The Word of God As Is Written

Are you aware that only twenty percent of those who claim to be Christians believe the Bible as it’s written and the other eighty do not? The poll was taken in the United States which once was the bastion of the faith, but now has fallen into spiritual ruin just as her sister, England has done.

To repeat David’s cry after he had learned of Saul’s death and those of his sons on Mount Gilboa, “Oh how the mighty have fallen!”

Yes, the two mightiest known empires in modern times have fallen prey to evil ways by turning their backs to the Living God and embracing sin. The Bible warns the man about turning from Him, but seemingly to no avail. How long has America been independent? From 1783 until the present, 234 years and that is all it took to forget what the Lord had done and to plunge back into rebellion and wickedness.

And what was the price that ancient Israel paid for her rebellion? A Civil war that has lasted until this day between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and the other ten. That is why Israel is not yet complete until the remaining tribes finally return.

And America? You can see for yourselves what is coming, can’t you? There has never been such violent hatred against a duly elected President by members of both parties and by citizens across the country even though he won the elections! And why is this? Because God has decreed it to be so. The time has come to punish America for her sins and evil practices and the fractures are widening even as I write.

Oh yes, millions go to church and pay homage to God with their mouths, but their hearts are nowhere to be found. Millions say Lord, Lord, but they will be denied entrance for the hour of slaughter has been determined and the sins of the people have risen like a dark cloud that has covered the entire land. The princes of the land have given themselves completely over to wickedness and there are none that are practicing righteousness anymore. None.

Have you not seen that the Lord has raised up enemies to surround her and none will come to her rescue for fear of her burning? The land will be scorched with fire from the east to the west and the land will be littered with the corpses of the dead and dying with no man raising his hand to help another for fear of sickness and death.

You will not believe this because you are fixed firmly in your sins and blinded by the goods that you have surrounded yourselves with. You have chosen to believe the lies instead of the truth and have sought comfort in those who cater to your wants and desires. But all lies lead to death and destruction and broad is the way and many are already upon it whereas the path to life is narrow and only a few are upon it. And the Lord is also speaking to the Christians who have already departed from the truths to follow lying teachers whom He sent to test you. Many have failed and are even now stumbling in their sins and blinded by their lusts.

Your prosperity teachers are liars sent to draw many into perdition because of itching ears and the grave has opened its mouth wide to receive them and yet you still will not believe? Many claim to love Jesus and to do works in His name, but have erred from the truth and refuse to listen to correction. The shepherds no longer care for the flocks but have left them to wander the barren hills. The flocks have been robbed of their wool, meat, blood, and even the hoofs have been taken for profit while those who stole from them gorge themselves in their gluttony.

And still, you will not listen? You cling to the Bible as your source of knowledge while denying its truths and dream visions that the Lord has not sent and claim spiritual greatness while judging others.

The shepherds will not lift a finger to work, but declare that you need to carry them even as they rob you, and you obey them?

The light that you claim to have is darker than the shadows at night as it leads you to death.

And I could go on and on and on, but it will only fall on deaf ears, Christian and none alike because you are so caught up in sin that you cannot believe the truth. You love the theological lies and you love the sins you keep. You ignore all the laws and commandments of God and claim to live in grace while actually living in lawlessness as so does the world around you. There is no difference between a lawless Christian and a lawless Gentile.

So the Lord God will judge the politician and the citizen and the preacher and the Christian with the same law.

America will be judged for her lawless ways committed by her lawless leaders, lawless people supported by her lawless shepherds and church going lawless sheep. Judgment is upon you and will you still not listen?

No, you will not listen. The Lord God does not speak to you through means that are acceptable in your sight, but He chooses whom He will and in these days, He has chosen the man off the street and rejected the man behind the pulpit. He has chosen the illiterate and homeless to speak His messages and has rejected comfortable seats and air-conditioned auditoriums with paid speakers. He has condemned the prosperity teachers with their bombastic words of vanity and lies and has given into their hands the those who will not listen to the voice of His Son.

He has rejected entertainment preachers with their musical ensembles and replaced them with quiet hearts and uplifted hands and voices that need no instrumentation.

He has rejected weekly prayer groups for daily needs on bonded knees and scorns all the plays the churches provide for entertainment.

As America begins to fall, now you know why. It is because her leaders and shepherds chose lawlessness over righteousness and took the entire land with them as they fell in their rebellious ways. For those destined to the sword, to the sword, they shall fall. For those destined to imprisonment, as prisoners, they shall go. To those destined for disease, the diseases shall take them and for those who lives will be spared, spared they shall.

The Word of God As Is Written