Anywhere The Wind Blows

Anywhere the wind blows is where I’ll take my stand,

matters not to me, just let me know my place here in the sand.

I’ve always been the wavering kind, a shifting state of mind,

and if I’m not troubling you, I prefer to stay in line.

Opinions here, opinions there, what are they to me?

I’ll say what you want and do as I’m told, anything to please.

I was very good in school, the first to raise my hand,

to point out those who would not submit to my teacher’s forced demands.

I made it my top priority, to my fellows in higher education,

to control the minds by weakening them through media manipulation.

The more successful I became, my skills were recognized,

and eventually found myself an anchor seat, the evening news at five.

And it’s from there, I get to ply my trade, in between breaks of course,

to play with silly minds and plow the emotions of viewers, fine or coarse.

It’s a profession that I do well, my connections at the top, assure me that I am,

the best one in the business, the top gun in demand.

I’m invited to stately dinners where all desire to make my acquaintance,

but unknown to most, I’ve already searched their chambers of opulence.

Their lust for power and love for greed makes them easy prey for me,

the innumerable affairs behind family portraits, one word, and the world would see.

Happily, it’s true, that most believe greatness resides in steel and ivory towers,

but fortunately for me and others like, we know the truth, the pen has the power.

President or pauper, what concerns have I?

Agendas are designed by me and broadcast from the eye in the sky.

To watch you writhe and moan your frustrations, fueling violence in the streets,

gives me tremendous satisfaction, as I lean back in my seat.

The politicians trade insults and hurl accusations at one another I know,

for I’m the one who wrote them and placed the writing on the wall.

So just remember this as I look you in the eye, from the evening news at five,

I’m the one to make or break, a man’s foolish pride.

And if you presume to know better, a single call, an e-mail or two,

will bring great consternation to your heart when the lights turn up in blue.

The media is the best tool I have to manipulate the mind,

it makes me the greatest master to keep the illiterate in line.

A deft turn at the helm, a little slackening of the sail,

will cause all to run in obedience before the winds that prevail.

And as I dictate, no choice have you, most certainly will you go,

as I command, as I may say, anywhere the wind blows.