The News We Don’t Need

War, threats of war, conflicts all around the globe and on every continent. Mega pollution on the high seas and radiation spreading across the Pacific Ocean affecting all marine life and driving them mad! Chemtrails seen above our heads as they practice Geoengineering and Fracking produced earth tremors which also result among other unsettling things, like odd noises that seem to come out of nowhere. Increasing UFO activity that may or may not be man-made and further calls to merge man and machine.

Civil unrest in South America as well as in the Northern hemisphere, Europe and Islam, a very bad combination that bears only fruits of violence. England out of the EU, France on the edge of massive riots, regardless of who wins on Sunday. The war drums are pounding once again in the Balkans, and the Russians have mobilized to the South and to the East.

The Chinese have warned the Koreans not to overstep their military ignorance and demand the removal of the THADD system the Americans have recently set up on a former golf course in the South. Japan and her Asian neighbors are strengthing their militaries in light of the North Korean’s leaderships belligerent behavior. New Zealand and Australia are taking steps to fortify their respective militaries in light of China’s expansion policies as her second aircraft carrier is readied for sea trials.

The Philippines are preparing to take possession of islands to protect her interests in the South China Sea while planning a major military strike against Islamists who control parts of the Philippine territory.

From one side of the globe to the other there is only one thing that is in common and that is the shedding of blood. Despite all the talk and attempts at peace treaties and UN stationed soldiers, (who are just as corrupt as those who send them) the world is still bathing in blood, still sacrificing themselves for causes that eventually wear out only to be replaced by newer ones!

The calls for a global government ring daily in our ears and the calls to remove all borders as a prerequisite for peace are demanded, and if you’ll notice in Sweden and Germany and England and France, it doesn’t work all that well! When you strip away all borders, then you end up stripping a country of its nationality or more to the point, its independence from interventionists! When that happens, the country ceases to exist as such and becomes a vassal state, but to whom?

Imagine if all countries of the world were to give up their authority to govern their people to a central government then they would become global citizens of Earth, their new “country!” All nationalities would cease to exist and there would be no more United States or Russia or South Africa or Chile! No more Mr. Presidents or Prime Ministers, neither kings nor queens. The world would become divided into districts or states with acting governors reporting directly to the central government. All police units would be under the central authorities and the global community would be watched over by the global military! Of course, all citizens would be carefully monitored for any signs of dissent and reporting of any illegal actions would be highly encouraged!

Through this global action, acts of war would be greatly diminished and the goal of a utopian world order would be the number one agenda, of the which every citizen would be expected to contribute to! When all nations give up their sovereign rights, their independent militaries, and weapons, their political parties and their economic strengths to the global government, what can go wrong? When every citizen of planet Earth is monitored around the clock, prescribed an education level, told what job to perform, told where they are to live and can only buy and sell with permission of the central powers and have their movements limited to “protect” the environment, what could possibly go wrong?

When “health care” is mandatory and all food and drink are produced in factories and robotic sentinels are placed on the corners of every street in every city and the global curfew begins at 10 PM and is lifted at 5 AM! When all the programs you watch are watching you and everything you do on the Internet is being monitored, what could go wrong?

You see, the goal of the Technocrats, under the authority of the globalists is to push the world into this prison of utopian madness and control. And the best way to do it is by creating such chaos that the people of the world will be begging for a world leader to bring relief and direction, stability and peace to a war-weary world! If you would open your eyes to these facts that are easily available to those who wish to know, then you may see that I’m writing the truth and not just spouting futuristic jargon to entertain you!

Why do you think they are calling to unify all religions into one? In America, please look up the word “Chrislam” for just one example! Also please note the Pope’s frequent calls to unify the brethren who have ben divided for centuries, and this includes Muslims, Hindus, Christians, followers of Buddha, Indian spirituality or Shamanism and so on, and the goal is a one world religion that will make everybody happy and united!

Of course, money is needed but not cash! Examples are Sweden and India as they are almost ready to transit into a cashless society and many more nations are preparing to follow suit, including the United States! Have you ever heard of direct deposit? It’s more sinister than what you might think if you think at all! Have you noticed how the banks require you to fill out forms if you take a “suspicious” amount of YOUR money out of THEIR banks? Were you aware that here in Europe, you are not allowed to pay for anything in cash if it’s over ten thousand euros? And in some countries, the amount is far less! Here in Germany, the employer is not allowed to give the employee a check or cash, but the money is directly deposited into a bank of choice, no options are permitted! It’s being called the “cashless” society and it is your future under the global government, believe it or not, as Ripley would have said!

So to wrap it up, this world-wide chaos has a purpose, and the leading players are your highly “elected” officials and leaders who are indeed party to this upcoming system. Chancellor Merkel of Germany being a very good example as well as former Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, and Trump will show his hand sooner or later where he stands. The world’s religious leaders are calling for unity and peace as the carnage continues and the banks are going cashless.

The world has fallen under the spell of the technocrats as they continually pump into the world a dizzying array of high-tech toys to keep you distracted and the ongoing wars which pull you from one side of the globe to the other. The sexual pleasures know no bounds as the doors are thrown wide open even as the STD’s explode across the globe and the political fires are kept hot to keep the populations in a constant state of uncertainty. And this is all being purposefully done to prepare you for a global government that you will be willing to accept in a short while after the devastation is complete.

Or why do you think the powers that be are allowing North Korea’s maniac to stay in power? Because he serves their purpose at the moment! He can be easily taken out at any time as most “leaders” can if they don’t stay in tune with the new agenda, and that includes almost all of the elected leaders.

What I have written can be verified by doing some research in this matter, so if you are interested, go to work and if not, stay asleep. As always, it’s your decision to be either informed or watch the news we don’t need!