The Washington Cartels

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Welcome and step right up to the greatest circus in the world! May I present to you the most laughable and amusing clowns on the planet earth who with pretentious honor and self-serving attitudes, lead which was once the world’s greatest democracy into the realm of complete imbecilic behavior to have become the laughing stock in the international community! So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen of the world, here they are, the greatest political fools in the western hemisphere, the one and only circle of enlightened elites encircled by their own ineptness and shiny daggers, the Washington Cartels!

Sounds funny but we all know by now that its the truth. Washington has become an asylum of maddened men and women who’s lust for grandeur and power has gone over their heads and the daggers are flashing everywhere as everyone turns against each other! That is literally being done as witnesses no longer testify and informants have been whisked away and mouths are paid shut, and whistleblowers are given very long jail sentences in solitary confinement! A civil war is brewing and the cartels in Washington are fighting each other for the upper hand as their armies of protesters and organized grassroots receive their marching orders and the military leadership quietly takes sides. Sounds like Rome in its heyday as political corruption tore the empire into fractions and then the military tore into each other, exposing the empire to attacks from without even as the rot continued to spread, as it is in America today. 

Do I need to tell you what you already know? That everyman’s hand is against the other’s? That every mouth is Washington is full of double talk and lies? That the word trust is a joke among the traitors who pretend to be patriotic servants but in truth don’t care a plug nickel about the country, but only their own greed? America, you are about to fall, brought down by the weight of your greed and evil ways, led by those who love evil and hate the good. But what is evil you might ask, isn’t that just a matter of perspective?

  • Ask the murdered child in the womb by the hands of a heartless doctor and betrayed by lusts unrestrained.
  • What says the child who was raped by those she trusted or given into the hands of the powerful who crawl in dark corners?
  • Let those who destroy property tell you their infantile reasons for their ignorant behavior.
  • The ones who heap wealth to themselves as you beg for bread in cities that have shut their doors, what have they to say?
  • What reasons does a teacher have to prey upon their students for sexual vices?
  • Pray, please explain why colleges are discriminating, again?
  • Turning away from the Living God of your forefathers who gave you this land for an inheritance.
  • Who has opened the doors to Satanic worship?
  • Worshipping a false God called Allah who is Baal resurrected, who brought him in?
  • Which President proclaimed that sexual perversion is a human right?
  • The highest judges in the land destroyed the sanctity of marriage by trampling it under foot and giving the remains to the dogs!
  • “Christian” prosperity evangelists rob the people dry while covering themselves in robes of personal decadence, at whose cost?
  • Electing politicians who plan on stealing from the innocent to remain in office

Is that evil enough for you or should I continue? But where did this all begin? In Italy, they like to say that all roads lead to Rome, but in America, the filth flows out of Washington like liquid manure, engulfing the land in its stinking defecation and filling every road with the impenetrable foul rot of greed and perversion. Every home that is wired to the net has an open door that goes both ways, incoming and outgoing, thereby allowing the free movement of anything a dark heart could wish for. But throughout the land, there seems to be a resignation of righteous living and an increase in the enjoyment of wicked things such as extreme horror films and sexual elasticity where anything goes as long as it fulfills the desires, no matter how defiling! Are these not signs of a land in decay? History is replete with example after example of empires that have risen only to implode from the weight of their corrupting ways and America is no exception! It doesn’t matter how many times you say “God Bless America!” It has become a broken record because the hearts are fouled with the decay that issues forth out of Washington! When your leaders are full of vice and corruption, then it becomes only a matter of time before the land becomes engulfed with their wickedness and the results are always the same!

Are the Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and North Koreans afraid of America? Of course not, they’re laughing at her openly because they know that it is only a matter of time before the rotten fruit falls to the grown as the branches crash down behind them and then, they will pounce on a sick and weary land loaded with sin and filth and she will be ripe for the plucking! And her wives and daughters will be sold as harlots and her soldiers slaughtered on the battlefields as every man runs to hide from the enemy! Earlier, the enemy would run in terror when confronted with one American, but today, 10,000 Americans will flee when the first enemy charges!

How do I know these things? Because I have read the Word of God, the Bible that you despise and mock and ridicule and it reveals the end of the United States as the flames of her destruction darken the skies! And still, in your self-righteousness, you will not believe nor turn back from the evil you so love to do, even as your leaders do and practice openly. You will continue to live as you done thinking nothing is going to happen and all things will stay the same, but they’re not. Even now the storm clouds have darkened the skies as they move in your direction and though the sun may shine, it too will hide it’s face from the wrath to come. America once stood for righteousness and freedom, but now stands for corrosion and perversion and the light is now just a flickering flame in the gusting wind.

The Washington cartels that rule from their golden thrones in ivory filled homes and plot evil to execute upon the innocent will not escape on the day of judgment that will fall upon the land called America. All of her boastings and great strength will not be able to save her and the gold and silver she stole from others will be taken from her and no one will be able to trade anymore with her. The Cartels in Washington have led the land to the slaughter house of judgment and there the blood shall flow freely. For the millions of her own that she sacrificed on the altar of feminism will be remembered, the trampling down of God’s laws will not be forgotten and she will indeed drink from the jewel covered chalice of judgment and that which she has done to others will be done to her, so drink! Drink the chalice dry until you are no longer able to stand and let your enemies look upon your nakedness and shame! They will mock you as you fall face down in shame and they shall trample your finest into the dust and strip your wives and daughters and sell them to be slaves for foreigners who will have no pity on them.

As you have done to others, so shall it be done to you and still, you will not believe? The Book of Revelation would be a very good place to begin to read of your upcoming sorrows. Better yet is to read the entire word of God so that you may learn to fear the Living God and turn to His Son Jesus, before the sword of judgment falls. It will come regardless of your love for the Washington Cartels.


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