Is There A Reason For Change?


Throughout our entire lives we often make course corrections that enable us, more or less, to keep our balance, but now and then major life-changing decisions must be made, whether we want to or not. Examples might be a wedding or a divorce, to have a child or not, to accept the job that would take one far from the family or place oneself in debt for an object of desire.

These we could call life changing because they affect more than yourself. Others become involved, and it would change their lives also, but what about the decision to leave everything to start a new life? Let’s take for example that you are in an abusive relationship with either your husband, wife, or living together as a matter of convenience and the relationship has severely deteriorated to the point of physical violence. Fear has replaced trust, and raging words are all that stand between you and the raised fists!

Is there a reason for a change? Yes, there is!

Have you ever noticed that most people would drag a situation out, playing for time or hoping for a better moment that doesn’t come? Always believing that it will present itself tomorrow, but tomorrow never arrives? How does it feel when you missed the train by two minutes because you decided to pack an extra item that stole the time from you? Or what about the woman who waited too long before deciding to have children and her biological clock ran out?

The problem that most people have is the timing! Practically everybody has a watch, but no one seems to know how to use it! The watch is there to let us know that our time on earth is measured and every second that ticks by is another second lost in being careless with our decisions. Have you ever thought of your watch in this fashion? Probably you should.

The lives we lead are measured by time and how you spend your time will measure the distance you live. We all would like to think that we’ll be here tomorrow, but who can say for sure? Today, at this moment, we are alive, and we are living to do what we want, but in two minutes? The man walking across the street with a green light from the pedestrian signal is suddenly struck by a car that didn’t notice the light, and now he lies dead on the street whereas a few seconds ago he was full of life! His time ran out as so will ours.

Do you know the measure of time? You can pinpoint the hour of your birth, but you have no idea when the second abruptly stops!

We use the time to start and stop everything around us, note the word “around us.” Don’t you think that you should take better care of what has been given to you, your life, instead of treating it as though it were a trinket in the second-hand store? Your life consists of much more than the vanity that you surround yourselves with! With frivolous lifestyles and self-centered attitudes, time is wasted on wasting time! We are here for a mere second and then gone! Our lives are nothing more than a wisp of a cloud that evaporates under a rising sun in seconds, and yet we live as though we have centuries to conquer!

Look in the mirror of vanity! Do you see the lines on your face when the mask is peeled off? Do you see the silver and gray when you part the hairs? Have you noticed how your strength evaporates with age and how the distance earlier run has now become an extended walk? Time is taking it’s toll even as the bells in the distance are beginning to be heard by those approaching the winter of life. Time is measured by the distance lived and not by what you think you have. All of your titles and accomplishments mean absolutely nothing when the tick, tick stops. And it will, but do you know when?

Picture your life as having just one hour, sixty minutes, sixty seconds and your entire life is within that one hour. You know when it began, but you have no idea when it will end inside of that one hour.

Is there a reason to change the way you live your life and if so, can you recognize the moment offered when the second strikes? And will you take the second, perhaps the second that could radically change your life or would you let it pass, thinking that you have tomorrow? But what if tomorrow never comes? Are you living a life crushed by poverty and fear or saturated with wealth? Or do you have what makes you comfortable while your neighbor struggles to find ways to stay warm when the cold winds blow? Look at your watch and notice the tick, tick, tick! What are you going to do? Every second wasted is being done on your watch, and there is someone who is watching you because every watch has a watchmaker and the seconds counted is your life being measured. And when your second stops, it’s over. There is no one who can rewind it, the watch has stopped and the time spent is your record on earth. And we will be held accountable for every second lived whether we choose to believe it or not, it makes absolutely no difference.

There is a day of reckoning for every single man and woman who has ever been born and who has died on this planet we call earth, and the watchmaker is none other than the Lord God Himself. We all will be judged according to the works of our hands, and the words of our mouths and the thoughts of our hearts as seen through His laws and commandments and then the Book of Life will be opened. If your name is found written in it, then life eternal is given to you, however, if your name is not found in it, then you will be cast into the lake of fire. This is the ultimate truth, and you may be 100% sure that it is going to take place!

Is There A Reason For Change?