When The Mask Is Taken Off

Why do we dream of something better? Because we’re not satisfied with what we have. All of our lives, we have been hoping for good things to come and it has not materialized. Every effort has fallen short and every dream, though fulfilled, has left us emptier than when we began. The older we become, the more painful the fact that we’ve wasted our lives on trivia, taking a wrong turn here and one there because of curiosity and foolish behavior. The hands that keep time will not allow themselves to be reset at our whim or plea and the heart that beats tells us of the passage of seasons.

How does it feel when we look into the mirror? What do we see if we see anything at all? We do not see accomplishments facing us nor job titles. Neither do we see debt or riches, losses or gains. We see the “me” and that is all that we are and it is all that we have. An image of ourselves to give to others who may, perchance, wander by on their journey through life. An image reflected without the emperor’s clothes and without the applied colors. Have we been faithful in the upkeep of ourselves or have we neglected what has been given to us at birth?

As we stand without earthly comforts before the mirror that cannot, nay, will not lie, then we see ourselves as we truly are, destitute and naked with no signature to identify ourselves other than the eyes that are reflected from within. We are without title or pedigree, without friend or foe and neither weak nor strong for the mirror can only show the truth when the mask is taken off and that each of us stands alone and as such, will be judged.