to lead mankind into the desired direction. And yet, many of us prefer the safety of our homes behind flimsy walls of 2×4’s and plywood or build mansions of such grandeur to impress others, but the outcome will always be the same. Someone else will take that which we have built.

So why are we here and what are we living for because if this is the life we are to live, it makes no sense at all. When we were children, we saw life in glowing colors and fanciful dreams, but today the colors are subdued, and darker fantasies prey the mind. Most of us are in debt and have problems in our relationships and are unsatisfied in our jobs and angry at some political figure who won’t give us what we had hoped for. We become self-centered and cold in our hearts and eventually build a wall to “protect” our hearts, but from whom? Is it not to hide from others the “real” us?

Are we not all made of flesh and blood or is there a superman or superwoman among us? No, there are no superheroes to save the hour, no matter how we try to invent one. And because we can’t be that which we desire to create within ourselves, we build a Hobbit Town in which to hide, walls to protect from the outside and to conceal the person within. And all too often through the social postings, that is exactly what many are doing. But the fact is, the heart is a muscle and as such can be hardened which, in fact, decreases the life expectancy of the person. So a hardened heart both physically and spiritually will eventually be your demise, sooner rather than later!

There are those who accuse the world around them of being cruel and unfair and charge their friends with unfaithful acts against their person, but the truth can be seen in the heart and that in turn reveals itself in the behavior and words of the injured party. Too many people keep their problems bottled up inside and like a Tea kettle, will vent the built-up pressure to those around them while at the same time, weep for pity, and then turn around and continually repeat it. Then it is understandable why even their friends will maintain a certain amount of distance, thus increasing the self-inflicted isolation and hardening of the heart. Hobbit Town then becomes a prison.

No two people are alike unless they have been cloned and unfortunately, that is already being done despite the moral outcries, but the man is a selfish being. The only law he fully understands is the law of self-preservation with few exceptions, and no two people go through the same problems although there will be similarities. In the same way, people are able to help each other by offering their own experiences as to how they were able to overcome their situations and often just being there was a comfort to those in need. The saying that friends need friends is truth in itself and is not to be denied even though one may feel deserted and discarded and I’m sure that there are many who would admit this to be true! And the walls that we erect to “defend” ourselves is more often than not to conceal from others the impact of what we felt has been done to us.

Hobbit Town is nothing more than a prison for the wounded of heart, determined never to let it happen again, but that is unrealistic thinking, just as the walls are an imaginary defense from which to hide behind from a cruel and heartless world. But the world is not just cruel; it is merciful to those who show mercy or have you never noticed that what goes around comes around? To be an active player in the world we live in requires participation and not slothful indulgence on a platter of self-pity and waiting for someone to come along and pull you out of the doldrums! If you are the receiver of social help from the community you live in, then give something back by becoming actively involved and not just sulking before the tv screen and blaming the town or world for your woes!

Stop playing the offended one and start living the life that you were born for by being part of the life around you. Woe is me is a poor excuse for not helping a neighbor in need or not helping at community events! All you have to do is stand up and open the door and move away from the walls that you have built to hide behind, but in reality have become your prison. You will feel the fresh breath of inspiration as you become involved in your community and learn new things and the old chains will fall away as you finally realize that they never were chains but only self-imposed restrictions and that you were the holder of the keys!

Hobbit Town is only an excuse to hide within and ignore the world outside, but in the end, you will die alone if you remain there. The isolation of self-pity and feigned righteousness will only encumber the heart and choke off the flow of life, and you will remain stagnant as you slowly turn about yourself in the throes of self-pity.  So let it go and come back into the real world of vibrant colors and active participation and stop wallowing in the mud for you were born for a purpose and Hobbit Town isn’t it.