It’s Your Life That’s Hanging In The Balance.

The way things were aren’t the way now. Instead of the way of peace, we strive the for supremacy through force and the dictations of political oligarchs. The demands, if not met, are reinforced with increased violence and organized rage and resistance, supplemented by media resources and financed by powers hidden within the shadows with names best left unsaid.

The front men and women are just that, mouthpieces to attract the proverbial moths to the flames, thereby ensuring that disclosure remains behind the darkened curtains that hang in the halls, even as we claim to “know” who’s who in the world of the elite.

May it be a Merkel, Putin, Trump or a Don, Jane, and Harold, it doesn’t matter, we are not allowed to know more than what is being offered, and that is indeed very little! It may be permitted a small glance into the world of the elitists through the Bilderberg Group or the Club of Rome, but, as said, they are truly nothing more than the faces of distraction. We may have lists of all the United Nations delegates, but we won’t have the names of those who keep them in power through their respective governments. For each and every government on this planet has two faces, the one of which we are constantly bombarded with on the daily news and the other one which often works its own agenda, quietly and progressively through different administrations that will come and go.

These governments in the shadows are very real, and their works are detrimental to the entire race of humanity. They often work very closely with one another, and the ties that bind are the shovels they carry. Utmost Loyalty is the final word, and when broken, searches are never made for no one would ever be aware of a figure that doesn’t exist.

There is a saying, what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but it will enslave you, and this is true. Ignorance of much has caused many to become the dancing marionettes in the hands of those who ply their trade well. The world is under a blanket of darkness that keeps the vast majority of humankind in the cacoon of mental absorption of projected distractions which are innumerable to list, in truth, use your imagination!

Are these men and women aware of what they are doing? Of course, for they wouldn’t be there if there were not a willingness to work out the evil planned nor the rewards of obedience being offered! A man may spend his entire life researching these things and yet, at the end of his life as he lays on his deathbed, must confess to the world that he knew nothing at all. He was, in the end, a played out fool.

It really is quite pointless to spend your time and effort to find those who are responsible for the chaos that has overtaken this world. You will, of course, find an unending line of associates and helpers because that is exactly what the most of us are, either wittingly or not, but the ones who remain unseen will remain just that, unseen and unknown. You see, the problem just isn’t “them,” it’s us too. We are responsible for what we choose to believe, and that belief will translate into actions, and those actions describe our lives. Hence, our choices reveal what we believe in and that in turn stirs us to action and that makes us responsible for our lives. As the world turns on its axis, so do we also. The world is the way it is because we are responsible for forming it in our image, small or great, and we all have a hand in its ruin!

But as in all things, there is someone or somebody sitting at the very top, dictating and issuing decrees and laying out the plans, and on this planet, there is indeed one who plans the total enslavement of mankind under his authority. Do you remember the film “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?” There is the good, the bad and the ugly as understood by our limited intellectual capacities, but I will enlarge it on the cosmic scale for you.

There is God the Father, and there is God the Son. These are two separate beings but perfect in all things together, perfect in unity, perfect in harmony, perfect in vision, and perfect in love. The Son stood next to the Father as He made the stars and spread out the heavens. He stood in the Father’s presence and was daily His delight. Please do not consider this to be sensual in nature, thereby revealing your debase character because, in the realm of holiness, such profane thinking is not to be found!

There was also a created angelic being named Lucifer who led the music of heaven and walked in the presence of God. He was extremely beautiful and extremely vain, and the sin of rebellion began to grow within himself, and he desired to be like the Most High, to take his throne above the stars. So he started a war against the Father and the Son and the angels who remained faithful. Lucifer drew away one-third of the angels to follow him, but they lost the war and were cast out of heaven.

Today Lucifer is also known as Satan, the Devil, the Serpent, and the “brother” of Jesus, of which he is not! The truth is he is a created being, having neither the power nor the infinite wisdom to create anything other than lies for he is the father of lies and as such speaks only lies! He is angelic in nature, and there is no man or woman on the earth who can match him in strength or knowledge; however, he is not a god although he desires to be one and neither is he the “brother” of the Lord Jesus!

He is, however, the one who set up this worldly system that we currently know and live under and the Bible describes it as the “Babylonian System.” You must remember that He is a created being and lived in the spiritual realm before being cast out of heaven and so he is immortal and has limited freedom to do his destructive works, for the moment. Also to take into account would be the one-third of angelic hosts who also rebelled against the Father and who work under his authority. Some are still to be seen as angels while others have darkened visages and still, others take the forms of many varying kinds of demons and they all have one goal, and that is to deceive mankind.

You may often wonder about unusual happenings in the world such as the cornfield puzzles or the twisting and turning lights in the skies, UFO’s, strange and unusual noises coming from nowhere, bizarre human behavior and so on. Many of those things can be directly attributed to the powers of darkness, and they will increase! The goal is to completely deceive mankind to prepare him for the rule of Satan, and sadly enough, many Christians will also be swept away in the Great Deception or Falling Away. The rule of Satan will last 3 1/2 years and then his defeat, along with all those who were taken in his lies.

You may laugh at this, but I will point you to the Bible. It has all that you need to know and will show you all that you need to do, but the majority of people will laugh it off and scorn the Bible and ridicule it, and as I’ve said earlier, the majority of Christians will also fall away, even as they are now doing.

Everything that I’ve just written has been written for you in short form and is true according to the Scriptures. I would strongly encourage you to take up a Bible in your hands and begin to read it through, from the beginning to the end and when you don’t understand something, mark it with a pencil and keep going! Your very soul depends on the decisions that you make in this life and as the Bible points out, tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Satan hates you with a vile passion and loathes your very existence and rejoices every time someone dies, and cruelty is his pleasure! He is not your friend, and you cannot ever trust him nor anything he speaks for he is the father of lies and that is all he knows! Deception and destruction are the tools of his trade of the which you see every night on the evening news, and yet many are still believing him! If you would only turn to your Bibles, then you would have all the news you need to know, including the good news of Jesus Christ!

The Son of God came to set you free from Satan’s hand and the price He paid for you was His life! He was killed, but after lying in the grave for three days and three nights, he arose and ascended to the Father and presented himself as the sacrificial lamb for the sins of the world! The Father accepted the sacrifice, and now the Son sits at the right hand of the Father, interceding for those who love Him and seek forgiveness of their sins and freedom from death! His death and resurrection is a gift to those who sins are crushing them, and He calls you to come to Him and not to someone else who can do nothing for you! He has told you this; ” I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and in these three words you will find hope and forgiveness and God’s purpose for your life, so why will you delay? What is hindering you to believe?

Do you think that you are a good person? What does the Bible have to say?

Just because you choose not to believe in God doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist!

Your opinions weigh less than a feather when faced with the weight of Scripture!

A Christian is a disciple of the Son of God and not a follower of fashion.

A compromising Christian is a deceived slave.

A sinner saved through faith in the Christ is as a bright light in the stormy darkness!

And the only way to the Father is through the Son; there is no other way.

Perhaps this might help you to find the way out of a heart that is confused, lost, angry, frustrated, torn, deceived, hurting, vain, and betrayed. If you are looking for the truth, then look at the truth, which is Jesus, and not at what you would call truth. Remember, it’s your life that’s hanging in the balance.