Olympia Rising

Un, Flag, Internationality

What happens to a man when he acts out his anger and indulgences on others? When he lets his rage and lusts drive him on through the furious swells of the storm pressing from behind? When, as a madman at the helm and with shredded sails and eyes that gleam with demonic fury, raises a clenched fist at the heavens and screams out his hatred at the powers that be? Is this a man of reason or a man driven by primal rage?

This is the world of the 21st Century, a world ruled by men and women seduced by unseen powers that promise them whatever they want, to abuse whenever they need, and to destroy upon a mere whim, whoever they wish. This is the nightmare we are falling headlong into, driven on by our evil passions and inflamed by maddened minds who believe that they are the descendants of the gods. Olympia is rising to give the man the gift of Pandor’s Box to open and to unleash the most destructive ambitions in the history of mankind from the hands of fools who believe that they have the power of the gods!

All mythology has its roots in the truth; one only has to dig deep enough to go beyond the man’s conceived tales and fabrications and take it to the beginning of all things. But to go back so far would take us away from the relative “truths” of today, which, in fact, are only personal opinions given weight by the various groups, think tanks and governments to break down any and all conceptions of moral law and obligations placed upon the shoulders of Adam and his descendants. If mankind’s fabled Atlas was forced to carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders, who was placing the burden upon Atlas? And who decreed the weight of the world or even the size of it, and measurement? Philosophical questions are the bane of man because the answers always lead to more questions until the tongues are worn, and the minds refuse to cooperate any longer!

And so the man became incensed at his inability to reason effectively with known the truths and began to create his own set of laws based upon what he calls science. And because he refused to acknowledge a higher power other than his own, established a new religion which he thus named psychology and to explain the ways of the world, he created philosophy. To form the nature after his image, he invents powerful machines to terraform and remove any and all obstacles to his ambitions and greed. Finally, he appoints himself to be as the gods and demands access to Olympia so that he may rule as the gods have before him, over his fellow man.

Atlas is a symbol of those whose intentions are to become as the gods as their plans to control humanity take on substance,  perpetual slavery in the service of the chosen ones. Insomuch as the chosen ones are much higher than those below them, it is imperative that they are driven slowly and steadily into controlled madness until they act only as conditioned animals in the pastures, using brute reasoning to enforce their will and distracting pleasures to assure compliance.

Do you believe that I’m creating this all in my mind?

  • Preoccupation with self
  • Sexual lusts of practically every kind practiced
  • Increased STD’s
  • Breakdown of moral law
  • Distractions of every imaginable kind
  • Unending entertainment
  • Increased violence
  • Decadent films that promote the filth that lies in every cesspool
  • Films that promote hereto unimaginable horrors being done to another human
  • Worldwide calls for a central government
  • Dropping levels of intelligence among graduating students, worldwide
  • University protests at anything that doesn’t conform to new world thinking
  • Massive increases of mind altering chemical drugs bringing on zombie like attributes
  • Breakdown of families, especially in the Western world
  • A love of the body that promotes worship
  • Physically changing the bodies given at birth to something un-natural
  • The ongoing slaughter of the unborn in the name of feminism
  • Cannibalism
  • People acting inhuman or subhuman
  • No respect for either the law nor the individual
  • Satanic “churches” springing up to worship the epitome of evil
  • Government sanctioned events to promote Satanism as a human right
  • Worldwide hatred against God and His Son, Jesus the Christ
  • Worldwide demands to bow before a false God called Allah (Baal)
  • Calling good evil and evil good
  • Wealth unmanageable for the few, poverty on the heels of the poor
  • Middle class is disappearing
  • Massive worldwide debt, national and personal that can’t be repaid
  • Increased wars and conflicts
  • Diseases and sickness increasing on a global scale
  • Natural disasters on the rise
  • Unnatural sightings such as ufo’s and ghostly apparitions

This is only a small list, and I’m quite sure that you have something to add. This is the 21st Century that we all are a part of and this is also where the madness will reach its peak of insanity, at the very lip of destruction at the hands of the global elitists and the technocrats and the powers that support them. All we can do is to write and inform and try to slow down the madness, to open the eyes of those who walk blindly among the darkened alleys or who play in the pastures like young calves, kicking their heels excitedly at the newest discovery. And all the while, the owners are making plans for the next round of slaughters.

What does the Bible have to tell us of this generation?

And in exact proportion as they did not consent to have God in their knowledge, God abandoned them to a reprobate mind, to practice those things that are immoral;

  • Being filled with all unrighteousness

  •  Sexual immorality

  • Wickedness

  • Covetousness

  • Malice

  • Full of envy

  • Murder

  • Strife

  • Guile

  • Evil dispositions

  • Whisperers

  • Slanderers

  • God-haters

  • Insolent

  • Proud

  • Boasters

  • Inventors of evil things and practices

  • Disobedient to parents

  • Void of understanding

  • Covenant breakers

  • Without natural affection

  • Implacable

  • Unmerciful

Who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who commit such things are worthy of death, not only practice those things themselves, but also approve of those who commit them.

Now, is there hope in this world of descending madness? Of course, there is!

Jesus Christ is the LIVING SON OF GOD, and he is the only One who is able to save us from the coming fury of God’s wrath against the disobedience of mankind! The man has been living in a constant state of rebellion since his fall to this day, and despite our intellectual and technological advancements, we are lighter than a grain of sand in His hand! He created us, but that doesn’t seem to “click” in most people’s minds because they are blinded to the truth by the father of lies, Satan himself! This being is an angelic creation and nothing more! He is no God but he is the epitome of pure evil, and he will end his days in the lake of fire and all who serve him through his lies will join him! It is decreed and so shall it be!

But God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever should believe in Him should inherit eternal life! What are you waiting for? This invitation is extended to you, and it is called the gospel or good news and you can read it yourselves IF you open your Bibles and go to the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. IF you take it upon yourselves to read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, then you would know more than all the philosophers of the world, and you would know where everything began and how it will end for man and begin under the Son of God! 

As in all things, you have choices to make and here is no different other than the fact that your eternal future depends on you making the right one. You can follow the Son of God and receive life or serve man from the halls of Olympia Rising and inherit death.

Sunrise, Sky, Blue, Sunlight, Clouds

Earth, Globe, Water, Fire, Flame, Brand