There Is Nothing New That Hasn’t Been Before

One Administration comes while the other goes and personal are replaced just like in any corporation, so why all the theatrics? If people can’t find a bone of contention, they’ll create one to chew on, and finger pointing is ineffective when looking in the mirror.

Simply said but true nonetheless and the facts are there for all to see. Multiple distractions that may seem important and are certainly being utilized as such, but distractions nonetheless. Who are these leaders who think that they are of such great importance? Their words are lighter than the air we breathe, and the vanity they exhibit outshines the spotlight they are constantly running after! A love for recognition and power is only matched by their passion for words as they strive to promote ongoing agendas put forth in their names!

From the days of the Sumerians, Babylons and Assyrians, Romans, Parthians, and Persians and onto the European Dynasties to the South American empires. From the Chinese to the Hindus in India, the Muslims in Pakistan and unto the African Continent, it has always been the same; nothing has changed!

The hand of man is constantly held against his brother in strife and contention, and peaceful resolutions are hard to find as compromises are thwarted over and over by those who seek none. From the days of recorded history and up until this moment, there has never been a genuine peace anywhere on this planet under the rulership of any man or woman, ever.

We are living witnesses to the never ending cycle of man’s’ ineptness at self-governance through his inability to act in a righteous and just manner to his fellow man. Because the love of power seduces the heart and conquers the mind and causes the man to think that he is above the others and therefore must rule over them!

Every form of government that you can think of only oppresses its citizens! Whether it be democratic in nature or theocratic, communistic or a kingship, it matters not because all of them are designed to rule over its people! And the results are always the same, control of the populations and submission to the controlling authorities through executive, legislative and judicial means, reinforced by the armed authorities. And that authority is extended into the realm of surveillance through the technologies available today.

Oppression of the majority by the hands of the minority and as I’ve already said, there is nothing new under the sun. The Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs knew that and practiced it as they conquered to expand their territories as did the Spanish Conquistadors. First came the talks, then came the wars. Man always extends the one hand while smiling but holds the sword that cuts in reserve, and peace treaties are signed by hearts ready to betray before the ink is dry!

And such is the nature of man, so why should we be trusted in anything we say or do? The native American Indians learned that to their sorrow. The Germans, Russians, and Chinese learned that they couldn’t trust their overlords either! The Japanese, Koreans, and the Phillipenes also learned the hard way as well as a multitude of other lands and yet. Still, we listen to our leaders repeating the same lies over and over again and we just don’t learn! The Balkans are gearing up for war because the people are being spooned fed the usual slop of ethnic cleansing and border disputes and they are listening to those war preachers! Man refuses to learn the way of peace!

The very best thing that you could do to yourselves is to start thinking for yourselves! You are being manipulated by the political press, lied to by your representatives and senators, mislead by your senior administrative officials, commandeered by the military, and entertained by the masses of rotten garbage coming out of the mouths of the film and music industry! People! You become what you eat, see, and hear! Isn’t it enough? Don’t you want to live instead of being led around?

Why go to college to receive a degree in something and have to take courses that have no bearing on your future plans which in all probability will change anyway? Why let others dictate your offered choices when you should be making your own? Why listen to the political jargon that is purposefully being thrown out to wreak confusion among those who are blind to its intents?

The answer is simple; We have been trained to listen to those who have the power over us. We have been trained to do as we are told to by those set above us, and we have been taught to believe what those in positions of authority tell us. And that is why we listen to the lies and are pulled into many different opposing camps, sitting around different campfires when we should be out under the night sky illuminated only by the stars of time. And I mean, to think about all that you think you know. It is time to clear the mind of the cobwebs that cling to every neuron and to refocus on what is good and right and clean because on this planet inhabited by man, there really is nothing new under the sun.