A Long Way From Home

When someone is searching for the truth, it depends on their definition of the word.

When someone is longing to share their lives with someone else, it depends on their personal needs.

When someone desires to become a teacher, they become a part of the cog wheel over time.

When a person wants power, they will use every opportunity at their disposal, right or wrong, morals aside.

When a person loses interest in their surroundings, they become victims of their own indifference.

When ignorance rules, the intellect subjugates itself to repetitive abuse and demanded obedience.

And when the light of freedom goes out then the demons of darkness come in.


So what are your plans for the future? Live and let live and raise a toast to tomorrow without a thought for today? Aside from the work that needs to be done, have you carefully thought about the path you’re on and where it seems to be taking you? You wouldn’t be where you are now if you hadn’t made a decision somewhere in the past. Was the decision a good one, thoughtfully planned out or was it a rash one made on a spur of the moment?

The plans we made yesterday will define the future of tomorrow just as the words we speak tell the people around us what kind of person we are. The language we choose to use, the clothing we prefer, the jobs we perform and even our hair styles! All these things plus more openly describes who we are and wherein our interests lay. Again, we form our personal world through the works of our hands and the words of our mouths and we also define the rules of personal conflict towards the other.

Is our world in flames? Of course, it is! Are we to blame? Indeed we are! Do we accept our individual responsibility for the world? No, we most certainly do not! Does the single grain of sand on the far side of the beach influence the single grain on the opposite end?

If an asteroid of measurable size were to strike the earth, would its impact affect our lives regardless of where we live? If a tidal wave were to strike the East Coast of the United States, would the West Coast be affected? Did the massive earthquake in Japan have consequences for the Pacific Ocean? The conflict in Syria, is it a local war or is it spreading its bloody wings over the entire Middle East?

Are these events not influenced by the hands of men and women? Someone whom you may know could be directly responsible, perhaps the neighbor next door that you met at a grill party. The soldier who was your best friend in high school could be the one giving the orders to wipe out entire villages! The engineer who programmed the hardware that failed? The politician who made a bad decision behind closed doors?

Again, I ask you; Does the single grain of sand on the far side of the beach influence the single grain on the opposite end?

A wrong decision that I make at the construction site could very well decide the outcome of the project and my company’s future role in it. A lingering look at an attractive woman could cost a marriage of thirty years. Texting while driving will cost someone’s life at your fingertip. Holding the library door open for a patron could open the door for your education and a married woman’s oversea vacation fling could set in motion a series of unfortunate events that act as ripples throughout the family pond. I believe you understand my point by now.

Whatever we do as individuals will have an immediate effect on our surroundings, either publically or privately, for better or for worse. The husband or wife and children will always be a part of the family scandals and joys because they are a part of everything, the family! When the mother cries, all become aware of it, especially when the man she loves passes away after many years of being together! The family then draws together to comfort one another! And even in war, enemies will take time off from killing to collect their dead!

Good deeds will be remembered whereas bad deeds will not go unpunished and the eyes of justice are not as blind as we may sometimes think! You all know the saying, “What comes around goes around,” and experience has shown that to be true no matter where in the world we may live. Be it China or Brazil, Germany or Zimbabwe, Pakistan or Israel. We are all the same aside from cultural and religious differences. We all experience the same desires, hopes, and fears. When the bombs drop, we all run! When a tornado comes, we all seek shelter! When the floodwaters rise, we all seek higher ground and when someone hurts, we all want to help though not all will.

It’s not always true that when worlds collide they merge, more often than not they’ll pull away from each other after striking glancing blows, but even then they’ll have learned something from each other! Everything that we say or do will affect someone, somewhere, sometime, and in someplace. We all live on a planet that is inescapable and that should make it obviously clear to us all that events here, whether private or public, will have an impact in someone’s life elsewhere on this planet! For good or for worse and it is a two-way street by the way!

The family in Syria whose home was recently destroyed by a missile made in a plant in Dallas, Texas, had to have been signed off by someone in that plant made by someone who had to program the codes. That missile had to have been produced on some assembly line by workers whose families are waiting at a home that has not yet been destroyed by a missile made in some factory overseas by workers who could care less. They have families that need to be fed and bills that need to be paid and toys that they would like to buy. What goes around comes around.

We are born into this world and we live in this world, the world that we created as we grew up. The world that forms us as we take its form and attitudes. We are heavily influenced by outside factors that do not have their origins in our culture because we are constantly adapting in imperceptible ways that we aren’t even aware of! We are in a constant state of flux and assimilation without even knowing it, from the type of beer we may drink to the shoes that we buy to the trucks and cars we drive because everything comes from the world we live in, the planet that we cannot escape from! All of our needs and wants are produced on this planet from someone somewhere and we most certainly do influence worldwide events one way or another, both public and private! It is time to open the eyes and see that what we are doing is affecting someone else a long way from home.