Global Chess; an expensive game

As America offers to help the Islāmic nations in their fight against terrorism, so does Russia, as does China and the game of global chess continues. The Cold War has never died, just upgraded to meet the demands of the 21st Century and a new generation of leaders whose only wish is to advance their interests at the costs of the others.

And so they head off to Africa with promises of money and “assistance” of every conceivable sort because the continent is rich in all resources and easy enough to rape and plunder as it always has been. Greed is the tie that binds practically all African leaders with few exceptions.

The Antarctic is the newest hotspot on the geopolitical landscape in terms of military positioning and oil and natural gas deposits. A once pristine environment is being slowly overtaken by conglomerate interests and military superstition of the other on a first come, first serve border-line laissez-faire attitude.

In South America, the mighty Amazon is being dammed and redirected to profit the wants of the few in the name of industrial development and the massive rainforests has become a battleground between the forces of preservation and exploitation.

In Australia’s Northern Territory, they plan on opening it up to development and that can be anything money can buy, especially by the Chinese.

In Siberia, the forests tracts are huge and seemingly limitless until the signs of industrial loggers appear on the horizon bearing the logos of their Chinese, Japanese, South Koreans, and Russian employers.

Political restlessness rides the wave of populism in Europe even as the élite struggle to subdue it and the resentment is felt as the Eastern Europeans push back against the unelected officials in Brussels with their arrogant demands.

So is the world today as the players compete, sometimes united though only briefly and at other times in barely concealed open wars hidden behind conflicts.There is no one you can believe and every man is a liar as he represents his nation’s status on the world’s stage. Man will fight over everything, from a beach in some foreign land to the position of an orbiting satellite, from a misconstrued word to a political statement to an act of belligerence, he is always looking for a conflict. The word peace, though readily available, is quickly denied when resources are in high demand!

It is often said that the next major global crisis will take place over water, but I disagree. We are in a constant state of global crisis day after day, year after year with no let up in sight! Those in power will stay in power no matter the price one is willing to pay and giving scant attention to the electorate. Even if they step back from the public eye, they are still quite busy instigating the next wave of trouble for gain as is apparent in the American political landscape this very hour.

If we were to picture every nation as a chess piece, the lesser would be pawns and the powerful would be lined up behind and there could only be two opposing forces, but with the ability to freely change sides, would it help you to see the game more clearly? What would a king have to give to an important pawn to stay in line? There are 193 recognized countries in the world but only a handful is powerful enough to dictate on the International level, the rest are maneuverable allies at best and the cost can be excessive to keep them in line or to prop them up.

As you can probably imagine, the lines can often be confusing and treacherous because each and every piece has something the other side needs or wants and it quickly becomes a question of how much. Therefore the lines become blurred and distrust is rampant even as treaties are signed only to be broken within twenty-four hours because of a better strategic offer. Two nations will sign an economic agreement but only one will reap the dividends while the other becomes weaker over time as its resources are sourced out and paper wealth can’t be eaten by the unemployed as the sellers enjoy their profits at the silver tables!

There is continuing talk about overpopulation, but the problem is not there, but rather in the costs of supporting a growing population. The translation is profit! More people means more costs. The costs of production, housing, insurance, goods, feeding and drinking, it all adds up to those who love wealth and power. Have you ever given serious thought to robotic production? If robots are doing the work, then what are you needed for? Just another body to support and pay for or in other words, excessive personal, and what is to be done when there are too many workers? They get fired or laid off. Are you starting to see the truth behind the lines?

The world is not overpopulated, but rather too expensive to maintain, hence a reduction in the populations and how would this be affected without raising the alarms among them? Increased man-made diseases under the cover of bacterial resistant. The “right” of women to abort their child on demand. Cancer on the rise with no cure in sight, especially with the huge profits to be had  as the victim is kept alive while dying. Child slavery to wear them out to death as they work in the mines for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, and Samsung just to name a few. Ongoing wars and conflicts to slaughter wholesale. The food chain that is rampant with chemicals designed to poison and weaken the immune systems. Geoengineering such as chemtrails to poison the skies and fracking to poison the water, and finally, flooding the airwaves with electronic disturbances that upset the brain wave signals which have been proven to adversely affect the neurons. In addition, there are much more, but I hope you have taken the point.

With the world’s population reduced inconspicuously over time, the goals of those who seek unlimited power could be realized were it not for man’s will to survive! But, as I mentioned earlier, electronic disturbances or as it is better known, electro smog, is the best way to implement their singular goal with barely a ripple in response. The lure of high-tech gadgets is almost irresistible for most as seen by our youth, the future of mankind as they cannot live without being in contact with the world 24/7! The terms smart phone, smart meter, smart refrigerator or driverless cars and trucks or electric aircraft all have an alluring pull in the direction of a futuristic utopia, but at what price? A reduction of the human population under a controlled environment watched over by technocrats who themselves are under the watchful eye of the global elites. Science fiction or social fact? Look around at our world today and answer the question yourself if you have not yet been dumbed down.

Or have you ever given thought to what’s being provided day and night and easily observable as you sit before your home entertainment system? Or who is behind the protests that rage across the globe? Or why do we become sick so easily from a common cold or virus? Or why is raw milk suddenly so dangerous when it is the healthiest of all milk products? And why is the FDA so vehemently against natural health products? Or why the banking system is doing away with cash, preferring plastic? Or why is the Vatican promoting a world religion? Or why are world leaders calling for a one world government?

These and many more questions need to be answered but by who? If the vast majority of people are already in line with the global agenda and influenced through their programs, then those who see it for what is will be discredited and ridiculed!

Word of mouth is your local media news station which is highly likely owned by one of the major media outlets and seldom invited are those who would expose the shadows behind the agendas. Have you wondered why Mark Zuckerberg is doing a fifty state tour or how did Macron win the elections in France when six months before he was hardly known? They are being groomed to take their place on the world’s stage as others like them and one of the things that bind them is their wealth as well as their global connections. Nothing is being left to chance, or so they believe.

The game of international relations is an intricate network of connections, high-stake gambles, and payoffs. Every major player has important roles that need to be acted out as part of a choreographed script where extreme attention is paid to detail, although you wouldn’t know that by their words and doings. Belonging to this group is also their entourage who keep accounts of all that is taking place and of course the heads of different departments, but can any of them be trusted? Would you spit in the wind and not expect to be hit by your spittle?

No one is to be trusted when a career is threatened or a person of high importance is blackmailed or the offer is generous. Financial problems are easily resolved when the will is weak and hidden cameras placed in the hotel room pay high dividends to those consumed by lust. And when the director of a certain department is fired, the documents he took with him just may keep him out of prison. In all cases, compromise is the key to successfully placing a piece where it is needed at the moment.

And that is how the game of global chess is played, whether one wants to or not and opting out is not an option if one wants to stay in the game, alive. So whatever you think about the world, whatever you might know, read, or watch, no matter the distractions amplified to keep us amused, remember this, it’s a game that they play and the end effect is chess on a global scale and we are to be placed where they would like to have us, for the moment.