The country you live in is your home: Isn’t it worth defending?

Volkstrauertag, Schlot, Gedenkstätte

Politics here and politics there and none are able to correctly forecast the weather of events that are encircling the globe. We seem to be in a downward spiral of our own making despite seemingly good intentions from behind the cameras, but what happens behind closed doors is another world that we, as citizens, are not allowed to attend. It must be clear to all thinking men and women that we are being heavily sedated, thus manipulated into running from one scandal or conspiracy to the other and demanded to take a position by those who are calling for anarchist actions!

All elections are to one degree or another rigged, simply because the people in charge are not of one mind, just as those who in the streets are not as they let themselves be whipped up in a frenzy of emotional instability as proven through their actions of destructive behavior. People are angry because the changes that they demand are not forthcoming as expected and because of today’s raging voices, the masses are swimming in the sea of hysteria! Are there politicians anywhere calling for peaceful resolutions to defuse the situation or are they supporting it through their senseless and ignorant accusations, demands, and support? Does democracy now mean disruption and ill behavior and violent protests? Because if that is what it entails, then we have lost it already as the farm muck of political indecisiveness floods the land and threatens to split it into literal warring factions!

The political system is built upon manipulation, aided by their differing allies within the media and business worlds as attested to by the perverse amount of lobbyists coming and going through the halls of government. As may be seen by the incredible prices the so-called “elite” are paying for pieces of real estate and every politician wants to be friends with that particular person! Power and wealth are synonymous with each other and cannot be separated and greed is the binding glue and birds of a feather flock together! When, if ever, were you invited to a dinner by the man or woman who supposedly “represents” your interests? You won’t and they don’t! The very many campaign promises that so easily flow out of their mouths are all too quickly forgotten once they take their seat at the table of corruption! And they know that they are lying to you with the intent to use your ignorance to their advantage as they deceive you into helping them into whichever office the party leaders have ordained them to take. It’s that simple!

But they tend to obscure that by the numerous distractions they present and support and it works very effectively on minds conditioned to focus on self and to create new social problems and demands for justice, in other words, macro searching or focus on the tiniest organism and exploit it to create an issue! And it’s working! The military calls it “divide and conquer!” Are you willing to see the picture or are you insisting that you need to support something just to make your voice heard even though you make no sense in your subjectivity to resolving the issue, but are only being used to inflame it? There will always be fools to play the monkey on the stage political intrigue and instigation and guess what? You’re it!

It seems today that facts are irrelevant and truths can be mingled with lies to produce the desired effect. It’s an age old tactic and is still the number one choice for those with nefarious goals with the intent to push or pull the pliable masses of people in the direction desired. All it takes to cause ripples in a pond is to cast the smallest pebble and the effect begins and by continuing to toss still other pebbles, the ripples, theoretically, could go on forever! And that is the intent of those who are behind the heavy dark curtains whose shoes we are able to see but not their faces.

Without having to go into the rabbit hole of long winded thesis and intellectual think tanks and high-minded political philosophers, I am applying to common sense and basic reasoning to prod you back into using your brains instead of violent emotions that demand immediate rectification! We are living in a time when information is at the fingertips and word of mouth becomes Facebook and company and the picture turns into a video with commentary! Mass manipulation is the key to controlling what we are allowed to see, hear, speak, do, and feel, and when we believe that what we are receiving into our senses is the truth, then assimilation into the system is complete. 

The elections in France are a perfect example of the effective use of mass media control. Macron won the elections because more than half of the French did not vote for either him or Le Pen, based on the media’s biased reporting which heavily induced the masses to vote for neither! Although the media was for Macron, it became apparent that he would lose if all of France voted, therefore, publish articles and reports of the uselessness of casting a vote, any vote because both were not fit. In this way, the race became fixed between the two opposing forces with Macron’s people being in the majority and Le Pen’s in the minority and the outcome was decided before the first vote was cast! A very effective way to manipulate the masses and as a result, the globalists could put their man in place. After all, didn’t they cry out for a French “Obama” six months ago? Give the people want they want! Can you now see how this system works?

Do you honestly believe that there is nothing you can do? If so, go and find a split rail fence to sit upon or place your head in the sand until the Lion strolls by! If I didn’t believe that the little that I write might change the way that some people think then I would not be getting up at 4 AM to work on this article and others! We all can contribute to change in some form or another and don’t think for a second that your voice doesn’t count! Were you born with duct tape on your mouth? Use some common sense and avoid the heated rhetoric and raw passions that invoke calls to violent actions and disgusting presentations by those seeking acclaim! Start to use the abilities that you have and begin to pen or type your thoughts and meet with others and agree on how best to present your views and thoughts. Don’t crawl away behind the Bible like a lot of people do because the sword will catch up to you eventually and your grandchildren will curse you to your face for not taking a stand when you had the opportunity to do so earlier. 

The time is now to slow the madness that is overpowering the minds of the simple and to show the globalists, elitists, communists, progressives, and technocrats that their plans to enslave mankind will not be implemented without a fight! But they will if you continue to allow yourselves to be manipulated, mislead, misused, out maneuvered, thwarted in the judicial system, shouted down in schools and colleges, overrun, and driven off by inaction on your part!

The country you live in is your home: Isn’t it worth defending?

Reichstag, Berlin, Regierungsgebäude