Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier

In the political sauna of Washington today, there is a general consensus that President Trump is an undesirable “among us” because he’s “not one of us” and with good reason, he is starting to expose them for what they really are. A Pack of self-serving squirming maggots dressed in fine attire so as to pass themselves off as the genteel of the nation! The most of them having a so-called “elite education,” and you can see what that has brought America so far. We are being ruled by the most disgusting group of corrupt Senators and debauched Representatives that this nation has ever produced and they call themselves honorable? Each and every one of them has their filthy hands in the extended cookie jar and grabbing as much for themselves as possible and damned be the others, meaning the nation at large, and have turned on the president-elect like a pack of rabid house dogs because he’s not infested with ticks and fleas like them! Lobbyists, bribes, sexual vices, extortion, greed, corruption, murder, payoffs and so on make up their daily work usually done under cover of someone else’s mantel, but since Donald Trump became President, the light is starting to shine on them and O how they squirm!

They howl and screech as they find their ways being exposed and call on their friends in the media to protect them by attacking the President with every half truth and lie they are able to dig up or imagine, often without the slightest reliable source as reference and love to call him misogynic, but with barely any evidence and if you have been paying any attention, that nonsense has faded into the dustbin of trash also! They attack his beautiful wife who with her charm and grace makes the former lady look like an underpaid worker at Walmart’s and also reveals Obama’s ineptness at handling global situations as Trump calls it what it is, and the media constantly glosses over his illegal actions as President while jet setting at taxpayer costs!

Donald Trump was elected by the people and not selected by the maggots in Washington, and that is why they hate him! They can’t control him because he represents what America needs, a leader with guts and determination and not some squiggly squirming President with love for royalty and mirrors and at whose feet the imbeciles in Washington grovel at! We elected him, and that is something the autocrats in Europe hate to see, populism succeeding over the pruned selected and they also despise him while fawning at the feet of an ex-President who loves to be the tail on the donkey or as he preferred to say, leading from behind!

President Trump is a man and as such makes mistakes, just like every single one of us in the world today, but with a few differences, he’s carrying the weight of a nation drunk on frivolous living on his shoulders, a nation morally weakened by the spirit called liberal progression, a military too far out extended and demoralized by the past administration. A nation which is being divided by the ultra rich and the homeless poor, a nation drowning in senseless laws and overbearing taxes, a nation drowning in debt, a nation being overrun by immigrants who seek to establish their own cultural country within. A nation whose borders have been porous far too long and whose people have been sickened by the massive influx of drugs!

President Trump has declared war on the deranged establishment, and they are frothing at the mouth even as those who are supposed to be his leading men and women in the Republican party, such as McCain, Mitchell, O’Connor and Ryan attack him at every turn and with every word. The painted smiles on the faces with the Bedouin dagger held behind the back! The man whom I will term the “Rock” is indeed determined to drain the swamp and expose to all the filth and defecation and stinking urine that wafts upwards through the morning mists that cover the Potomac and the shores of that once pristine river. The swamp must be drained and if President Trump is to be successful then we need to do more then just say amen, we need to vigorously stand with him and help clean out the garbage that has infested our states and towns and homes by electing men and women from among us, not those who wish to rule above us! This nation began with “We the People” and not “Your royal highnesses in Washington!”

So to those parrots in the media and entertainment sector who just can’t seem to keep their foul mouths shut as they run to and fro at their master’s commands from the swamp, President Trump is here to get the job done and if you don’t like it, then take a long walk off a short pier!