As I sit here at my garden table

As I sit here at my garden table listening to the sounds of the bird’s chatter and watching my two cats playfully chase each other around the bushes, for the moment, peace is found. The sounds of the waterfall and the sight of the bees as they fly from flower to flower to collect nectar and feeling the warmth of the sun is comforting. The sky has a brilliant light blue and there is just the slightest whisper of a morning breeze which rustles the lilac bushes that conceal the hidden entrance into my enclave.

The second and last cup of coffee for the day is long finished and the desire for the latest news has been saturated and as usual, the same thing as yesterday only regurgitated with newer headlines. I’m beginning to question the need for media information when all it seems to do is inflame our emotions and pit the differing layers of the social strata against each other, or giving biased attention to the one group and a blithering attack on another? But, then again, some things have not changed and media manipulation is one of them, so, off with the news for today and turn on some sun!

When I take my early morning walks, often times between five and six, it’s generally quiet and cool. “Romeo,” the duck is always waiting for me in the pond and when he sees me coming, he paddles just as fast as his webbed feet can, honking loudly as if to say; “Good morning friend, have you a piece of bread for me?” And of course, I do and we share a few quiet minutes as he paddles around snapping up the pieces that I’ve tossed into the water. Then I set off on my way again. Sometimes “Lasky,” an older dog of thirteen years will be outside and he will come on over and greet me also as I give him a couple of “Scooby Snacks,” and a quick ruffle on the head as I move on.

This morning a middle-aged woman riding a large brown pony passed me as she made her way through the fields, traveling on the dirt track that divided them, a friendly smile and a cheerful “Good Morning!” as I responded in kind and watched as she moved on, becoming smaller as she drew nearer to the Vachendorf road and then turned right in the direction of town. The range of mountains stood sharply against the skies as the sunlight struck their peaks and the cries of the Ravens as they swept by overhead was just an addition to the morning chorus of nature’s voices calling out as they greeted me and the morning, saying, welcome to our world.

Today, I don’t need the media to tell me about the world nor do I need someone to tell me about the weather, actually, I’m doing fine without them and I believe that we all should take a break from the professionals who want to influence our day, for good or bad.

So if you have some sun and a garden, enjoy it and if you don’t, take a walk where it is peaceful.Forest or fields, it matters not, and find a small brook and watch how the light plays with the water or just be amazed at the sight of the clouds, but whatever you do, leave the TV off and learn the ways of nature and peace.

And then perhaps you’ll do today what I’m doing, and that is, sitting at my garden table.