Openly Blind

Another bomb goes off in England, Hamas is furious at being called terrorists, and the IS is laughing, just another day as we reap what we have sown. It’s similar to tornado hunters, they come as possibly close to the fury as they can, and some of them actually end up losing their lives, and it’s the same way as the West finances the very ones who are determined to destroy them! Either we have full blown idiots running our governments, or we have men without spines and women who think they are leaders! God save us from the hands of the of the imbecilic’s!

But it is a tragedy that we are responsible for because we have elected leaders, who in their turn, appoint advisors, department heads, and experts who, in their turn establish policies that must be carried out and by whom? We, the people and who suffers the most? We, the people. Even though the chess game continues to be played and the pieces maneuvered, no two men are the same and minds can be trained or retrained, it’s called brainwashing, and that is a very effective strategy for carrying out deadly attacks upon the unsuspecting.

So, is the terror being carried out performed by a brainwashed person or an idealist or an anarchist or a religious adherent or perhaps a disgruntled citizen plotting mayhem and destruction? That, of course, will be left up to the forensic specialists and investigators to determine and the final report will be divided into two, one for the public and one that iś discussed behind closed doors. However it develops, the victims are not just the dead and wounded, but those who survived and the families and friends who carry the memories. The scars run deep, and the wounds will still bleed long after the burials take place even as friends gather in the pubs and drink in anger and pain, but at who should they direct their anger? The perpetrator (s)? The police or security? The city officials who didn’t feel that the costs were necessary to oversee the event? The government’s immigration policies? Multicultural tolerance? Islamic attitudes and religious fervor towards the west?

At some point, the tongues become quiet because the thoughts can’t find the answers buried in among all the lies that we are being told and thus are left to find our way to the valley of inner peace. The Vicars will give heart warming speeches, and the bishops will call for more love and understanding, that is, tolerance and the politicians will line up and do their usual two minutes of remorse before the killing resumes as they prepare a strike against the accused attackers. The police will quickly arrest someone of “interest” so as to show the frightened public that they are doing something!

But why is the public frightened? It was just one presumed bomb that only killed twenty or more and wounded over a hundred, so why the great outcry anyway?  Well, now you know what it feels like for those whose lives were bombed out of existence by NATO weapons. In the Bosnian War, in Afghanistan, in Kuwait, in Iraq, in Libya, and Syria, or how about the further destruction and loss of lives being done between the Israelis and Palestinian’s or in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, India, and among the ethnic Muslims in China? Are any of you aware on the ongoing violence in the Kashmir region in the mountainous triangle shared by China, Pakistan, and India? Or what about North Korea and its determination to unleash a nuclear holocaust just as the Iranians leaders are threatening to do to Israel? Or what about the ongoing violent protests taking place in Venezuela that are costing lives at the hands of a dictator or in Turkey where all opposition is being silenced by mass arrests? How about here in Europe when women and girls are being raped and murdered at the hands of mostly male immigrants, and little justice is served?

I could go on, but it’s not necessary. It is a tragedy that so many young people lost their lives in Manchester, England, but it’s only a part of an ongoing global story of retribution in the name of “justice.”  A cycle that will never end because it will not be allowed to stop and in all honesty, the ones who are keeping the flames of hatred alive, see the victims as collateral damage for the global agenda.

The world in which we live in is on fire and peace is just an illusion to those who love violence and are loath to seek. It’s not about Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or Christians, it has never been because those are just platforms from which to push the people off of and into the sea of fire. You need to look to those who promote war, to those who sell weapons, to those who profit from the violence and to those who keep stirring the pot, the media, the politicians, the think tanks, the religious masters of manipulation and so on. But even if you could stop them in your country, what about the next country? A nation that disarms itself invites others to pluck the tree bare.

Can you now begin to see where all these acts of violence are taking us to?

The new world order. And it is coming to you, riding on the winds of chaos and fear as the desperate masses of humanity cry out for a political and religious leader who will lead them into an era of global peace. And he will be supported by your leaders. They will be expecting him and are preparing for him even now as they increase the double talk and practice deceit. The calls for a global military are being turned into reality as nations are called to work more closely together to do what? Fight terrorism!

Will you open your eyes, or do you prefer to be openly blind?