The colors of life reflect the attitude you carry.


Another day, another news report, another scandal or maybe not and who cares what the news anchors and commentators have to say anyway? It’s all about quotas and profits and media control of the minds of the people mixed in with a lot of worthless and inane programs that we seriously don’t need!

So how is your weekend going? Are you spending time with family and friends or just enjoying an early morning coffee before the activities begin? Have you planned your day or are you going to let it come to you on a first come first serve attitude? Have you been dwelling on the past and hoping for the future or are you sitting in the doldrums waiting for a fresh breeze to stir you into action? Whatever you do, don’t waste this day on things you can’t change because the day will present you with things you can!

No matter where you are living, life is in full around you, and when you open your eyes and ears, then you become a part of it. You were not made to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass by as you hang your head and complain about the problems in your life, problems that you invited in through your decisions. So get up and face this day with new courage and determination and stop whining and start living!

It may sound harsh but isn’t it time to move on with your life instead of waiting for someone to pull you along? The day has so much to offer and spending in a virtual world or before a computer or in self-pity is only thickening the sauce.  If you went into the forest and watch how the life within interacts, from the smallest insects to the Moose and Bear, from the little spring that becomes a gushing brook to the mighty pines and oaks  From the marshy bottoms where the Beaver make their homes to the rocky outcroppings peaks of some hills, then you would have a sense of awe and respect that you wouldn’t have if you stay at home. What about just sitting down and leaning against the bark of a tall tree hanging over the bank of some river or taking a walk down to the covered bridge with the children and watch them play in the water where you once did as a child yourself?

There are dozens of opportunities for you to do today so just pick a couple that will bring you out of your self-induced state of lethargy and move it! Shake a leg, preferably the one stretched out on the couch and shut off the drone that’s keeping an eye on you and leave your tech toys on the table and get back to the real world. You don’t need them, but what you do need is a peace of mind and the sounds of nature and the time spent will be worth the effort.

I prefer the quiet places and to walk on the old paths that are overgrown and to cross over old stone covered arch bridges that are rarely used anymore except by the occasional traveler. To wander through the hills and mountains and to pass through quiet forest glades of my old haunts. Today, I live in a country far from the one I grew up in, but that doesn’t mean I won’t return for the memories and some good friends remind me often enough that there is a place for the soles of my feet to rest upon and finally call home. It is the future that I long for even as I live in the present and my memories remind me of the past, but I live now, and that predicts action, not stagnation!

Where are you today, this morning? Working around the house and keeping busy, always trying to fill in the free time with something to do? What does the mirror tell you about your lifestyle or the scales? Or how often do you need to dye your hair or how much paint does your face need before you dare to open the door? A woman I used to date years ago told me that she doesn’t like to kiss an ashtray, what do your kisses taste like?

We can change many things in our lives, but it has to begin in the heart because that is the center of our lives, of who we are and the brain just coordinates everything while the sub-consciousness maintains the life support systems, therefore leaving us free to explore our surroundings! But do we explore anything or are we merely following someone else’s trail that is well packed? Do we have to become great explorers such as those that made history, that is in the eyes of man, or is it enough just to make it through the day consumed by innumerable worries that we draw to ourselves? We are what we have made ourselves out to be, and we are the works of our own creation, that is, as we live as we have chosen to live through our actions and thoughts and where we are today is because of the decisions that we made yesterday. And that tells you all you need to know about tomorrow! You can change the picture by redrawing the lines, the route to travel by reprogramming the navigation unit, a ruinous relationship by leaving it and so on. But you need to begin for if the thought has lain long in your heart, then the body is only waiting for you to move! So what are you waiting for, another invitation?

Today is the day your world can begin to change, but it won’t if you don’t take any action. The car can’t take you to the mountain if you don’t start it and the fish won’t get caught if you don’t cast the line. The wife won’t know that you still love her if you say nothing and the man who mistreats his wife will lose her if he doesn’t change his behavior. It’s all about action because passivity will not translate into activity if you don’t move!

Thoughts are active as we all know when you watch two people playing chess, you’ll see very little physical movement, but their thoughts are moving at a high rate of speed as possibilities are weighed and discarded. The ballet dancer is very active in motion and every move has been defined and practiced to the tiniest detail beforehand so that the art of dance appears in choreographed perfection without the weight of the chessboard so to speak.

What I am saying is this;  we are not victims, but rather perpetrators of our destiny, we define the road we choose to take, the friends we want to have and the places we want to travel to. We pick the job careers and the man or woman as our husbands or wives and the same needs to be applied today as you wake up and greet this hour.

What do I want to do to make this day mine should be the attitude and not let the weather determine it nor someone else’s perspective or outlook. How many people do you share your shoes with or your toothbrush? In the same way, you have to decide where you want to take yourself today and it can be anything, even staying home and reading a book! The point is, don’t waste it by drifting in the doldrums or slowly turning into a stagnant pool of water, but live in the life that’s around you! Be an active part of it and not an observer.

I don’t know what you have planned for your life or what you have already accomplished, but this much is clear, don’t waste the time you have been given by staring at the wall. Start painting it with the colors of life, vibrant and inspiring, not dark and choking because the colors of choice will reflect the attitude you carry.