Cainism. Man Against God

Worlds apart in many ways and yet we’re all the same. We share the planet and call it our home, but we abuse it in every way possible thus ensuring our path to eradication will be complete. Why is it impossible for man to live in peace with his neighbor and with the country next door or across the continent? Because the man was born for trouble and it is his nature, and it’s the spirit within that causes him to try and subdue and conquer others who may pose a threat or have something he desires. There are a wide variety of political bodies attempting to govern, but none are effective at bringing peace through voluntary methods, but rather end up in endless bickering and finger pointing and compromises that threaten the integrity of the country. Nothing ends well because someone somewhere didn’t get what they wanted and so the provocations and the plotting continue. 

Do I need to mention personalities or nations? If I did, then it would include every nation and person under the sun because we are the very ones responsible for our misery! We spend trillions to create instability so as to force our will on others and here, I am speaking of all countries and not just one! And on the personal level, it’s the same thing, and it begins at an early age and develops into maturity. Then sons and daughters are born, and the cycle continues unabated with the same character makeup and results as history may firmly attest. We are the very ones who will determine whether mankind has a future or an impasse! What is sad about the uncertainty is the high price that is being paid for man’s’ lurching from war to war as uncounted millions must sacrifice their lives because of love for violence!

Gun control advocates claim that the violence will stop once the weapons are taken away, and if that’s the case then all militaries must also be disarmed, and universal peace might be effective, but it won’t!  The problem is the nature of the heart and not the hand that acts. As a young boy in the fourth grade, I wrestled against and defeated another boy, but I was not recognized as the victor by his friends but was spat upon by them! I did not need to use any weapons to extract a victory because it was irrelevant, the fighting had been done, and the victory had been secured, but in the process, I had acquired new enemies and therefore inherited new conflicts. We don’t need guns of any kind to keep the flames of conflict burning because the man will always find a weapon of choice, regardless of what laws might be passed!

There have been and will continue to be innumerable writers and philosophers and political think tank experts in their respective areas offering a wide variety of scholarly works attempting to provide answers, in their opinions, to the complexity of political science and man’s role in it. They will extol the virtues of certain types of governments over others, but that is only posturing and showing the vanity of their thinking! No human led government will ever achieve peace because man is born for conflict and it is firmly rooted in his character and heart! And if you are reading this, then you know it to be true. If you are a teacher, you see it every day in the classroom, and the halls between breaks and videos have been seen where students savagely beat someone in the bathroom, leaving them seriously injured or in some cases, dead! Did they have a gun in their hands? No, they did not, and so you need to see the absurdity of the gun advocates in their arguments! Man will always find a way to injure or kill another man and often no reason will be given, other than the fact that another life has been cut short. This is our legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation since thousands of years and with the rapid advances being made in weapons technology, do you honestly think that it’s going to become better? If you do, then you might as well as place a dunce cap on your head and declare to the world that you are happy to be a fool!

I don’t need to point out all the places where it is to be seen when it is so obvious that it began in the homes and moved into the schools and then into adulthood. Perhaps that’s where we all should make the greatest effort to restrain the madness of violence, the home. But how can we when the violence is being projected before our very eyes around the clock as we are fed entertainment thoroughly laced with the crimes of mankind? I’ve heard it said that there is a war going on for our minds, but in what respect? If we are willingly absorbing violence and disturbing films that project the very essence of evil and call it entertainment, then hasn’t the war for our minds already won? If we voluntarily sit and watch programs that promote the most degrading scenes and other associated films, then the war is going against us because we have already abandoned resistance to the onslaught! We have only ourselves to blame because we have become the very thing that we claim to be, as opponents of violence, but have now become supporters of it through our actions! And it is going to become progressively worse as the pace of technology picks up and as new film producers enter into the film industry with minds that are only set on promoting evil and decadent living and the viewers clamor for more as the hand reaches for the chips and beer!

So ask the image you see next time you look into the mirror if it likes the way things are going and don’t be surprised if the question is deferred as the eyes look away! When the hammer strikes the nail at an angle, then the direction of penetration is altered, and so it is as we constantly conform to the ways of the world instead of holding ground to what we know in our hearts would be the right thing to do. We all have a conscience, but unfortunately for many, it has been seared beyond recovery and the love of evil has replaced whatever concerns might have been left, swept away. I am aware that it’s easier to go with the flow than to stand against the tide, but that always means being pulled to and fro and tossed by the waves or held firm in the mud, but that is not what we were meant to do. If there ever were a time to take a firm stand, then now would be it! The ways of the world are transforming the mind and altering the body in ways that are most certainly not good and when conformity is demanded and supplied by the willing majority, who will hold aginst the onslaught?

I had read an article just the other day that a poll taken among those professing the Christian faith showed that less than 20% held to the fundamental principles of the Bible whereas over 80% didn’t! And I’m speaking of the American Christians! So it is happening just as the Lord Jesus had said about things taking place in the last days. Many will fall away because of hearts that have been seduced and hardened by what they see taking place around them, and He was speaking of those who claimed to be His followers! So what you are seeing has already been prophesied in the Scriptures, but I also know that many of you will choose not to believe and will laugh it off, just as the people were doing right up to the day the flood came and took them away. So what we have here is history repeating itself, to your great loss because you refuse to learn from the past, therefore dooming yourselves to receiving the same fate as your forefathers received back in the annals of prehistory because they would not believe the warnings signs being given to that generation and it is the same with this one also! Man will not learn, and so the cycle continues until the hammer falls, ending man’s mockery of self-rule and unending violence and destruction of his surroundings.

The legacy of Cain continues on its path of rebellion and violence unabated, and it will become far worse than this as the time nears for the one world government to take its place in history. Leading mankind into an era of incomprehensible violence and destruction that has never been witnessed since his creation and if the Lord Jesus did not intervene personally, there would not be left alive a single man, woman, or child on this planet! That is the future of the of those who promote Cainism, the way of man against God, his Creator. So while you still have a little time left before the horrors begin, turn your hearts back to the Lord God of heaven and earth so that you may find mercy in the time of wrath and save your souls through faith in His Son, Jesus, the Messiah. 

Most of you reading this have a Bible in your homes and there lies your key to the future and not the United Nations. If you possess wisdom and desire knowledge and understanding, then turn to the Scriptures. However, if the spirit of a fool resides in your heart, then you have only yourself to blame when the hammer falls upon the misaligned nail!