And On It Goes

Another attack in London, two it would seem, and the western world is shocked, but why? Hasn’t the West been doing a lot of killing in the East since the eighties? Hasn’t Europe opened the floodgates to mass migration and allowing millions of Muslims to flood the lands with their culture and false god of violence and slavery and demands to bow down to Sharia?  Haven’t their politicians on bended knees surrendered their citizens to the elites of globalism and multiculturalism? Hasn’t Chancellor Merkel of Germany declared that Islam is a part of Germany, thereby pushing the Christian faith aside to make room for a false god? And Sweden, or what is left of it, has become the bastion for feminists and protector of all except her own? And now France has “elected” their very own “Obama,” just as they asked for less than a year ago!

The madness is increasing at a phenomenal rate, and the masses are just too mesmerized to offer any intelligent resistance anymore as the media “slurry” gets shoved down their throats! Truly it was foretold long ago that the day would come when good would be called evil and evil would become good and are we not seeing it today taking place?

It is becoming a snare to those who call themselves Christians who are trying to live peaceable lives in today’s societies when all that they have believed is under ferocious attacks. When politicians who speak of righteous things are roundly condemned among their peers and when international leaders insult the President of the United States because he will not bow down to the global agenda. These are the times that we were warned about so long ago and yet seemingly ignored and scoffed at, even by those who claim to believe.

So how does one react to the madness that is taking place around us and upon this planet? For the most, it means a shrug of the shoulder and going about the daily business and usual activities. There are over 7 billion people living on the planet we call Earth, divided into 195 countries plus two observing. And these are further divided into languages, cultures, religions, ethnicity and themselves divided by geographic conditions within borders and yet, all are human.

If we were to stand completely unclothed together, where would be pride? Or arrogance? We would see each other as we really are, naked and ashamed. We clothe ourselves to protect our skin and our egos. We dress to show others where we stand on the social strata, to present ourselves on the economic scale. We are very busy trying to inflate ourselves in the eyes of others, and even though we won’t admit it, our conceit reveals the intended effect. When we observe the world’s leaders more closely, turn away from their preened appearances and shut off the microphones and just watch their faces and body movements, you would see them in an entirely different way. Flesh and blood, skin and bones and time spares none. They are not more intelligent than the average man or woman, and neither are they to be desired by their possessions or looks despite what the so-called “high society” publications have to say. For it is clear that these people have forgotten that wealth means in truth, poverty, for their wealth has magnified them to the realm of the “gods” in their vain imaginations. And when the mind is so fixed then they believe that they have the right to act as gods above the rest of humanity, hence, becoming the “élite,” based on their wealth and status.

Now, what do you think such men and woman are going to do with the power they have? Of course, abuse it to their advantage, change natural laws and make new ones based on what their conceited minds think on. They are, in their minds, gods and as such may do whatever they choose to over the rest of humanity. Stripping the poor down to satisfy their cravings for power, causing the earth to be raped and pillaged for gain, changing laws through their servants in public office, removing foreign governments and replacing with ones more favorable to their goals while causing the deaths of millions, and on it goes.

Just applying some average common sense to the works in progress that we see taking place around us in our towns and cities, states and federal government and around the world. There is not a single country on this planet that is an exception to the élite tactics of those who wish to be our masters, and the number of diversions they use will eventually make sure their success. Maybe you believe me, perhaps not, every man must choose his beliefs sooner or later, but the truth of what I’m saying is clear for all to see if you want to that is.

It was told so long ago that these things would come to take place and we are living witnesses of those prophecies, that is if we don’t deny them and to prepare ourselves for what will assuredly happen in the very near future. Some of you reading this know very well and are preparing, but for the most part, a willing ignorance and turning away will be the response as they play by the rules of those who will rule over them.

This is just a short commentary and not a lengthy tirade against the evils of the world or their detailed approach to exterminating the rights of sovereign nations and to replace them with the global dictatorship. There are countless documentaries and books and web pages that can offer a far deeper insight into this new world order that is even now taking place. My purpose is very simple. Open your eyes and stop feeding off the global network of lies and diversions and place your minds upon the truths to be found in the Holy Bible. You will find the truth and not man-made fables. You will find the peace you are looking for, and you will be able to see the world as it really is, a broken and ruined system of chaos and deceit being run by evil-minded men and woman under the influence of a being named Lucifer.

Don’t scoff the truth for it can save you from the lie, if you are willing to believe and if not then continue to live as you have done, in total blindness and disregard of your purpose in life. But know this, the day will come when the terror will be unleashed and based upon the technologies of today, where will you be able to hide tomorrow? Science fiction is a world of fantasy in which to play in, and so is this world for the moment as on it goes.